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15 Bar And Restaurant Menus That Are Straight-Up Living In 3019

These will ruin you for all other restaurants.

1. The circular menu at this Italian restaurant shows you what different kinds of pizza look like:

2. This bacon, egg, and sausage Venn diagram is a feast for the eyes and taste buds:

3. The menu at this Japanese restaurant is basically Sushi 101:

4. This menu has a built-in flashlight:

5. This fast-food restaurant puts the kids menu where kids can actually see it:

6. This café menu indicates which dishes are Instagrammable:

7. The beer list at this restaurant bar shows you the exact color of all the different brews:

8. And this beer menu illustrates the flavor, color/maltiness, bitterness, and hoppiness of various beers:

9. This menu tells you what "spicy" ACTUALLY means and what percent of people order it:

10. This menu is organized by the temperature the food is served at:

11. This cocktail menu plots drinks on a graph based on how strong/weak and experimental/classic they are — and it tells you what kind of glass they come in:

12. This restaurant drink menu explains how to remove red wine stains from your clothing in case you spill a little:

13. This secret menu on the back of the regular menu is reflected in the mirror behind the counter:

14. This coffee shop menu illustrates the difference between various espresso drinks:

15. And finally, this menu at a Chinese restaurant has the perfect option for indecisive diners: