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    11 Super Cute Photos Of Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin As BFFs

    Best friends for life.

    At the CNN Republican presidential debate on Wednesday night, Donald Trump said he'd "talk to" and "get along with" Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    On the topic of #Russia: "Number one, they have to respect you," #Trump says. "I would talk to him. (Putin) I would get along with him."

    And immediately, people began imagining the two as the cutest BFFs to ever BFF.

    "I've already made best friends charm bracelets for me and Vladimir Putin." - Donald Trump #GOPDebate

    The truth is, though, the two have been pals for a LONG time, and we've got the pics to prove it.

    1. They've biked around Moscow together.

    2. And they've hit up Disney World together.

    3. They've gone horseback riding together.

    4. And they have tea parties at least once a month.

    5. They've traveled the world together.

    6. And they've gawked at a topless protester together, as BFFs do.

    7. They've played in the snow together.

    8. And they've ~played~ on the mat together.

    9. They cuddle on the reg...

    10. ...and hold each other close.

    11. Congrats on a beautiful friendship, you two!