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23 Bakeries Around The World You Need To Eat At Before You Die

The ultimate bucket list.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to name the best bakery in the world. Here are their delicious responses.

1. B. Patisserie — San Francisco

2. Baked & Wired — Washington, D.C.

Location: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St. NW

A Georgetown favorite, the bakery serves up "small-batched baked goods prepared from family recipes." Here, you can wake and bake, and no one will bat an eye.

Submitted by Zoe Marquedant, Facebook

3. Queen of Tarts — Dublin

Location: Cows Lane & Cork Hill (both at Dame St.)

"The butter is magic, the setting darling, and the scones enormous."

Submitted by Su-Jit Lin-DeSimone, Facebook

4. Duchess Bake Shop — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Location: 10718 124th St. NW

Arguably the best bakery in Canada, the Duchess has a philosophy of using "no mixes, no preservatives, and no shortcuts." An equal opportunity baker, they have both a duke and a duchess cake.

Submitted by Kendra Thompson, Facebook

5. Ken's Artisan Bakery — Portland, Oregon

Location: 338 NW 21st Ave.

A Portland favorite, they bake nine different types of bread in addition to their pastry offerings, which include fresh fruit tarts, éclairs, and cookies.

Submitted by Jean

6. The Little Tart Bakeshop — Atlanta

Location: 437 Memorial Dr. SE & 99 Krog St.

Sarah, the owner, has been baking ever since she was 10. Now, at her French-inspired bakery, you can find "crème fraîche quiche, local fruit galettes, croissants, scones, and tarts," many baked with locally sourced ingredients.

Submitted by Lea Murray, Facebook

7. Pastéis de Belém — Lisbon

8. Flour Bakery — Boston

Locations: Four locations throughout the city

"Their croissants are better than the ones I had in France!"

Submitted by Ashley

9. Muddy's Bake Shop — Memphis

Location: 5101 Sanderlin #114

Muddy's stated mission is literally "to make Memphis happier" — and if you like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or pies, you certainly won't leave the bakery sad.

Submitted by Samantha Fong

10. Turris — Barcelona

Location: Across the city

Turris has a philosophy of using only natural ingredients, so whether you're having a croissant or a slice of bread, you know it's 100% fresh.

Submitted by Dan

11. Bakery Lorraine — San Antonio

Location: 306 Pearl Parkway #110

Even though it's been open only a few years, the bakery has already established itself as a San Antonio favorite. And judging just from their gorgeous creations, it's no wonder why.

Submitted by Elizabeth Juvera, Facebook

12. De Roset — Castricum, The Netherlands

Location: Burgemeestermooijstraat 17

"All their pastries are to die for! My favorites are their cheesecake, chocolate mousse pastry, and raspberry yogurt pastry. They have amazing chocolates and cookies as well!"

Submitted by Martine

13. LaduréeParis

Locations: Around the world, including locations in NYC and Miami

Their story goes all the way back to 1862, but their humble beginnings at 16 rue Royale haven't stopped them from expanding into a globally beloved pastry enterprise.

Submitted by Jack

14. L'Art Sucré — Wiesbaden, Germany

Location: Am Römertor 7

The small establishment serves up incredible pralines and melt-in-your-mouth macaroons.

Submitted by Renata Guimarães, Facebook

15. Pierre Hermé — Paris

Locations: Boutiques in 10 countries around the world

The bakery is known worldwide for their beautiful — and delicious — macaroons.

Submitted by Kari Shimizu, Facebook

16. Porto's Bakery — Los Angeles

Locations: In Burbank, Glendale, and Downey

"There's a reason the lines are always out the door and wrapping around the building. Their cakes are great, but my favorite treats are the mango mousse, fruit tarts, and their famous cheese rolls."

Submitted by Jina

17. Amélie’s Bakery — Charlotte, North Carolina

Location: 2424 N Davidson St.

"It's open 24/7/365, and they have anything you could ever imagine. The atmosphere is great too!"

Submitted by Sophia

18. Sadaharu Aoki — Tokyo

19. Levain Bakery — New York City

20. Sweet Life — Eugene, Oregon

21. Patisserie Cocorico — Cardiff, Wales

22. Pasticceria Regoli — Rome

23. Vegan Treats — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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