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21 Family Christmas Photos That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

It's the most awkward time of the year!

1. It just doesn't feel like Christmas until you get your yearly spanking from Santa.

2. Wearing trash bags makes dressing up for the photo so much easier.

3. Celebrating the holy birth by wearing your birthday suit.

4. Accidentally finding Mommy ****ing Santa Claus.

5. It just wouldn't be the holidays without a little family drama.

6. Letting your loved ones know you're ringing in the New Year right with a glamour shot of you and your furry best friend.

7. Spreading holiday cheer by letting everyone know Grandma learned how to plank.

8. What Nativity would be complete without a cat dressed in sheep's clothing?

9. Nothing like catching mom and dad by surprise for a nice hot tub family photo...

10. ...or snuggling up with them for a wet and warm Christmas pic.

11. O holy night, dad's thighs are brightly shining.

12. Rocky and Bella stealing the show with a not-so-Immaculate Conception.

13. Dad always insists on being the star of the photo.

14. Don we now our favorite onesies.

15. Letting all the neighbors know your family's the shit.

16. Refusing to accept the fact that it's the dead of winter.

17. After eight years, it's just hard to let go.

18. Reminding everyone you'll do tricks for presents.

19. As the old saying goes, a family who gets lit together stays together.

20. Just remember, no family is immune to the awkwardness of holiday greeting cards.

Perhaps the oddest thing about Tony Blair's threatening Christmas card is that this must have been the BEST photo...

21. So at least you're in good company.