50 Photos That Prove Autumn Is The Prettiest Season In Every State

    Welcome to the United States of Autumn.

    1. Fall foliage outside a church in Hartselle, Alabama.

    2. Trees reflecting off of Psalm Lake in Alaska.

    3. Greens changing to yellows in Flagstaff, Arizona.

    4. A drive along the Boston Mountains Scenic Route in Arkansas.

    5. A colorful sunrise in California's Eastern Sierra Nevada.

    6. The towering Castles near Ohio Pass in Colorado.

    7. An autumnal reflection across Bird Pond near Bethlehem, Connecticut.

    8. The arrival of fall at Lums Pond State Park, Delaware.

    9. Sandhill cranes enjoying Florida's moderate temperatures.

    10. A fall bikeride in Atlanta, Georgia.

    11. A seasonal waterfall in Waimea Canyon State Park, Hawaii.

    12. Trees and mountains reaching skyward in Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho.

    13. A perfect autumn day in Aux Sable, Illinois.

    14. A tranquil day at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Indiana.

    15. Reds and oranges along a street in Iowa.

    16. Leaves changing colors at a home in Lawrence, Kansas.

    17. A covered bridge bathed in autumn color in Kentucky.

    18. Sunset on Harrell Lake in Louisiana.

    19. Absorbing the autumn colors of Acadia National Park in Maine.

    20. The sun shining through near Cunningham Falls, Maryland.

    21. The onset of autumn at Wayside Inn Grist Mill in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

    22. Golden leaves covering a road in Michigan.

    23. A hike in the woods in Minnesota.

    24. Cypress trees changing colors on Bluff Lake near Starkville, Mississippi.

    25. A tour of Missouri wine country.

    26. Mighty evergreens in Glacier National Park in Montana.

    27. A walk along Schramm Park in Nebraska.

    28. Burnt orange foliage in Carson City, Nevada.

    29. A vast fall landscape in New Hampshire.

    30. Breathtaking fall color in Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey.

    31. Towering trees of the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico.

    32. A boat ride through Central Park in New York.

    33. Sun rays lighting up the Thomas Divide in North Carolina.

    34. Golden plains in Burleigh, North Dakota.

    35. Early autumn at South River Winery in Ohio.

    36. Red leaves raining down in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    37. Autumn Americana in rural Oregon.

    38. Perfect calm at Tinicum Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

    39. Fallen leaves drifting down a stream in Rhode Island.

    40. The sun shining through the trees in Pickens County, South Carolina.

    41. Waves of gold in Wall, South Dakota.

    42. A fall fishing trip to Parksville Lake in Tennessee.

    43. A one-lane bridge in Maydelle, Texas.

    44. On the banks of the Paria River near Kane, Utah.

    45. A fall canopy over the road near Putney, Vermont.

    46. A beautiful day at the farm in Brandy Station, Virginia.

    47. Towering evergreens near Mt. Ranier in Washington.

    48. A crisp autumn day in Cass, West Virginia.

    49. A sea of orange leaves in Hales Corner, Wisconsin.

    50. A cloudy autumn morning in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.