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17 Infuriating Restaurants That Deserve To Be Booed Loudly


1. This restaurant that charges for "free" coffee:

Almarrio / Via

2. ThIs ReStAuRaNt ThAt MiGhT aS wElL hAvE uSeD wInGdInGs FoNt FoR tHeIr MeNu:

salandersdragon / Via /

3. Every single restaurant that serves bread with cold butter that's impossible to spread:

splatlame / Via

4. This restaurant whose all-day breakfast ends at 2 p.m.:

Lpreddit / Via

5. This restaurant that serves BBQ sauce in a shaker:

quality-control / Via

6. This restaurant whose side salad looks like rabbit food:

fruityloop22 / Via

7. And this restaurant that put leaves in a glass and called it salad:

brodakmoment / Via

8. Ditto with this restaurant and its deconstructed spaghetti:

Twitter: @rocketandsquash / Via Twitter: @rocketandsquash

9. This restaurant whose online ordering system refuses to round up:

SiliconWrath / Via

10. This pizza restaurant that needs a lesson in symmetry:

GeraldFord210 / Via

11. Every restaurant that essentially shames you for ordering water by giving you a teeny, tiny cup:

dagav / Via

12. This restaurant that inflates the suggested tip amounts:

le_butt_nazi / Via

13. This restaurant that puts salt and pepper packets INSIDE salt and pepper shakers:

parukia911 / Via

14. This restaurant whose numbering makes absolutely no sense:

CptDanger88 / Via

15. This restaurant that desperately wants to be in on the cookie dough trend:

thechampion2525 / Via

16. This restaurant that has something against plates:

Instagram: @katabadperson / Via

17. And this restaurant that doesn't know how to use them:

Instagram: @welovefoodtweet / Via