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    The Best Fast Food Establishment You Have Never Had

    Because sudden service should come in a flash.

    Located in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, Pal's is not only the ideal food establishment to fulfill your all-american nourishment needs (burgers, fries, hot dogs, and milk shakes), this distinctive establishment offers fast food with a fast-paced service. *insert thunder sound effect*

    SHHH! It's a Secret!

    There's also a secret (that's not so secret) menu:

    - Dipped Big Pal (meat is dipped in sauce burger sauce)

    - Dressed Hot Dog (hot dog with lettuce, tomato and pickle)

    - Ham & Cheese Breakfast Style (toasted cheese w/ ham)

    - Chili Cheddar Rounds

    - Peachy Mello Yellow

    - Peachy Sprite

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    3x faster than your average drive-thru.