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    15 Things From "The Vampire Diaries" That Are Honestly Super Annoying

    Bonnie just couldn't catch a break.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. The ending didn't show the full life Elena and Damon had together...

    Elena and Damon take a walk around the neighborhood together, looking into each other's eyes
    The CW

    I feel cheated that Elena and Damon became human together. Elena obviously pursues the medical field since we see her in scrubs, but we don't get to see the full life they had together. Did they have kids? I want to see their wedding! I need a spin-off of their day-to-day lives as humans. And also, Elena sees her family when she dies and Damon sees Stefan soooo do they live in the afterlife together?!

    2. Stefan...just Stefan

    Stefan stands in front of Elena with tears in his eyes
    The CW

    Hot take: Stefan annoyed me. He was self-righteous and acted like he was sooo much better than his brother, but he literally could not control himself and was out here ripping people's heads off.

    3. Damon was constantly painted to be the monster, but he wasn't

    Damon smirking his signature smirk
    The CW

    Damon wasn't the villain of the show. He was by far the superior Salvatore. Yes, he was manipulative, but he knew what he was and always admitted to it instead of hiding behind "feeling bad" like Stefan did. Stefan was ripping people's heads off all the time. Damon risked his life numerous times for the girl he loved, and Stefan was just...whiny. At least Damon was funny.

    4. Caroline and Stefan getting married

    Carolie and Stefan kissing at the altar
    The CW

    Okay, so it was a little weird that Damon ended up with his brother's girlfriend but whatever, I got over it. But Stefan and Caroline? So you mean to tell me he then marries his brother's ex-girlfriend? Weird. Also a weird match in my opinion. 10/10 did not see them ending up together because they both tried too hard to be perfect.

    5. Elena being in a coma

    Stefan looking at Elena's lifeless body in a coffin
    The CW

    I don't know if there was a reason Nina Dobrev wasn't on the show for that period of time, but it annoyed me that they were like, "Yup, she's in a magical coma." I felt like those seasons just dragged on because Elena rounded out the show perfectly and without her, it fell a little flat.

    6. The whole Siren plot

    Sybil the Siren covered in blood
    The CW

    Maybe I just really love Damon, but the Siren plot annoyed me. When they started bringing in Cade and talking about Hell, it felt very Supernatural "Heaven and Hell" to me (which I also didn't like, shocker!). I think the Siren plot could have been really, good but bringing in them going to Hell feels like the stereotype for any supernatural type of show.

    7. Klaus and Caroline didn't end up together

    Caroline holding a note that reads, "I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed"
    The CW

    I loved Klaus and Caroline together. I wanted them to be together. Caroline and Tyler were okay but nothing special. Klaus and Caroline though? Klaus was this evil psychopath that had this soft spot for the goody two-shoes Caroline. Yeah, yeah they were toxic, but I loved it. I wanted to see their relationship progress and her turn him into a good person, okay?! They should have been together, change my mind.

    8. Why do they keep doing Bonnie like that?!

    Bonnie crying over Enzo's lifeless body
    The CW

    Gram died, she had to deal with everything with her mom, she lost her magic, she died and was brought back to life, she was turned into a vampire hunter, and then the love of her life killed in front of her. Bonnie deserved better. It seemed like any time they needed something interesting to happen they messed with Bonnie's life a little more.

    9. Matt's existence

    Matt smiling
    The CW

    What was his purpose again? As the show went on, he got worse and worse. He was just an annoying human that got in the way, honestly. Punchable face.

    10. Katherine pretending to be Elena

    Katherine pushes Elena up against a truck and places her hand around her neck
    The CW

    I mean...both of these brothers are fighting over the same girl and they can't figure out when the girl they USED to be in love with is pretending to be her? Sounds fake. How does that keep happening?

    11. Rebekah was too much

    Rebekah looking off to the side
    The CW

    Rebekah was just a bully? I understand trying to do the misunderstood mean girl trope, but I feel like they went out of their way to paint Rebekah as this over-the-top bully. She really had no redeeming qualities to me. I don't think she was thaaaat important of a character to have on on there harassing people for as long as she did. She irritated me.

    12. Elena being Sired to Damon

    Elena holds Damon's hand to her heart
    The CW

    I feel like it was set up that Damon couldn't be truly loved by Elena unless she was magically Sired to him, which, yes she does fall in love with him, but I just hate how they set it up like she had no other choice in the beginning. And then the whole "turn your humanity off" ugh. It was another "Aw, poor Stefan" storyline to me?

    13. Running and driving...

    Damon driving Caroline in his convertible
    The CW

    Hear me out — so the vampires in the show moved super quick, right? Like, blink of an eye quick? Why did they drive everywhere? Was it that physically exhausting? Couldn't they just vampire run everywhere? I would vampire run everywhere.

    14. They could've done more with the cannibal vampire experiments

    Dr. Whitmore standing in front of jail cells
    The CW

    So the experiments that made vampires feed on other vampires? Now THAT was interesting and creative. I feel like they could have done SO much with that, made a whole worldwide apocalyptic outbreak (think zombie style). It would've been good.

    15. And finally, the vampires were too true to the myths

    Damon standing outside of a door that Elena's holding open
    The CW

    They can't go in the sunlight, you kill them with a wooden stake to the heart, they have to be invited into a's all very "vampire stereotype," and I wish they would've done it a little differently. I mean, Twilight made them sparkle in the sun, so I wish they would've at least thought of another way to kill them instead of just keeping the stupid wooden stake. Maybe I'm being too picky.