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20 Christmas Gifts For Every Budget You Can Find At Target

Let's be honest, you love Target but hate Christmas shopping, let us make it easier

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2. A cute but simple robe that any lady in your life would love

Get it here for $24.99

3. This NutriBullet that is perfect for smoothies

Available here for $79.99

4. A smell-good, feel-good shower set

Only $9.99 here

5. A super durable travel mug to keep the coffee hot

Available here for only $9.99

6. This beautiful watch that anyone would be proud to show off

Buy it here for $49.99

7. A NES Classic Edition

Buy here for $59.99

8. A tasty movie night treat set

Get these tasty treats here for $29.99

9. This relaxing lavender bath bombs (available in more scents as well!)

Click here to buy it for $9.79

10. A sleek and modern Fitbit

Get it here for $129.99

11. This handy-dandy multi tool that combines every useful tool all in one

Buy now for $14.99

12. These fuzzy socks duo that will only feel expensive

Available here for only $7

13. A 42 pack of coffee pods for the coffee lover in your life

Check it out here for $28.99

14. A motion-activated camera doorbell to give a gift of protection and peace of mind

Buy it here for $199.99

15. A plush blanket for the best winter snuggles

Get it here for $14.99

16. This vintage-cool record player (which is available in more colors too!)

Buy it here for $89.95

17. A pair of toasty slippers

Buy them now for $14.99

18. This doormat with a cute message to welcome your visitors

Grab it here for only $12.99

19. These gloves with smart touch that allows you to still use a phone

Buy them here for $24.99

20. This sleek polaroid camera

Available here for $108.99
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