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    • Mittageisen

      The title of this protracted article/blog is misleading. I think the problem is that the author doesn’t really know why he feels ok about falling off the wagon. With all this this ught put into drinking, the author isn’t even sure if he fell off the wagon or stepped off. Not that the difference between the two words, the minimizing and the denial of the consequences of drinking, or the validating and rationalizing the decision to return to putting poison in his body matter at all. Whether or not the author thinks he’s an acoholic doesn’t even matter. For the record alcoholism isn’t a disease of consequences. It’s the disease of addiction when one also has the gene for especially craving alcohol. I don’t know if this is the medical description. I have the disease and the gene. If one is an alcoholic, then one must never drink. It’s not a moral issue, and for god’s sake, it’s not really giving up all that much. Money > advertising > media. The media would have you believe that alcohol is not only normal, but at it’s integral. The author certainly seems to believe this. However what he mistook as disinterent in his “sobriety” was actually just how people respond to normalcy. Most human beings don’t drink, or drink only on special occasions (a business deal, after work, etc are not special occasions). Alcohol is poison. I read somewhere that it’s the most toxic drug you can put in your body. Wes for you body than crystal meth. And this man thinks he deserves it. The real problem here is that while he briefly mentioned his disease of addiction he’s in denial about the fact that this very disease’s mental aspect causes the person suffering from it to forget they have it, or to believe they have recovered from it. If you have this disease, then untreated, you are NOT sober. This disease has control over what you think is reality. That’s just the way it is. No matter who you are. If you have the disease of addiction you need help. AND you deserve help! That’s what’s so sad to me about this. He’s focusing on his drinking perhaps because it’s the least of his problems. Instead of writing an article explaining why it’s ok for him to go back to poisoning himself, he should be writing an article about why he is lonely at parties when being sober allows for true connectedness? Why, even while not intoxicated is hue not receiving the fulfillment that normal healthy human adults feel from living a clean and sober life? Because it isn’t enough. Obvious I know, but for an addict, nothing is ever enough. For a few years, the excitement of life without alcohol distracted him from the reality of his disease. Perhaps for a few years the challenge of controlling his drinking with feed him in other ways. The truth is that he feels ok about falling off the wagon because when being clean lost it’s newness he found that being clean and not being sober was worse than being inebriated and disconnected from reality. And he either didn’t know that true sobriety was available to him, or he was afraid to seek it, or he didn’t think he deserved it.DISCLAMER I didn’t read the entire article because I’ve heard/said all those excuses before. Nothing new to me here.

    • Mittageisen

      You’re contradicting yourself by implying that Quinn’s defeat had nothing to do with sexism when she’s no worse than any male that NYC has ever elected. Your premise that NYC doesn’t hate strong women is ridiculous and misleading. You certainly can’t claim that NYC loves strong women and expresses that love by tossing them scraps of meaningless offices and positions. At worst, your post makes it sound like NYC hates weak women -which is probably true, but you are wrong to validate that hate. NYC should love everyone, and weak women deserve the same opportunities to run the city that have been granted to weak men.

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