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24 Superstar Fans Of "Coronation Street"

It's not just Britney who loves Corrie...

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1. Britney Spears

"I am so upset I missed the Corrie special on TV!!!" Tweeted Britney after landing in the UK late Sunday evening. Her publicist confirmed that Brit likes to catch up with events in Weatherfield whenever she's in the UK.

2. Snoop Dogg

Rapper Snoop has always been vocal about his love of Coronation Street, calling it “one of my favourite shows”. He's appealed for an appearance in the soap, saying “I would love a cameo, man. The show is just so real. They have some hot writers on Corrie and I want them to come up with a character for me that everybody is going to remember.”

He has a soft spot for one Weatherfield resident in particular: “I really like Deirdre. She is a woman who just isn't growing old gracefully. The amount of bump and grind she gets up to at her age is unbelievable. You got to respect that. I honestly think she is hot in an older woman way.”

3. Kim Kardashian

During a visit to London in 2012, Kim K was said to have been "really impressed with British TV - especially Coronation Street". She enjoys mimicking the Northern accent and would also "love a cameo".


5. Lord Olivier

A great admirer of the Street, Laurence Olivier was looking forward to making an appearance in the show as a tramp but was prevented by scheduling conflicts. He was founder of the Hilda Ogden Appreciation Society and served as its President.

6. Cheryl Cole

Asked recently to name her favourite TV show, Cheryl had no hesitation in replying, "Corrie, it's just the best show I watch. The drama is intense and it has me in stitches 5 minutes in, I love the David Platt storyline and get emotional at the Hayley scenes - I love it!"

8. Sir Derek Jacobi

"I have always wanted to be in Coronation Street but nobody's ever asked me," Sir Derek lamented in 2007. His wish was finally granted in 2012 when he appeared as an extra in the Rovers Return.


9. Julie Walters

“Corrie was the very first thing I watched, from the age of 11. That’s why it’s my favourite,” said Julie in 2007. "I would love a part in Corrie but I think that might have to wait for later in my career now."

11. Sir Anthony Hopkins

"Life isn't worth living if I miss an episode of Coronation Street", Sir Anthony Hopkins once said. He'll be especially happy now that Liz McDonald is back, having once told actress Beverley Callard, "I so love your character, you’re so real."


13. Jessica Ennis

Olympic golden girl Jessica Ennis is a self-confessed Corrieholic: “If I’m out training, or away competing, I always record Corrie and watch back-to-back episodes when I get the chance. It is a brilliant show and if I was ever asked to play a cameo role I would jump at the chance.”

14. Julian Fellowes

Said to have "learned an awful lot as a viewer of Coronation Street", Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes described the soap as a "guilty pleasure, which I never miss and I tape it when I am away. So I will go home to hour upon hour of Coronation Street. I actually quite like the binge viewing thing."

16. Sean Bean

Describing Coronation Street as his "favourite soap", Game Of Thrones actor Sean Bean has stated on several occasions his desire for a role in the show. "I would love to be in it. But they haven't contacted me or my agent about it, so it's over to them."


17. Sir Cliff Richard

The Peter Pan of Pop is a long-term Corrie devotee. "I actually have Coronation Street to thank for the good shape I'm in because Minnie Caldwell once said, 'I love that chubby Cliff Richard' and I thought, 'Chubby Cliff Richard?' So I adopted a new eating regime and I've kept it up ever since." He appeared as an extra in the Rovers in 1997, treating himself to a trim from Maxine while he was there.

18. Rio Ferdinand

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand describes himself as "an avid fan" of Corrie, who always makes sure he gets home in time to watch it. "I wouldn't mind getting hold of that David Platt. He is too naughty," he says.

20. Morrissey

Naming Coronation Street as his favourite show in multiple interviews, Morrissey was a big fan of Elsie Tanner, featuring actress Pat Phoenix on the sleeve of The Smiths' 1985 single Shakespeare's Sister. In his just-published autobiography, Morrissey reveals that he once applied to become a scriptwriter on the show: "I whipped off a word-slinger's delight wherein young take on old as a jukebox is tested in the Rovers Return."


23. Tony Blair

As Prime Minister, Tony Blair publicly backed the 1998 Free The Weatherfield One campaign, pledging to intervene in the gross miscarriage of justice. He issued a statement: "It is clear to anyone with eyes in their head that Deirdre Rachid is innocent and should be free."

24. The Queen

According to her butler, the Queen Mother never missed an episode of Coronation Street and it is said that Her Majesty has continued the family tradition. She and the Duke of Edinburgh made the first royal visit to the cobbles in 1982 though she hasn't made a guest appearance in the show itself - yet...

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