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Ranking The Best Characters In 'The League'

Fantasy Football sitcom The League has given us five seasons of comedy brilliance and its own dictionary of unique phrases such as 'fear boners' 'eskimo brothers' and 'the vinegar strokes. But of all the cast, professional NFL players and guest appearances, who has made the top 12 characters list:

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12. Snoop Dogg


It may only have been a ten minute appearance, but in that time we learnt that Snoop is , in fact, Taco's Eskimo brother. There was also an awesome handshake which consisted of two low-horizontal fives followed by a salute. Well worth a try.

11. Ruksin's Dad


Jeff Goldblum plays Ruksin's Dad who pops up in a couple of episodes throughout the show. Makes the cut for the suggestion of sleeping with his son's super-hot wife, but settling for Andre's sister.

10. Jenny


The situation no man in the world wants to have – your wife is bugging you to join your fantasy football league, and then she proceeds to beat you, repeatedly.

Jenny is known for using dog training techniques to boss her husband around, and her aggressive message board posts. She also loses her first Shiva bowl after catching 'Dreids' off Andre.

9. JJ Watt


Two episodes...but a great act. Tries to sack the entire cast after they wreck his hotel room, and drafts his own defence for Ruxin's team in the third series.

Great cameo from one of the NFL's greatest players.

8. Shiva Kamini Soma Kandarkram


'The Shiva' and the namesake of The League's famed trophy. Shiva is held in such high regard by the group that they even have their own Shiva-themed song in honour of their high school fancy.

Popping up in every season, with serious displeasure in having The League's trophy named after her, the group worships the ground Shiva walks on, but not as much as the coveted trophy.

7. Dirty Randy


Librarian by day, porn director by night. Seth Rogan's character stars in multiple episodes of The League, and even earned his own episode in the fifth season.

Highlights include filming a porno in Andre's pad...and he believes that puns "are as vital to the porn business as they are to the pet shop and children's barbershop industries."

6. Andre


The butt of all jokes but an integral part of the show. Terrible dress sense, an even worse sense of humour...but his character is a rich and successful doctor...kind of.

A bad case of the 'Dreids' costs Andre dearly after early success, while his bad luck continues when a porno is shot in his expensive flat.

5. Pete


The three-time Shivabowl champion with a fear of commitment and eyes only for Kevin. Champion of mind games and boasts such a fantasy football talent that his own boss employs him to run his team.

Lays down the law with his 'It is decided' catchphrase, misses out on top four due to his serious nature.

3. Ruxin


Ruxin's cocky attitude may grind on you to begin with, but bear with him and his arrogance becomes hilarious! SUCKKKK ITTTT, as Ruxin would say.

Among his finest moments, his year-long celebrations after winning the Shiva and renaming it the Ruxin, being nicknamed the herdsman for his love of large women and trading a draft pick to get his client less time in jail.

He also has a really, really hot wife!

2. Taco


Serial entrepreneur and owner of Taco Corp. Genius in his own way but always, always high.

Created Eskimo Brothers, MyFace and Mr McGiblets, has no ability in Fantasy Football but makes up for hit with his $250,000 scoop for selling back to the Dallas Cowboys.

Close call in contending for the number one spot.

1. Rafi


Hands down. Undisputed champion character of The League.

Ruksin's crazy brother in law known as "Bro lo el Cuñado". Owner of a toilet kitchen, pioneer of the 'murder boner' and gets the number one spot purely for the paintball episode where he assassinates Pete from close range while shouting 'Gattaca'!

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