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Children Development In Different Stages Of Ages

There are some pretty obvious stages of development that children go through from the age of infant to that of young adults. These stages are primarily associated with the development of brain. Things that occur during these stages are what parents can anticipate. But there are other factors like environmental situations and interaction with the other individuals that play significant role in child’s development.

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The common term used to denote the developmental period of a child is ‘ages and stages’. Each stage is associated with the development of primary attributes of child such as brain, body and social interaction. So, it remains and important job for the parents to understand the basic requirements of their children during each stage and help them go through that stage successfully.

With that said, it is worth mentioning the developmental stages of the children.


The arrival of newborn in the family is surely exciting for the parents, but it is never less than a challenge when it comes to the development of baby. The importance of this stage is obvious with the fact that interaction, connection and development of self-esteem in the child during this part of life remain in the child throughout the life. Hence, any kind of negative parenting during this stage can be disastrous. Furthermore, it is a challenge for the parents to know the newborn well because every child is born unique.


This stage of childhood starts when child takes his/her first step. Their bodies now allow them to move freely in the world around them. Hence, their capability to explore things is also enhanced. They start trying to speak about the things that would have interest in like ride on cars. Furthermore, they also start responding the questions by saying ‘NO’.

Meltdowns and tantrums are the most common activities related to this stage of childhood. It means that children of this age group have their own opinions which they want to be heard and fulfilled. Furthermore, the emotional development also extended to the next level at this stage. Hence, parents need to hear and children, they would need to start explaining the logic of certain things in order to satisfy the children.

The school age

School age is exciting not only for the children but also for the parents. School age children love to try new activities and they enjoy sports more than ever in their previous stages of life. Hence, they are happier and more satisfied individuals because they get started in the bigger world which lies outside their homes. Hence, the requirements they would ask to be fulfilled in the home are now being resolved at this stage. However, the parents need to not to take their guards down because children would still need proper guidance.

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