Zills And JS Through The Years!


1. Let’s begin at my 4th Birthday

You munchin’… me watching.
Love at first sight.

2. My Hanukkah present 2000

The best dressed couple of all the land.

3. Organized chit chat time (soccer)

p.s. nice shorts zills

4. WILD movie nights in Cancun…

If only we knew that the bar would even serve 6 year olds!

5. Whether riding on camels in the holy land,

This was after a half hour of calming you down…

6. Or doing anything possible to annoy you,

pulling your hair at most points in the day, calling you Blairy Manar.. never mind

7. When it came for family picture time…

We never stopped matching.

8. No matter the problem, you always gave a shoulder to lean on

Throwback to selfies with a digital camera, 2009…

9. I loved all the vacations and adventures we took together!

Between french fries and gravy, Davide, K, etc…

10. Even the awkward adventure between being either Charlie Chaplin or Adolph Hitler…

(Your choice!)

11. Sun Burnt Boat Rides… Chees(in)e

the creepy stares before the duck face

12. So, after all this,


13. I guess we can call this practice for what is to come…

just make sure you dress a little more formal?

14. Pack your bags, if you accept the trip to the New York,

15. Themed Prom in the B-Gym at FLHS

(hope she says yes)


… call my toll-free hotline at (212)-479-7990 with your answer
(that’s the rejection hotline) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
XOXO Hope you enjoyed!

17. Reaction Video! She said Yes!


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