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Lawyers Can't Use Co-Working Spaces Here's The Solution

It isn't just because you can't have the preamble to the constitution as your wallpaper.

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Coworking spaces and executive office suites give remote workers a lot of options besides hanging out in a noisy coffee shop or at home with the cat. But for lawyers who need security and privacy sharing office space isn’t ideal. Owl Suites is currently solving this problem for remote and independent attorneys in Dallas.

Workplace trends have changed dramatically in many industries. Laptop warriors are able to work from anywhere and that's lead to a rise in co-working. But Lawyers and financial professionals still need traditional office space. Their are too many concerns around privacy, and the market is ready for disruption. By leasing unused space from law firms and giving solo lawyers short term rental options, Owl Suites is an executive office option for the legal industry.

As many law firms are downsizing they are left with open offices and long term leases. While more attorneys are practicing outside of large firms and need a place to work and meet with clients that professional and secure. Owl Suites has stepped up to connect firms with space and solo lawyers who both know they are safe dealing with other attorneys.

Owl Suites currently has locations in Portland, Dallas & Atlanta and is expanding rapidly to other cities in the US.

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