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    5 Reasons Not To Pay Attention To The Soulja Boy & Chris Brown 'Feud'.

    It seems as though Chris Brown can't get a break when it comes to staying out of unnecessary drama, but maybe he enjoys it... Although, things get confusing when an unlikely beef between him and 'Soulja Boy Tell'em' spurs a Mayweather Promotions boxing match. Sparking many questions concerning what and who this feud is actually about. The real question is, who really cares?

    1. When was the last time we heard music of substance from 'Soulja Boy'? I'll wait...

    2. Both artist claim affiliation to a California gang. However rapper and 'Bompton' (Compton) native YG says Soulja Boy nor Chris Brown are from Bompton.

    3. Floyd Mayweather basically called Soulja Boy a fake 'gang banger' to his face.

    4. Soulja Boy exclaims that him and Chris Brown are brothers. And the beef was to boost sales of the 'largest fight of the century'. LOL!

    5. Honestly... Truly there are so many other things to worry about. Such as the number of days the U.S has left before Donald Trump takes office.