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    32 Items You'll Wish Were Already In Your Bathroom

    Some wine-inspired soap, luxury towels, and other things to help you love your bathroom.

    1. A beautiful bundle of eucalyptus to make your bathroom feel more like the tranquil spa you deserve. Plus, if you hang it in the shower, the steam releases natural oils that can help clear respiratory passageways and sinuses while relaxing your mind and body.

    The bundle of eucalyptus hanging from a shower

    2. A chardonnay- and cabernet-inspired soap set that'll help you ~wine~ down in the bath at the end of a long day.

    The wine-inspired soap set

    3. An over-the-toilet shelf – it holds a lot without taking up too much of your precious floor space.

    The shelf  holding various items over the toilet

    4. A bathtub pillow so you can actually sit comfortably while relaxing in the tub.

    The pillow in a filled bathtub

    5. An easy-to-install bidet attachment for your toilet that'll make the cleanup portion of doing your business much more hygienic, refreshing, and sustainable.

    Reviewer photo of the bidet installed on their toilet

    6. A shower foot massager and scrubber to deep clean your feet while giving them a lil' massage they'll appreciate after a long day.

    Reviewer using the foot massager and scrubber

    7. A hot air brush that'll help expedite your morning bathroom routine. This impressive device makes it way faster and easier to achieve smooth and shiny hair that usually takes forever and tends to require a variety of tools.

    8. A Hum electric toothbrush with three modes if you're really looking to step up your brushing game. This one includes a timer to make sure you brush for a full two minutes, Bluetooth capabilities to show any spots you missed, and a battery that lasts 10 days.

    The teal toothbrush with a phone showing the app and text "guides you to brush better"

    9. A motion-activated toilet light so you don't have to turn on the harsh, unforgiving light that'll wake you up completely when stopping by in the middle of the night.

    10. Some very cute and helpful shower squids to hold your essentials in their adjustable and grippy tentacles.

    Two shower squids in two different colors holding various tubes

    11. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that's easy to hang or suction to the wall so you can properly soundtrack your shower.

    12. And a suction cup drink holder to make getting clean a little more luxurious.

    13. Some super comfy luxury towels that'll make you feel like you're staying at a 5-star hotel. They're ultra-absorbent, come in a variety of gorgeous colors, and you can personalize them with monograms if you wanna feel even fancier.

    The towels in a variety of colors

    14. A narrow cabinet to squeeze into that awkward space between the toilet and the sink and give you more enclosed storage, especially if your other drawers and cabinets are pretty much maxed out at this point.

    The cabinet with its drawers opened showing the variety of items it can store next to the toilet

    15. A easy-to-install color-changing shower head designed to make it feel like a party in there! Plus, no batteries are required since the light is powered solely by running water.

    16. A waterproof notepad cleverly designed so you can stop forgetting your brilliant shower thoughts!

    hand writing "no more great ideas down the drain" on notepad in shower

    17. Some sustainably-made 100% bamboo toilet paper to help you cut down on waste.

    The toilet paper

    18. A set of toothpaste squeezers so you can get every last drop.

    19. A bottle of plant-based coconut bath soak to help relax your aching muscles and de-stress your tired brain.

    The bottle of black soak

    20. A three-piece cosmetic organizer perfect for keeping your essentials from cluttering up the tiny area around your sink.

    The clear cosmetic organizer filled with makeup

    21. A cloud-shaped toilet paper holder to help you hold your extra rolls in a surprisingly fun way.

    The holder installed on a bathroom wall and holding rolls of toilet paper in a cloud-like formation

    22. A laundry hamper you can hang on the door to help keep your floor free of dirty towels, clothes, and space-hogging laundry baskets.

    The hamper hung over a door

    23. A Squatty Potty that'll help your body to be in the perfect position for a much easier, healthier #2. Plus, you can fold it down and tuck it away when you're done so it doesn't add to the clutter.

    24. A heated toilet seat for anyone whose bathroom is always freeeeeeezing.

    25. A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray made from essential oils, so you can leave the bathroom smelling fresh and clean for its next occupant.

    Bottle of Poo-Pouri in original citrus scent

    26. A stunning floral shower curtain to make every day feel like the first day of spring!

    The shower curtain

    27. A made-to-order ceramic soap dish with a convenient drainage spout to transport excess water directly into your sink instead of building up at the bottom of the dish and getting all nasty.

    The dish holding a bar of soap and placed with the spout over the edge of a surface

    28. A bath overflow drain cover so you can actually enjoy a relaxing bath in your shallow tub. This'll give you few extra inches of toasty water, without causing your overflow drain to make that obnoxious gulping sound that is the opposite of relaxing.

    The drain cover overtop of the overflow drain in a full bath

    29. Some cruelty-free, vegan-friendly body wash filled with a blend of essential oils to help nourish and cleanse your skin without drying it out.

    The bottle of body wash

    30. A 100% bamboo bath mat that'll feel so much nicer on your feet when you step out of the shower than the damp towel you've been using.

    wood slat mat

    31. A heat-resistant styling station you can hang on a towel rack for easy access and to keep the cables from getting all tangled up.

    The styling station holding hair tools and hanging from a towel rack

    32. And a lovely rose and patchouli-scented candle to make your bathroom smell like a beautiful garden instead of...you know.

    The candle surrounded by flowers

    You in your future bathroom:

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