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    Just 28 Thoughtful Gifts For The Shower In Your Life That Are ~Secretly~ Gifts For You, Too

    "You don't have to ~shower~ me in gifts, but I certainly won't say no to these" — your shower, probably.

    1. A drink holder to make your shower feel like the cleanest bar in town.

    2. A shower curtain with pockets if the situation around the edge of your tub has gotten a little...out of control.

    Reviewer image of the shower curtain with a variety of shampoos, hair brushes, and other bathroom items stored in the pockets

    3. A user-friendly grout paint pen that makes it easy to cover up all that grime that builds up in the crevices, so you can keep your shower looking like the day it was born.

    4. A foot massager and scrubber to deep clean your feet while giving them a lil' massage they'll appreciate after a long day.

    Reviewer using the foot massager and scrubber

    5. A caddy that simply suctions to the wall to keep the essentials within reach without hassle.

    The caddy, wet from the shower, holding a toothbrush and toothpaste and suctioned to a wall in the shower

    6. An over-the-drain hair stopper to save your poor shower drain that's no match for your thick hair.

    Split image of the reviewer holding the hair stopper in their hands and of the hair stopper surrounded by hair when placed over the drain

    7. Or a FlexiSnake Drain Millipede if your hair/drain situation is already past the prevention stage. This reusable declogger makes it super easy to clear your drain in mere seconds — no plumbing skills required whatsoever.

    8. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that's easy to hang or suction to the wall so you can bring your favorite music or podcast in with you.

    9. And a color-changing shower head to add even more atmosphere. It's super easy to install and is powered by running water so there's no need for batteries!

    10. A waterproof note pad because the shower is a place where great ideas happen, but also a notoriously hard place to write things down. Not anymore!

    hand writing "no more great ideas down the drain" on notepad in shower

    11. A hard water stain remover that makes it easy to banish the gross buildup and keep your shower sparkling.

    12. Some very cute and helpful shower squids to keep your shower company when you're gone, and hold your essentials in their adjustable and grippy tentacles.

    Two shower squids in two different colors holding various tubes

    13. Some shower steamers you can place in the corner of your shower to release calming fragrances while you unwind.

    The steamers next to their packaging

    14. A toiletries shower locker so you don't reach for your expensive shampoo only to find that your roommate helped themselves to the last of it.

    15. A rain showerhead to transform your normal ol' shower into the ultimate spa resort experience.

    16. Some easy to apply and remove nonadhesive static window cling in case your apartment's bathroom window is inexplicably lacking in the...privacy department. Now your shower can be a place of total relaxation, with the added bonus of little rainbow projections when light hits the window just right.

    17. A pack of four shower curtain adhesive clips to keep the water INSIDE the shower where it belongs.

    Step by step photos showing how to use the clips to secure the shower curtain

    18. An amazing drill brush kit to make cleaning your tub and shower area much faster and easier. Instead of furiously scrubbing away and still winding up with mixed results, just attach the brush head to your drill, turn it on, and and let it do the hard work better and quicker.

    19. A gorgeous shower curtain that'll make your shower look like a work of art.

    white shower curtain with irregular black dots forming a small diamond print

    20. A fog-free mirror you can suction right to the wall, adjust to the angle you need, and even store your razor on so shaving in the shower is a breeze.

    21. A squeegee to keep your shower glass in tip-top shape.

    hand holding squeegee

    22. A hanging caddy you can attach to a shower head or curtain rod to hold all of those things that are usually cluttering the corners of your shower.

    23. A shower and bath grip to make entering and exiting much safer.

    24. An extendable, pivoting scrubber that'll help you reach those high up places and tricky corners.

    the scrubber in a tile corner

    25. Some water resistant Command hooks to make hanging up necessities incredibly simple! No tools are required, and it doesn't leave any damage or sticky residue behind should you want to remove it.

    A shower brush hanging on the hook

    26. A shower mat that feels and looks like real pebbles to upgrade your shower floor, soothe your tired feet, and help prevent slips.

    27. A two-tier, no-drill corner shower caddy in case all of your other surfaces are already full, but you still have more tubes and containers to store in your cramped shower.

    Reviewer photo of the shelf holding toiletries and a loofah

    28. And finally, a power scrubber to get those tough to reach spots cleaner than you thought was even possible! This thing scrubs 60 times per second, which is *two times faster* than manual scrubbing. Your arms and shower will both thank you!

    Your shower in the coming weeks:

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