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    42 Things You’ll Wish Were Already In Your Kitchen

    Ingenious storage, cute accessories, helpful appliances, and other amazing kitchen items you'll wonder why you didn't get a long time ago.

    1. A Spatty Daddy set so you can easily get to every last bit of food stuck in virtually any bottle's hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. After all, you paid for those remnants! Why let them go to waste?

    2. A very ~cool~ gadget ingeniously designed to turn any hot or cold non-carbonated drink into an iced one in mere minutes without watering it down. Try it out with wine or steaming hot coffee and thank me later.

    Model pouring coffee out of the gadget

    3. An upright spiral fruit basket that's basically a piece of art. Plus, it'll help you conserve precious counter space by giving you some extra vertical storage.

    An upright spiral fruit basket in stainless steel

    4. Or a macrame produce hammock if you've completely run out of surfaces but still wanna store your fruits and veggies in a ways that is pleasing to the eye.

    5. A Vitamix Explorian blender able to crush borderline anything (including the competition). I'm talking rice to flour in seconds. Watch your raw almonds become a smooth, spreadable paste right before your eyes. It can even turn cold ingredients into STEAMING HOT SOUP using only the friction of its blades. Is this...magic??

    The blender on a counter next to some cherries

    6. A cordless electric wine opener so you can skip the struggle and get straight to the drinking wine part. It also comes with a handy foil cutter to ensure that there is nothing left standing between you and your vino.

    Closeup of the wine opener

    7. A digital food thermometer so you can stop hemming and hawing over whether or not your chicken is cooked enough and quit losing precious juice from your steaks every time you cut them open to check on the middle. Just stick this lil' guy in and get an instant temperature reading!

    The red thermometer with its stainless steel reading needle inserted into a roasted turkey

    8. A two-stage electric knife-sharpener to bring even the dullest blades back to life. Why buy new knives when you have this thing?

    Hands running a knife through the small sharpener

    9. A two-tier storage shelf that offers a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing way to keep your spices from taking over your maxed-out cabinets.

    Two-tier storage shelf in corner of kitchen

    10. A set of rainbow flatware for anyone who wants to truly ~taste the rainbow~.

    Rainbow tinted silverware on a plate

    11. A multi-function chopping board that has a smooth side for normal cutting, and a side with specially designed spikes to grip meat, making it much easier to slice. It also features an angled cutting surface designed to catch any dripping juices or crumbs that go a-tumblin'.

    Model cuts meat on the cutting board, using the spikes to keep it in place

    12. An adjustable thickness cheese slicer here to take your charcuterie boards to the next level.

    Model cutting cheese with the slicer

    13. A set of airtight food storage containers perfect for making your kitchen look a lil' more organized.

    14. A compact juice-extractor that makes it easy to turn any fruit around the house into a delicious beverage that you'd probably pay wayyyy too much for at a juice bar.

    The juice extractor on a counter surrounded by cups of different juice as well as apples and tomatoes

    15. An Instant Pot if you want delicious meals to basically cook themselves in not much time at all! You won't believe how quick and simple it is to make dishes that actually taste incredible using this miracle appliance.

    An Instant Pot surrounded by food

    16. A manual food chopper so you can forget dragging out the cutting board and not being sure if you're crying because of the onions or because of the huge mess in your kitchen.

    Model's hands pulling back on the handle and holding down the device while it chops up some greens

    17. A jar-opening gadget you can attach under your cabinets to give ya a helping hand with those jars that just do *not* want to open. Now, there's nothing standing in between you and your pickles, which is the way it should be!

    Hand using the gadget to open a mason jar

    18. A pair of bear claws that make it so much easier to shred meats. Hate getting your fingers covered in greasy rotisserie chicken? Use these instead!

    Model shredding meat with the claws

    19. A microwave pasta maker – it'll help you make perfect al dente pasta...IN THE MICROWAVE. Just insert noodles and water, stick it in the microwave, and you'll have delicious pasta in minutes. No mess or sticking!

    20. A vacuum sealer that's indispensable if you want to keep things fresh for a long, long time. It's great if you love cooking or buying in bulk, and it'll be your sous vide's new BFF.

    21. Or, an electric conical burr grinder here to provide you with consistent, perfectly even grounds every. single. time. If you want to improve your coffee game, this thing is worth the splurge.

    The grinder filled with beans

    22. A pretty impressive cold-brew maker because you've been trying and failing to stop overpaying for chilled bean juice.

    The cold-brew maker sitting next to a cup of cold brew

    23. An ice cube tray with a lid cleverly designed so that you won't splash water all over the place every time you need to refill it. PLUS, it helps keep your ice cubes from getting that ~bleh~ taste that — idk about you — but for some reason that really grosses me out. *shudders*

    Model putting tray in the freezer

    24. A simply perfect tortilla press kit that'll help you forget about all the years you weren't making homemade tortillas. This beautiful, high-quality press is super easy to use. Plus, it's made in Mexico out of old Singer sewing machines and will look stunning on your counter.

    Bright red tortilla maker with balls of dough beside flat, finished pieces

    25. A frozen yogurt and ice cream maker ready and willing to make all of your genius flavor combinations come true!

    The device on a counter

    26. A wine aerator so your wine can start breathing instantly, giving it a more complex flavor and smoother finish — without the wait.

    Model pouring wine through the aerator and into a glass

    27. A handcrafted mortar and pestle for making pastes, crushing spices, and expanding your flavor options so you can take your home cooking to a whole new level.

    Tall wooden bowl with rounded stamping spoon

    28. A dual breakfast sandwich maker that can cook two sandwiches in FIVE MINUTES. Plus, all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

    Two sandwiches cooking in the maker surrounded by bread, bagels, eggs, ham, and more.

    29. A quiet and easy-to-use manual coffee grinder so you can make a cup of joe as early in the morning as you want without waking up your roommates.

    The grinder surrounded by coffee beans and an example of some that it has ground.

    30. A gorgeous Always pan that's not just fashionable — it's designed to replace eight pieces of cookware so preparing a variety of dishes can be a lot less complicated.

    31. A set of shallow pasta bowls so even thrown together meals can be plated with a little extra ~je ne sais quoi~.

    White plate slightly curved like a bowl with food in it

    32. An egg cooker that can cook six hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs in under 10 minutes while you do...literally anything else! It also includes an omelet tray in case you were skeptical that it could handle all of your eggy needs.

    The egg cooker in aqua, featuring a transparent dome-shaped lid and a large power button in the front

    33. A gorgeous set of ~Insta-famous~ ceramic salt and pepper grinders so you can treat yourself to some freshly cracked salt and pep any time you want.

    The salt and pepper grinders in blush

    34. A hand-crafted, borosilicate glass stove-top-safe glass teapot that'll look lovely on your counter or stove. Plus, it includes a removable infuser and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe!

    A glass tea kettle with a silver metal top pouring tea into a glass

    35. Or an easy-to-clean Toptier Japanese cast-iron teapot with a stainless-steel infuser if you're looking to add more of an antique vibe to your kitchen.

    Reviewer's split image of light green cast iron tea pot

    36. A rechargeable personal blender great for busy people or anyone with limited storage space. Just dump in your favorite ingredients, press the blend button, and enjoy.

    37. A simply gorgeous cake stand so you can display baked goods and other foods with as much allure as the cute little bakery everyone lines up outside of every morning.

    38. A mixed set of stunning stemware to make you feel like you're chillin' at a cool, funky bar where the alcohol's *way* more expensive than what's actually in your fridge.

    stemware in a variety of colors

    39. A limited edition Jonathan Adler print mini Keurig that'll ~fill~ you with joy every time you fill up your mug.

    the patterned coffee maker next to white ceramics

    40. An acacia wood cheese board so you can charcuterie with just as much panache as that expensive small plates place you can't stop thinking about.

    The cheese board

    41. Some huge bowls that'll make even the cheapest instant noodles look like you got them at an authentic ramen-ya. Plus, they're dishwasher-safe, and even have notches in them to keep the included (!) chopsticks and luxurious, ladle-like spoon from falling into your precious soup.

    two ramen bowls full of ramen, with the chopsticks resting in their slot

    42. And finally, a Levo II so you can easily make herbal infusions in your own kitchen! Create everything from deliciously infused honey, butter, and oil, to salad dressings, scented candles, and even ~edibles~ without any professional skills using this super cool gadget.

    The LEVO II

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