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    27 Things To Make Driving A Car Less Of A Nightmare This Winter

    You might actually hate driving during the winter a little less with these helpful products.

    1. A windshield de-icer because the last thing you feel like doing at 8 a.m. is standing out in the freezing cold chipping away at the solid block of ice that has formed around your car. Just spray some of this stuff instead and watch the ice instantly start melting away!

    Two cans of the yellow de-icers

    2. Or a windshield cover if you wanna skip the snow removal song and dance altogether.

    The cover, partially removed from a windshield of a car covered in snow, showing how the windshield is totally snow-free under the cover

    3. A triple-layered vacuum-insulated S'well stainless-steel water bottle that keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold so you can fight off the elements and keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for much longer. Plus they come in a whole bunch of stylish patterns and colors.

    The S'well bottle in Geode Rose

    4. A steering wheel cover so your fingers never have to come into contact with your ice cold steering wheel ever again. The seller will even make you custom sizes!

    The fuzzy steering wheel

    5. A heated seat cushion here to keep your buns nice and toasty even when it's upsettingly cold outside. It even has two heat settings so you can choose your desired temp.

    black heated seat cushion placed on a car seat

    6. Or a car seat warmer and massager in case you want the added option of a vibration massage you'll be thankful for when sitting uncomfortably in traffic for what feels like forever.

    Reviewer photo of the seat warmer on the drivers seat

    7. A waterproof backseat protector if your furry friend prefers to get covered in snow and mud before tagging along for a ride.

    Dog sitting on black and orange seat cover

    8. Or a wet and dry vacuum perfect for anyone whose kids and pets just love to track snow and mud into your car all winter long. It'll also help you get to those hard-to-reach spots you usually give up on or spend way too long trying to clean.

    9. Some fingerless gloves so you can keep your hands nice and toasty while still being able to quickly tap "yes" when your GPS asks if you want it to route you around a traffic jam.

    The fingerless gloves in blue

    10. Or some smartphone-friendly thermal gloves designed to let you use your phone in cold temperatures without feeling like your fingers are gonna fall off. But remember *not* to text and drive!

    The gloves and some color swatches showing available colors

    11. A pair of lightweight and durable escape tracks — they're good to have in case your car decides to improve your day by getting stuck in the snow or ice. I wish I'd gotten these sooner because once my car gets stuck, it's pretty adamant about...remaining stuck.

    orange plastic tracks under two front wheels

    12. A tough, extendable snow brush with a squeegee and ice scraper that'll quickly break through the mountain of ice that has somehow appeared on your windshield overnight.

    13. Or a heated ice scraper to melt away all that stubborn snow and ice so you can quickly brush it off and spend as little time as possible standing in the cold next to your car every morning.

    14. A set of all-season rubber floor mats because you know you won't get through the winter without tracking a bunch of snow, salt, and mud into your car. With these, at least you won't destroy the floors.

    The mats on the floor of a car

    15. Blind spot mirrors designed to help you merge a little more safely and keep an eye on those areas that are usually out of view. They're especially helpful to have during less than stellar winter driving conditions when visibility isn't all that great to begin with.

    The blind spot mirror attached to a car side mirror

    16. A phone power bank in case you have winter-related car troubles and need a lil' extra charge, especially since your phone's battery always seems to plummet when exposed to the cold temps.

    Hand-sized charger plugged into phone

    17. A car seat cover so your lil' one can stay nice and cozy — and therefore asleep and *not* crying — while you're out and about on chilly days.

    18. A heated blanket for anyone whose car doesn't heat up quickly enough in the winter months. Now you can stay cozy while you wait for your vehicle's temperature to eek toward something reasonable. It's also great if you have little ones riding along!

    19. A phone holder so you can keep both hands on the wheel and still be able to see the GPS at stops. This one works with most smartphones, lets you adjust the angle, and makes it super easy to get your phone in and out.

    phone holder than connects to vent

    20. Or a cup holder phone mount you can stick directly into your cup holder if your vehicle lacks a convenient spot to put a clip-on one.

    21. A set of car hooks to keep your bags and winter coats from spending the entire trip rolling around on the floor, dumping out their contents everywhere, and winding up covered in a mixture of snow, dirt, and whatever grime has been hiding under your seats since the beginning of time.

    the hooks attached to the back of a seat and holding bags

    22. Or an expandable hanger bar for anyone who treats their backseat more like a closet-on-wheels.

    23. A pet-friendly ice melt so you don't have to add shoveling to your to do list before pulling your car out of the driveway on chilly mornings. This one's designed to work without harming grass, wood, plants, concrete, metals, or pets, and gets the job done quickly *without* leaving behind a slimy residue.

    someone pouring out the pet friendly ice melt

    24. A set of bamboo charcoal air purifier bags in case your vehicle is starting to smell like a mixture of sweaty snow boots, fast food, and wet dog.

    bamboo charcoal purifying bags on floor of reviewer's car

    25. A rechargeable hand warmer here to keep you company on that long, chilly walk through the parking structure. You have three temperature levels to choose from and can even use it to charge your phone!

    26. A durable and super-warm weatherproof outdoor blanket you can keep in your trunk in case of emergency or for when your passengers wanna take a cozy nap during long winter car rides. It's also great for camping, bonfires, and picnics!

    27. And finally, some beachy resin coasters that are the perfect size to fit in your car's cup holders if you wanna feel some summer ocean vibes despite being surrounded by disgusting snow.

    coasters in cup holders with glittery water and sand

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