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    42 Things To Help You Get The Backyard You've Been Dreaming Of

    Zero gravity lounge chairs, an outdoor movie projector, Edison bulb string lights, and other things to help you fall back in love with your outdoor space.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A strong and bright magnetic barbecue light for anyone who wants to keep the grill going after sundown.

    Model grilling meat on a barbecue at night while using the lights, magnetically attached to the grill

    2. Some solar-powered hummingbird wind chimes that are beautiful during the day and STUNNING at night. They slowly change colors and can be hung both inside and outside to add a soothing vibe to your space.

    The hummingbird wind chimes against a dark night sky

    3. Or some solar crystal ball wind chimes that'll delight you with their changing colors and magical ambience.

    The wind chimes at night glowing in different colors

    4. Some reclining zero-gravity lounge chairs with attachable cup holders to turn your yard into the ultimate relaxation station.

    Four of the chairs and one with the cup holder attached

    5. A durable adjustable folding umbrella because you need somewhere cool to ~chill~ on hot days.

    6. Or a canopy in case you require more shade than a standard umbrella can provide.

    7. Connectable Edison bulb string lights that'll make the people next door wonder if a cute little cocktail bar has moved into the neighborhood.

    8. A Thermacell patio mosquito repellent that'll help banish mosquitos from your space, all while looking like a cute lil' diffuser instead of being an eyesore.

    A person holding the mosquito repellent in red

    9. A mesh raised dog bed so your sweet pup has a soft, cool place to relax too.

    a review photo of a raised bed with a dog lying on top

    10. Or a cat tent for your feline friends or other small animals who wanna safely join you in the yard.

    A cat sits on a blanket in the cat tent

    11. A very fun and colorful veggie kit full of everything you need to start growing purple carrots, red Brussels sprouts, stripy tomatoes, golden zucchini, and rainbow chard right in your own backyard!

    The kit and some of its contents

    12. Spring-loaded pruning shears that automatically push themselves open so that you don't have to — making for a much less strenuous experience. The precision-sharpened blades and stealthy design make it easy to get between plants for a quick clip 'n' snip that'll keep your garden looking nice and tidy.

    The pruning shears

    13. An outdoor movie set that includes a 100-inch screen and a mini projector, so you can bring movie night to the backyard all summer long! The projector works with a variety of streaming devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, Fire TV Stick, and Roku, so you can access all your fave shows with ease.

    14. A cool hammock chair that you'll love hangin' around in.

    15. Or a hammock with a steel stand and carrying case if a hanging hammock isn't an option.

    Reviewer sitting in hammock by pool

    16. A cast-iron fire pit that'll make you feel like you're camping — but with access to your own private bathroom. Time to warm your toes and roast some marshmallows!

    17. A set of speckled 10-inch hanging pots with drainage holes to add some fun greenery to your outside space.

    18. An adorably tiny picnic table that's easy to attach onto your fence or a tree so you can watch your neighborhood squirrels enjoy the feast of their dreams.

    19. A bamboo mason bee house to let your buzzing friends know they're welcome to come around and help keep your flowers blooming.

    The house, which is filled with pre-made tubes in which the bees can nest

    20. An inflatable pool for anyone with too small of a yard for an in-ground pool, but enough space for the next best thing. It's durable, a breeze to set up and take down, *and* it can fit two adults PLUS four kids while still being compact enough to fit in small spaces.

    21. Or a durable dog/kiddie pool for both your little ones *and* pets who wanna cool off in the yard. It's portable and folds down easily, so you can just store it in the garage when it's not in use. Plus, reviewers say it holds up well to the kind of roughhousing one might expect from excited pups.

    Reviewer's large dog relaxing in the pool with plenty of room leftover

    22. A set of outdoor pillow covers to add some extra comfort to your patio without having to worry about the weather.

    23. A durable and super-warm outdoor blanket perfect for chillier nights when you wanna stay outside, but don't wanna shiver through the entire evening.

    24. An inflatable hot tub designed to fill your yard with luxury spa energy.

    25. A hummingbird feeder so you can invite quite possibly the cutest lil' birds in existence to join you in the yard.

    two photos of hummingbirds drinking from feeder

    26. An outdoor pizza oven 'cuz nothing upgrades cookouts with family and friends quite like slinging some fresh pies.

    27. A three-seater glider porch swing with a large canopy that's bound to be your favorite seat.

    Reviewer photo of their glider in brown on a porch

    28. A powerful fan to ensure that you've got the ~coolest~ patio in town. It'll help make sweltering hot days a little more bearable *and* discourage bugs from trying to fly through the breeze to turn you into their personal buffet.

    The fan hanging over a patio

    29. A tabletop barbecue if you don't have the space for a campfire or full-sized grill, but still wanna enjoy some meats and veggies over an open flame.

    People grilling meat and potatoes on the white barbecue

    30. An outdoor rocking chair available in a variety of cool colors that'll ~rock~ your socks off (if you aren't already barefoot, because duh — it's your patio, and it's hot out!).

    31. A tall table cooler combo in case you need both a high top *and* somewhere to keep your bevvies chilled.

    The high top table extending out of the cooler base, with food on the table and drinks and ice in the cooler base

    32. A modern boho-style three-piece bistro set with two chairs and a matching glass-top table that's ideal for small spaces. Plus, it'll make any yard, porch, or patio look instantly more fashionable.

    reviewer image of the black set styled on a small patio

    33. A pretty beveled glass wind chime that just wants to play a calming little jingly jangly tune with every breeze.

    glass wind chime hanging from a tree

    34. A cute set of pots that can be hung from balcony railings or any other ledge, so you always have some greenery to hang out with in the yard. You can even use them to make a cool plant wall!

    35. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker because you definitely want to soundtrack your time outdoors with some stellar playlists.

    round speaker with carabiner in palm of reviewer's hand

    36. A stylish outdoor rug so you can have the classiest patio in the neighborhood.

    reviewer image of patio rug styled under/outside dining table

    37. A weatherproof outdoor beanbag chair for anyone who would much prefer to just plop themselves down on one of these than sit in some stinkin' chair!

    38. A citronella candle mosquitoes hate almost as much as you hate them.

    Model lighting candle with match

    39. A beyond adorable vintage camper birdhouse to make your yard feel like a quaint lil' campground for flying friends.

    Four different camper bird houses hanging outside

    40. A three-piece wicker chair and table set that'll provide comfy seating and a convenient place to put drinks and snacks while making your porch look much more stylish than it did before.

    a reviewer photo of two rattan arm chairs with a matching side table with a glass top