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    47 Things That'll Make Everyone Jealous Of Your Patio This Summer

    All the decor, furniture, and other fun accessories you need to have to turn your patio into the place to be.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Connectable Edison bulb string lights to ensure that all of your patio parties are truly ~lit~ this season.

    2. A nontoxic, family-friendly outdoor/indoor bug zapper for anyone who loves everything about lounging around outside except for the bugs. This lantern helps cut down on the mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and moths in an area up to 1,500 square feet.

    A blue lit up cylinder shaped bug zapper with a handle on top
    dead stinkbugs and moths in a tray

    Promising review: "Love this product and how efficient it is. It was recommended to me by a friend, and was the first thing I purchased after our deck was built. I am a complete mosquito magnet so I get a lot of bites during summer months and unfortunately am allergies to mosquito bites. This product has definitely given me the confidence to be able to sit at my deck and enjoy my time instead of constantly worrying about bites. As this is electric you don't have to worry about refilling like in tikki torches or repurchasing like candles. Plug it and done!! Love that it is easily transportable, easy to clean, and comes with a brush!!" —Alisha T

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99.

    3. Or a citronella outdoor candle that mosquitoes hate almost as much as you hate them.

    Model lighting the candle

    Promising review: "These worked great over the summer! They are long-lasting and cover a large area. You can buy with confidence knowing these will keep the bugs away." —Bryan

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    4. A durable adjustable folding umbrella so you have somewhere cool to ~chill~ on hot days.

    5. Or a canopy in case you need more shade than a standard umbrella can provide.

    6. A cool hammock chair you'll love hangin' around in.

    It comes with two cushions and installation hardware.

    Promising review: "This came in great shape, it was easy to set up, and it is comfy and sturdy. As a plus-size woman, I was a little concerned about how sturdy it would be, but it is great! I've never felt nervous about hopping into it and staying there right until the mosquitoes come out." —Mal T

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in three colors).

    7. Or a hammock with a steel stand and carrying case if a hanging hammock isn't an option, but you still wanna lounge comfortably under the wide open sky.

    Reviewer sitting in hammock by pool

    8. An inflatable pool for anyone with too small of a yard for an in-ground pool, but enough space for the next best thing. It's durable, easy to set up and take down, *and* it can fit two adults PLUS four kids while still being compact enough to fit in small spaces.

    Reviewer image of pool
    Reviewer image of pool

    Don't forget to get an electric pump too!

    Promising review: "This pool is perfect! It was easy to inflate with a small inflater pump. After opening and laying it out, my large dog just had to walk and lie on it, so I could see it was pretty durable. Once I filled it, which took maybe 30 minutes, it was ready for use. I would totally recommend buying this pool! Fun for kids and adults like myself who want to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and a refreshing soaking. Happy pool-buying!" —Pamela

    Get it from Amazon for $74.98.

    9. Or an inflatable hot tub because who doesn't want spa access in their own backyard??

    10. A mesh raised dog bed so your pup has a soft, cool place to relax, too.

    a review photo of a raised bed with a dog laying on top

    11. And a fully enclosed mesh outdoor cat tent — now your feline friends can safely join you in the yard as well!

    A reviewer photo of the tent, which has a tarp-like bottom and a tent-style triangular top, which is made entirely of mesh, so the cat can see through all of it

    12. Light-up flowers for adding a little extra after-dark charm to your garden.

    an array of light up flowers glowing at night

    13. A portable, flexible mist stand you can bend into a variety of freestanding shapes and heights *or* wrap around trees and other structures so you can enjoy a cooling mist at any angle! 

    A model lays out in the sun while the mister sits beside them and sprays mist

    It even comes with an interchangeable flower-shaped misting head to add a little extra fun!

    Promising review: "AMAZING MUST HAVE! Best thing ever to cool off in the summer! I love the mister when it’s 105 degrees outside (We live in dry Texas), and I didn’t even know it came with the flower attachment for a cute little flower fountain. My little one will love that. The dogs love the mister as well. They haven’t left its side. So I definitely recommend this to stay cool in this summer!" —Morgan

    Get it from Amazon for $35.47 (colors may vary; also available in multipacks).

    14. A super satisfying-to-use electric pressure washer in case you need a little extra power at your disposal when it comes to cleaning layers of grime and discoloration off of your deck, patio, car, driveway, fence, boat, and more.  

    Reviewer uses green electric pressure washer to remove grime from their driveway
    Same reviewer shows clean driveway side and grimy driveway side while using the same electric pressure washer

    Promising review: "Power washer was delivered Monday, it’s Wednesday and I have washed two cars, cleaned driveway and sidewalks, cleaned back fence, and the work keeps piling up; everything I see now needs to be cleaned! This little dude does not back down; plenty of power and it's surprisingly not too loud. Soap dispensers work great, and the tips are easy to change." —Mar

    Get it from Amazon for $169.

    15. A cast-iron fire pit that'll make you feel like you're camping — but with access to your own private bathroom. Time to warm your toes and roast some marshmallows!

    16. Or a portable campfire perfect for anyone who doesn't feel like dealing with the hassle of building and cleaning up after a fire. Simply light it with a match or lighter and extinguish by covering with the lid. It actually puts out an impressive amount of heat without a bunch of smoke, so you can say goodbye to burning eyes and soot-smelling clothes. Plus, it's reusable, and each fire should last around three to five hours!

    Gif showing how to light the campfire
    Gif showing how to put out the campfire with the lid

    Promising review: "Great for a patio or stealth-camping. I always love hanging out around a campfire, but sometimes you can't just build a blaze. The Radiate throws a lot of warmth and light for its size, making it really feel like being around a campfire. It's safe to roast marshmallows over too! 

    Whether you're on a patio, a beach, or anywhere else you can't build a fire, this is a perfect solution. It doesn't produce much smoke, but still keeps the bugs away. I'm a backpacker, so normally I would write something like this off as WAY too heavy to carry into the backcountry, but I've carried a Radiate several times as a 'luxury item' because it's so safe and convenient when a normal fire is not an option. 

    The tin also makes a good trash bin when you're packing out (LEAVE NO TRACE!). $30 might feel like a lot for something to burn (unless you smoke cigars) but compared to a cold, dark night in the woods, it's very worth it!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (also available in multipacks).

    17. And a pouch of Mystical Fire you can drop on any wood fire to magically change the color of the flames into a long-lasting, vibrant rainbow that'll delight you and your guests.

    A campfire with rainbow flames

    18. A portable grill that's easy to store and transport so you can still have a fun BBQ hangout even if your outdoor space isn't the biggest.

    the portable propane grill in red

    Promising review: "This grill is great! It has three burners so the things that you are grilling do not cook unevenly. I purchased a 20-lb to 1-lb propane adapter and hooked up my 20-lb propane to it. It is easy to assemble. I usually prefer a charcoal grill over propane, but this grill came close to giving me the charcoal grill taste, it did not disappoint me. Awesome product!" —Michael S

    Get it from Amazon for $289.99+ (available in five colors).

    19. And a strong and bright magnetic barbecue light for anyone who wants to keep the grill going after sundown.

    Model grilling meat on a barbecue at night while using the lights, magnetically attached to the grill

    Promising review: "These grill lights are exactly what I needed! They light up the area so well. The magnets are strong, and the ability to direct the light where needed is great. The package they came in is perfect to store them in when not in use! I have recommended these to several people who also think they are great. I was worried they would be cheap and maybe not have a lot of magnetic hold to them, but they do!!" —LC

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    20. Or a tabletop barbecue if you don't have the space for a standalone grill, but still wanna enjoy some meats and veggies over an open flame.

    People grilling meat and potatoes on the white barbecue

    21. A three-piece wicker chair and table set that'll provide comfy seating and a convenient place to put drinks and snacks while making your porch look much more stylish than it did before.

    a reviewer photo of two rattan arm chairs with a matching side table with a glass top

    22. A hummingbird feeder so you can invite quite possibly the cutest lil' birds in existence to join you in the yard.

    two photos of hummingbirds drinking from feeder

    23. Or a drip- and bee-proof stake hummingbird feeder for yards without hanging space. All you need is a flower pot to stick them into, some sugar water, and a comfy chair to do some birdwatching from!

    24. A set of speckled hanging pots with drainage holes to add some fun greenery to your outside area.

    25. A powerful fan to ensure that you've got the ~coolest~ patio in town. It'll help make sweltering hot days a little more bearable *and* to discourage bugs from trying to fly through the breeze to turn you into their personal buffet.

    The fan hanging over a patio

    26. Some reclining zero gravity lounge chairs with attachable cup holders to turn your yard into the ultimate relaxation station.

    Four of the chairs and one with the cup holder attached

    27. A tall table cooler combo in case you need both a high top *and* somewhere to keep your bevvies chilled.

    The hgih top table extending out of the cooler base, with food on the table and drinks and ice in the cooler base

    28. Some waterproof outdoor cushion covers to add some extra color, comfort, and coziness to your patio without having to worry about the weather.

    These are just pillow covers — you'll need to get inserts too if you don't already have them.

    Promising review: "These pillowcases were a great addition to my patio. They are high-quality, water-resistant material. Also, they are true to color. Edit: After almost a year these pillow cases are still true to color (no fading) and overall an excellent buy. I would buy Muilee brand again, ANYTIME!" —Jennifer C

    Get two from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in six sizes and 21 colors).

    29. A durable, Shark Tank-famous Rumpl outdoor blanket – it's super portable, waterproof, and dirt-resistant so you can use it for backyard picnics or to stay warm and cozy when the nights get a little chilly.

    BuzzFeed Reviews editor Rachel sitting on her comfy puffer blanket and a delicious-looking sandwich on a plate. Now you just wait a minute while I call up Rachel to ask why I wasn't invited.
    left side shows Rachel holding the blanket outside of her home to show it's awesome size (which is the typical throw blanket size) and the right is the same blanket packed into the small tote bag it comes with
    BuzzFeed / Rachel Dunkel

    Rumpl is an Oregon-based small business specializing in outdoor blankets that donates a portion of its revenue to environmental nonprofits.

    Promising review: "I've used it in Wisconsin to continue having outdoor hangouts with my friends during Coronatime. It's that extra cozy layer for patio dining and porch sitting. Packs down tight to keep in the car for impromptu outdoor happy hour!" —Julie K.

    Check out our full Rumpl puffer blanket review for more details!

    Get it from on Amazon for $99+ (available in 15 colors) or from Rumpl for $99 (available in 30+ colors).

    30. A stylish outdoor rug here to ensure that you have the classiest patio in the neighborhood!

    reviewer image of patio rug styled under outside dining table

    31. A bocce ball set so you always have a fun game to play that doesn't require any extra setup.

    four yellow and four blue bocce balls with one small white ball in grass

    Promising review: "Finally a good set at a reasonable price. My family enjoys playing bocce ball and this set filled our needs for a good set at a good price. I like the storage and carrying case. There are two sleeves that each set of bocce balls slides in to very nicely. I can now store them without worrying that balls will be lost in storage. This set got my family outdoors again — that's what I was looking for and I got it with this set." —jmart141

    Get it from Amazon for $55.71.

    32. A three-seater glider porch swing with a large canopy that's bound to be your favorite seat.

    Reviewer photo of their glider in brown on a porch

    33. Or an inflatable lounge chair – it requires no electricity or pumps! Just whip it in the wind to blow it up, and enjoy having a ridiculously comfy spot to hang out in.

    Promising review: "I'm not a small person, and I wasn't sure how it would hold me, but this chair is wonderful. I have used it all over! I took it camping, I took it to the beach, and I even sometimes blow it up and use it in my living room while watching TV. The hardest part is getting out of it gracefully!" —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $40.98+ (available in 16 colors/patterns).

    34. A personalized "Welcome to..." sign to christen your patio with a fun name and even add a little message that your guests will love.


    35. A comfy outdoor rocking chair available in cool colors that'll ~rock~ your socks off (if you aren't already barefoot, because duh, it's your patio and it's hot out!)

    36. Some solar-powered hummingbird wind chimes that are beautiful during the day and STUNNING at night. They slowly change colors and can be hung both inside and outside to add a soothing vibe to your space.

    The hummingbird wind chimes against a dark night sky

    37. A reviewer-loved portable projector with over 12,000 5-star ratings so you can bring movie night to the backyard all summer long!

    reviewer photo of the projector showing jurassic park against the side of a house
    reviewer holding the white projector to show scale

    Promising review: "This was purchased to watch movies outside in the summer. The quality is excellent and for the price you can’t go wrong! I would totally recommend this projector to anyone. It’s easy to use and the remote is functional. The speakers are actually very good when it comes to volume!" —Practical and Efficient Mom

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    38. And a projection screen big enough to ensure that everyone's got the best seat no matter where they're scattered around your yard.

    The screen is 120-inches and made of an anti-crease material. It also comes with brackets and ropes for mounting purposes.

    Promising review: "This screen is perfect for our use. We bought it for outdoor movie nights whether being on the garage door, in the backyard, camping, or inside the garage. It’s very easy to install with no wrinkles and shows a great picture. I’ve attached pictures (above) that show how well I can still see the picture despite being surrounded by 7,000 Christmas lights in close vicinity." —Hallie H.

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99.

    39. A beyond adorable vintage camper birdhouse to make your yard feel like a quaint lil' campground for flying friends.

    The vintage camper birdhouse in blue hanging with plants in the background

    40. A modern boho-style three-piece bistro set with two chairs and a matching glass top table that's ideal for small spaces. Plus, it'll make any yard, porch, or patio look instantly more fashionable.

    reviewer image of the black set styled on a small patio

    41. A weatherproof outdoor beanbag chair for anyone who would much prefer to just plop themselves down on one of these than sit in some stinkin' chair!