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    32 Things For Anyone Who Does *Not* Thrive In Chaos

    Organizers, noise blockers, a ~secret~ stick-on drawer, and other helpful things to calm the storm.

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    1. A white noise machine to drown out any distracting noises with a soothing sound that reviewers find actually helps them concentrate.

    The white noise machine sitting on a side table while Model reads a book

    2. A folding wall organizer that'll banish those piles of paper cluttering up your desk to the wall instead. Plus, you can easily fold it up and take it to go!

    3. A three-drawer filing cabinet if your paperwork storage needs are a little more...extensive.

    The wooden, rolling filing cabinet with three drawers and two shelves

    4. A daily planner designed to help break down even your most mundane tasks and goals in a less overwhelming way than when they're just spinning around inside your head causing you stress.

    The planner open to a page with a variety of prompts as well as entries from the Reviewer

    5. A purse organizer so you can regain control over your black hole of a handbag.

    6. A pack of very cute and helpful water tracker planner stickers in case you tend to forget to stay hydrated during stressful times.

    water glass shaped sticker with eight droplet shaped checkmarks for each day of the week on a planner page

    7. A NetGear Wi-Fi router system to help out if your internet just loves to be spotty in — of course — the one room you use to get your work done.

    The white Wi-Fi tower

    8. A migraine stick for those days when EVERYTHING is giving you a headache.

    Writer showing how to apply the migraine stick to your forehead

    9. Some extremely adorable house-shaped air humidifiers/essential oil diffusers that'll add a calm, peaceful vibe to your space to balance out the chaos.

    10. Some cable clips so you don't have to fish through unruly piles of tangled cords every time you just wanna charge your phone.

    Small black circles with a slit down the center that stick to a surface to keep cords in place on a desk

    11. A hanging cord loft organizer to help keep cables and outlet strips under control and out of the way. Plus, it makes everything super easy to move as a unit, should you need to relocate.

    A metal organizer with five grooves and size cable wrap points

    12. A durable, three-pocket folding car trunk organizer that'l rein in the mayhem spreading through your vehicle.

    A black trunk organizer filled with bags, bottles, and car supplies

    13. A pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones so you can replace distracting background sounds with whatever music or podcast helps you stay in the zone.

    Closeup of the headphones with a finger pressing the conveniently located buttons

    14. Or a set of foam earplugs if listening to music or podcasts while working makes you even more distracted, but you still need something to block out noisy roommates or annoying street sounds.

    15. Some Command hooks to make organizing and decluttering a breeze. No tools required! These lil' hooks are strong enough to hold a wide variety of items, and you can easily move or remove them whenever you want — without leaving behind any damage or sticky residue that your landlord would just LOVE to charge you for.

    16. A desk drawer organizer to get your lawless junk drawer back in order so you can actually find what you need when you need it.

    The desk drawer organizer in a customer's drawer, full of markers, pens, and miscellaneous items

    17. Or a stick-on hidden drawer if your cluttered desk is positively devoid of any built-in storage whatsoever!

    Closeup of a small rectangular drawer under a desk with assorted pens and an eraser inside

    18. A handy device that keeps track of whether or not the dog has been fed, in case the days are starting to blur together and you can barely even remember if you fed yourself today.

    device that says "did you feed the dog?' with switches for each day a.m. and p.m.

    19. A laundry hamper you can hang on the door to turn your small bathroom that was once blanketed with dirty clothes and damp towels into a peaceful little oasis where the floor is clean and you can hide away from the whole world.

    The hamper hung over a door

    20. A pack of extra-large divider tabs to make navigating your planner much less overwhelming.

    The divider tabs in a notebook

    21. Some stackable wood storage bins so you can keep your little ones' toys somewhere you *won't* trip over them every five seconds.

    Model sitting beside wood shelves in playroom

    22. A stackable shoe rack if your vast shoe collection is starting to take over your home, but not in a good way.

    23. A double-sided sign so your roommate knows not to come bursting into your room when you're super busy or in the middle of an important Zoom meeting.

    Both sides of the sign

    24. An insulated soundproofing strip for anyone whose door does a pretty terrible job blocking out distracting noises.

    25. A mesh desk organizer with a sliding drawer, double tray, and five upright sections so you can free up some valuable surface space and feel more organized.

    A reviewer's organizer with an assortment of desk supplies inside

    26. A six-piece set of refrigerator bins if finding a quick snack in your jam packed fridge is a borderline insurmountable task.

    27. A container filled with 12 smaller containers perfect for storing photos, art supplies, cards, or any other bits and bobs that need a new home.

    The container filled with various art supplies

    28. A set of drawer organizers in case your drawers have devolved into a writhing sea of tangled socks and underwear that gets worse by the day.

    A reviewer's before/after of a messy drawer, and the same drawer neatly organized in these bins

    29. Some bed risers so you can shove your anxiety-inducing mess under the bed, never to be seen again.

    The bed risers

    30. And OK, maybe some under-bed storage drawers to keep things a little more organized down there if you find yourself distracted even by a mess you cannot see.

    Gray storage box with clothes inside

    31. An elephant desk organizer perfect for smaller desks that need a little help staying clutter-free. It'll even hold your phone so you can quickly glance at notifications without getting totally sucked in.

    The organizer holding a phone, pens, pencils, markers, scissors, a ruler, and more

    32. And finally, a today's top three planner to help you narrow down your short-term goals for the day instead of being overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list.

    The turquoise planner

    You got this!

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