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    33 Things Under $15 That Adults Should Probably Own

    Yes, you can still call your mom every two minutes. Obviously.

    1. A TubShroom to keep your drain clog-free so you can finally stop showering in standing water.

    A TubShroom covered with hair

    2. A pack of durable food containers that'll make food prepping easier so you can stop relying on quick takeout meals.

    A bunch of the food containers filled with portions of broccoli, rice, noodles, meat, and other foods

    3. A bitter-tasting varnish to help finally train your stubborn brain to STOP WANTING TO BITE YOUR NAILS.

    4. A pack of produce-saving bags because fresh fruit and veggies go bad way too quickly, and it's always depressing throwing them out after you spent so much money just trying to be healthy. These bags will buy you more time so nothing gets wasted!

    One banana in a produce saver bag looking fresher than the banana outside of the bag

    5. A tub of heavy-duty cleaning wipes to save the day when messes are particularly disastrous.

    Model wipes up a stain with the towels

    6. A set of margin tabs that'll get your planner and all your various forms and papers organized so you can find things quickly when ya need them. Plus, you can write on these without worrying about smudging.

    7. A bottle of Garnier micellar water to easily remove makeup at the end of the day when you're way too tired to actually wash your face. Just shake the bottle, pour some onto a cotton pad, and watch the makeup rub right off with no harsh scrubbing!

    A bottle of the micellar water

    8. A cutlery organizing tray because an adult silverware drawer is neat, organized, and doesn't stab you when you reach into it looking for a spoon.

    Silverware nicely organized in the tray as a Model puts a fork inside

    9. A set of interdental cleaners so you can stop having to see that look of disappointment on your dentist's face every time they ask if you've been flossing when you know you haven't because...you just hate it! These lil' tools bend for easy access, can reach the spots brushes can't, and are *way* more comfy to use. Now you, your gums, and even your judgy dentist will be happy.

    10. A wireless charging pad to help you leave frayed wires and borrowed chargers in the past.

    A phone charges on the charging pad

    11. Some dryer balls made from 100% ethically sourced wool that are an energy-saving, chemical and fragrance-free alternative to dryer sheets.

    12. A very cool magnetic key holder to help you remember to put your keys in the same place every day instead of leaving them in your pocket or on a random surface. Being late because you couldn't find your car keys is sooo not the adult thing to do, yet we still do it. And why?? Wouldn't you rather let your new cloud friend hang onto them for you?

    Two sets of keys attached to the key holder

    13. A pack of pimple patches that'll drain zits overnight and banish breakouts so you aren't even tempted to pick.

    14. A car essential oil diffuser because adult's cars don't smell like week-old french fries.

    The essential oil diffuser attached to a vent in a car

    15. A pack of seamless underwear that'll send panty lines packing!

    Model wears the seamless underwear

    16. Some super comfy luxury towels to replace the scratchy, stained ones you've been using for a few too many years. These towels are ultra-absorbent, come in a variety of gorgeous colors, and you can personalize them with monograms if you wanna feel even fancier.

    The towels in a variety of colors

    17. A faux leather wallet with an abundance of slots so you can keep your various cards neat and organized like the adult that you are!

    18. A set of plastic drawer organizers to help you keep things tidy and reduce clutter.

    bathroom items organized in a drawer using the organizers

    19. A bottle of white touchup paint that'll make fixing scuffs or marks so easy, you'll wonder why you hadn't done it sooner. Plus, your whole place will look neater, and your landlord will be more likely to give you your security deposit back when you move out so you can save some $$$.

    Before image of a white wall with black marks, and image of the same wall without the marks after being repaired with the touch-up paint

    20. A pair of elastic ballet flats so you can finally have some shoes that are both classy and actually comfortable.

    Reviewer lounges wearing the flats

    21. A shower curtain so, after all these years, you can stop knocking over piles of half-empty shampoo bottles every time you get in and out of the shower.

    The shower curtain with a variety of shower items inside its many pockets

    22. A few high-quality washed linen dishtowels because once you start cooking like an adult, you'll rely on these more and more. Plus, they'll look super cute in any kitchen.

    23. A pack of Shout dye-trapping sheets so you can mix whites and colors in the same load of laundry (and also stop ruining your favorite clothes when a red sock just happens to slip in with your whites).

    The sheets that have taken on the color from a blue blanket as well as some fresh sheets

    24. A roll-on aromatherapy stick because being an adult is more of a headache than any of us expected when we were sweet, innocent children, and we deserve the tools to cope. This mix of therapeutic grade essential oils can help relieve migraines and other headaches, and it's conveniently sized so you can take it on the go.

    25. A set of mesh laundry bags to protect your delicates that you definitely don't have time to hand wash.

    The laundry bags in a variety of different sizes holding a variety of items

    26. A roll-up drying rack because counter space is a hot commodity and you need every inch you can get!

    27. Some Command hooks so you can hang your things without having to deal with using tools. You don't need a hammer or drill to be an adult! These lil' hooks are strong enough to hold a wide variety of items, and you can easily move or remove them whenever you want — without leaving behind any damage or sticky residue.

    Reviewer image using the hooks to hold up a variety of kitchen tools

    28. A mini knife sharpener to bring those cheap knives you've had since college back to life so you can stop struggling to cut through anything.

    Model sharpens a knife with the knife sharpener

    29. A portable Samsung 1TB external SSD because adults should never be one computer crash away from losing *all* their important files forever. These hard drives are a great, portable option for storing and transferring your data.

    Two SSDs, one blue and one black

    30. A beautiful spoon rest so you can stop dripping ingredients all over your countertops and stovetop. Plus, it'll add some stunning color to your adult kitchen.

    The spoon rest with a colorful pattern

    31. A pack of two blind spot mirrors to help you parallel park like a smooth, confident grown-up.

    A blind spot mirror installed on a car mirror

    32. A meal-planning pad with a magnetic back and two sections: one for your plans and the other for your grocery list. Now you can meal prep like a pro and make sure you leave the grocery store with EVERYTHING you need.

    Model writes a meal plan on the pad that's stuck to the fridge

    33. And finally, some bathroom cleaner that uses essential oils instead of harsh chemicals so you can feel good about what you use to clean the room where *you* get clean.

    The bathroom cleaner in its bottle

    But most importantly, being an adult means you're allowed to eat in bed whenever you want!

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