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    Just 31 Random Products We Really Love

    Luxurious olive oils, cozy lounge pants, velvety liquid lipstick, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping & Products team) truly adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gel nail polish kit with 16 gorgeous and long lasting colors that'll make you feel like you just stepped out of the salon.

    kayla's nails painted periwinkle in front of her gellen nail polish set
    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    The set comes with a base coat, 16 colors, and a top coat. This only comes with the polishes, so you will need a UV lamp β€” try this one for $29.99 on Amazon!

    "Long before quarantine days I was a nail salon regular. Once lockdown really hit, I realized I needed to take my manicure ~into my own hands~. These Gellen gel polishes give salon-quality results at home. Truly, I can get a full two weeks without peeling/chipping/breaking. The amount of $$$ I have saved..." β€”Kayla Suazo

    Another promising review: "Happy nails for weeks. I did all sorts of research on different at home kits and decided on Gellen brand. Application was SO straightforward, quick and easy. Love the color as well! I am a week in and I am hard on my hands at my job... NO scuffs, chips, color fade, peeling on the edges, and shine is the same as the day I applied it. Five out of five stars is 100% deserved for this product! I will be buying many more colors!" β€”Mercedes

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in two color collections).

    2. Some natural deodorant that actually keeps you smelling good all day long so you can finally end your love/hate relationship with those brands you know are packed full of gross ingredients, but still rely on simply because they get the job done.

    The white tube of deodorant
    BuzzFeed / Katy Herman

    "Two things I used to believe: 1) That putting on deodorant would never be something I looked forward to and 2) natural deodorants just didn't work as well and I was stuck with my regular drugstore brand (rhymes with Schmecret) instead of the effective aluminum- and cruelty-free formula that was my white whale. But now, slap me in Cabin 6 and call me Annabeth Chase, because I'm a dutiful daughter of Athena (Club). The first thing I noticed when I got my sample of this magic stuff in the mail was the sleek and pretty packaging that feels all Insta-worthy on my countertop. Then, the smell β€” I really don't like perfume-y, overpowering scents, but this was so mild and beautiful and natural-smelling (I picked scent No. 2, a rose, sage, vanilla, lime and cedarwood blend). But most importantly, it heckin' WORKED.

    I will confess, and I know no one here will judge me, that I have skipped some shower days in quarantine with my family, and this empowered me to skip another. I'm not going anywhere and my parents love me unconditionally, okay??? But I also feel totally fresh with this stuff on. My pits stay noticeably dry and smelling A-OK pretty much all day, even if they were pretty stinky to begin with (is this TMI??). And it achieves all that with really just a swipe β€” no need to apply a ton. Between the pretty packaging, the scent, and the effectiveness, I actually look forward to putting on this plant-based, cruelty-free goodness in the morning (and therefore am less likely to forget). Finally, friends, if you're still not convinced now is the time to try this stuff, 50% of proceeds from my favored No. 2 scent are going to breast cancer preventative care and education organization Bright Pink for the whole month of October. Try it out and have your pits thank me later!" β€”Katy Herman

    Get it from Athena Club for $12 (available in three scents).

    3. A two-pack of high-quality olive oils that includes one for everyday cooking and baking, and a *select* one for dipping and drizzling over dishes so all of your fancy olive oil dreams can come true.

    Oleamea, BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer

    "I recently tried this olive oil duo from Oleamea, a small, woman-owned Turkish olive oil brand, and it is MIGHTY delicious. Without doing a Williams Sonoma oil oil sample taste test, it can be hard to find a super flavorful olive oil when you're just at the grocery store, and when it comes to drizzling and dipping, flavor matters. The everyday oil is very delicious (certainly way better than the usual stuff I have around the house) and would be great for dipping and serving on its own, but the select is the star of the show, very rich and flavorful without being super pungent or peppery. Oleamea says it has "aromatic notes of fresh cut grass and hints of green banana to perfectly balance the distinct peppery bitterness" β€” tbh I can't identify any of that but all I know is it is FANCY and TASTY and 10/10 will continue to drizzle.

    My go-to afternoon snack of grocery store hummus, toasted pita, and veggies is now majorly upgraded with a sprinkle of za'atar seasoning mix and a hefty drizzle of the select oil. Am I enjoying a mezze plate at a restaurant happy hour or eating while hovering over my laptop? Guess we'll never know. I can't *wait* for the summer weather to stock up on some farmer's market tomatoes for an at-home caprese salad drizzled with this. And next time I pick up a pint of Good vanilla ice cream, I'm going to get real fancy and pour a bit of the select oil on top, plus a little Maldon flaky salt." β€”Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get the two pack from Oleamea or from Amazon for $20.99 (bottles can also be bought individually on both sites).

    4. A pet hair removing glove that 1) you'll love because it easily picks up a whole bunch of hair that otherwise would've been scattered all around your home, and 2) your pet will love once they realize that every time you put it on, it means a luxurious petting session is about to begin

    A BuzzFeed editor brushing their cat with the blue deshedding glove
    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

    "I recently bought this after seeing it in many a BuzzFeed post (thanks, shopping colleagues!) and it is so worth it. My cats shed like it is their freaking job and I just can't keep up with it. One of them loves their regular brush but I have to empty it every two seconds and the other is terrified at just the sight of it. With this, I can just pretend I'm going in for a normal ol' petting session and they enjoy it!" β€”Chelsea Stuart

    Another promising review: "This glove is perfect for our one kitty who hates to be brushed. Our family recently added kitty number three, a big beautiful long-haired Maine Coon who despises being brushed or bathed. It was such a struggle as fine cat hair started taking over our life. Honestly, I did not think this grooming glove would work, but let me just say it is wonderful. Our kitty Nicki just loves the feeling it gives him, and we love the astounding amount of kitty his hair that is now in the glove and not on every surface in our home. Thank you wonderful seller. We LOVE this glove." β€”Colleen5991

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    5. A set of incredibly comfy, sustainably made eucalyptus sheets that are smooth and cool to the touch so you can can sleep blissfully in a sea of silky softness every single night.

    the sheet set in snow with a forest green duvet

    I've recently forayed into being a Sheet Snobβ„’ and I have to say these are some of my absolute favorite. They are SO freaking soft, cool to the touch, and they don't pop off the corners of my bed even though I have a pretty thick mattress topper and β€” perhaps more pertinent β€” a BF who seemingly practices Taekwondo in his sleep. I have the set in forest green and have to say the color is particularly *rich* looking, too." β€”Chelsea Stuart

    Another promising review: "I absolutely love my eucalyptus sheets. I am pretty hot-natured and I always wake up several times during the night sweating. Since I purchased these sheets I’ve had the best night's sleep of my life! I am perfectly cool and I’m able to sleep through the night. They feel luxurious too... think the perfect mix of silk and the softest cotton. My Fitbit sleep score has actually gone up 10 points since purchasing these. Very satisfied!!" β€”Megan S.

    Get it from SIJO for $95+ (available in six sizes, eight colors, and with or without a flat sheet).

    6. Some nonsticky rosewater and glycerin toner to help banish acne and minimize pores while hydrating your skin. It works great on all skin types and is vegan as well as paraben- and cruelty-free.

    A person holding the bottle of toner
    Beauty Strike

    Beauty Strike is a Brooklyn-based small business founded by Emani Mone Jeter, a third-generation Beauty professional and licensed esthetician. She creates natural cleansers, toners, treatments, moisturizers, and more that are recyclable.

    "My skin was about as tight as Kim K's Mugler dress when I decided to switch to this toner. It's non-irritating, and I love that the spray bottle doesn't require me to touch my face." β€”Christine Forbes

    Get it from Beauty Strike for $14+ (available in two sizes).

    7. A duo of high performing, plant-based dish and hand soap you'll love having on your counter. They're tough on filth and gentle on skin, plus they have the subtle aroma of freshly washed linens that's just *chef's kiss.*

    A white pump bottle of dish soap sitting next to a matching black pump bottle of hand soap
    L'AVANT Collective

    Launched in December 2020, L'AVANT Collective is a woman-owned small biz co-founded by Lindsay Droz and Kristi Lord, friends and mothers who wanted powerful non-toxic cleaning products that fit in with their modern home interiors and styles. So they made what they wanted, releasing a tight assortment of sustainably-minded soaps and cleaning wipes.

    "L'AVANT Collective was kind enough to let me test some of their products. Now, I use them every day and am genuinely in love. I've never had the most 'granola' aesthetic, despite being very keen on doing my part for the environment, so finding eco-friendly alternatives that feel a bit more modern is always a pleasant surprise to me. The bottles feel incredibly well made and like they'll last a long time. The subtle linen scent of the soap itself is ~heavenly~. I find it's just as effective as the plastic-packaged Mrs. Meyer's soaps I was using before, and have actually noticed that my hands don't feel nearly as dried out after finishing up a bout of dishes β€” an exciting discovery! And since they sell refills, you can always pick up your own pump bottle and fill it with this powerful plant-based formula (in recyclable packaging) for the same results. You and the planet both win!" β€”Danielle Healy

    Get it from L'AVANT Collective for $45.90 (originally $54).

    8. Some liquid lipstick to give your lips a velvety matte finish that has a lot of staying power. Forget having to reapply constantly β€” this stuff will last all day long and feel nice and smooth *without* cracking or bleeding.

    BuzzFeed writer in dark red matte lipstick
    Jasmin Suknanan

    Mented is a Black woman-owned business whose lipsticks are all vegan, paraben-free, nontoxic, and cruelty free.

    "I love a dark lip for the fall (my fave season). This lipstick is a beautiful deep cranberry color that I JUST CAN'T WAIT to pair with jewel-toned knit sweaters. It's from Mented, which is a Black-owned beauty brand. The lipstick is matte but it leaves a soft, comfortable feeling on your lips so I can't wait to order more of their shades! πŸ’„" β€”Jasmin Suknanan

    Another promising review: "I am a nurse so I wear a mask for at least 16 hours a day. This liquid lipstick lasted until I took it off before bed. I did not have to retouch it after eating lunch and dinner nor after many masks change. I like this product so much I ordered another color and other products. The color works for all skin complexions." β€”Pamela R

    Get it from Mented for $20.

    9. Some super soft lounge pants that are stylish enough to wear outside, but so unbelievably comfortable that you probably won't wanna leave your apartment, tbh.


    They're made from sustainably-sourced beechwood fibers that create a soft, breathable, and static-resistant fabric perfect for any season!

    "I own these pants and can attest to how truly wonderful they are. It's kinda hard to describe the material (if you own any MeUndies products you'll know what I'm talking about), but suffice it to say they are without a doubt the comfiest, coziest lounge pant I own. You know how nice it feels when you sink into soft bedsheets for the first time after shaving your legs? It feels like that every time I slip into them. Ask me when the last time I washed them was? *shrugs* I have no idea! What I do know is that I really love these pants. The one bad thing I have to say about them β€” and I'm being really nitpicky β€” is that the sizing is really weird. Even the XS is quite roomy (and I'm not tiny by any means), so I'd suggest sizing down!" β€”Melanie Aman

    Get it from MeUndies for $68 ($58 if you're a member; available in eight sizes and six colors).

    10. A subscription service that'll send a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers once or twice a month depending on your preferences. Each delivery will include a new artisan design and a seven day freshness guarantee, making it a perfect gift for a loved one or even yourself!

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    Choose from their Signature, Farm Fresh, and DIY collections, and their head florist will do the rest, crafting unique designs full of stunning colors and the freshest flowers on the market!

    "I love having a fresh bouquet of flowers around my home. They can't help but bring a little beauty and celebration to even the most ordinary days. Over at Enjoy Flowers, it's clear they feel the same way! I initially wondered how well the mail-order situation would work. Would the flowers genuinely be fresh and long-lasting? Spoiler alert: they really were!

    The first thing that impressed me was the packaging. The box was specifically designed to cradle the bouquet, the large and GORGEOUS mum (at least...I think it's a mum) was delicately protected by its own little hood of plastic mesh, and the stem bottoms sat in a bag of crumbled damp floral foam. Sure that foam was a little messy, but it helped the blooms survive the two days they spent sitting in my building's lobby after they arrived while I was away for a couple of nights, so that checks the 'worth it!' box in my book.

    A flyer explained that the varieties were chosen so some would be fresher toward the beginning, and others would open up later, and that's exactly what happened with my bouquet. The already-browning white roses were clearly meant for the first few days and suffered sitting in the lobby. But everything else was in tip-top shape and stayed that way for a little over a week β€” I especially loved watching the orange lilies gradually bloom, one after the other! And while I don't have a great picture of it here, the huge purple mum was stalwart until the end. Eight-ish days later it was past time for everything to go, but I delighted in every moment I had with them." β€”Natalie Brown

    Get it from Enjoy Flowers for $44.10+.

    11. A cute three-tier rolling metal storage organizer that's the perfect place for toiletries, kitchen tools, plants, office supplies, books, and anything else you can think of!,

    "I have one in blue and I think it was one of my smartest purchases this pandemic. It fills all my skincare and haircare products. It's so convenient, I can just grab anything I need and see it at a glance, and it looks super pretty in my room β€” not clunky at all." β€”Nusrat Sultana

    Another promising review: "I was blown away at how sturdy and well made this cart is! For the price, you get a cart that is easy to assemble (I assembled it in five minutes), surprisingly well made and sturdy, and with well made wheels. I am now able to move my daily essentials from room to room with those smooth-moving wheels. If you are looking for a medium-sized cart for small items, this is the one for you!" β€”Nascar Girl

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in five colors and with or without expert assembly).

    12. A pack of delicious pre-prepared seasoned beans for those nights when you need one more thing to fill out a meal, but don't have the time or ingredients to start from scratch. Just throw these in the microwave for 60 seconds, and BAM β€” your dinner just got an upgrade in the flavor department.


    A Dozen Cousins recipes are based on the flavors of Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisine founder Ibraheem Basir grew up with. The variety pack comes with two packs each of the flavors Cuban Black Beans, Mexican Cowboy Beans, Trini Chickpea Curry.

    "These are the ultimate in convenience. You only have to put the bag in the microwave for 60 seconds, which'll help you concentrate on the other parts of your meal. I love mixing the Trini Chickpea Curry with leftover rice for a super satisfying weekday lunch. The black beans are TO DIE FOR." β€”Elizabeth Lilly

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $24.99.

    13. A DIY sushi kit for anyone who has always dreamed of making their own rolls or preparing sashimi at home. MakiMaki will send you all the fresh and raw ingredients you need for a delicious meal that's fun to put together and even more fun to eat.


    MakiMaki is an NYC-based small business that offers authentic maki and handrolls at their restaurant and DIY sushi kits you can enjoy at home!

    "HomeChef by MakiMaki sends you everything you need to make your own sushi (or sashimi, or shabu shabu) at home. The sushi kit comes with pre-sliced veggies, seaweed, rice, seasoning, sauces, an avocado, and super fresh raw fish. Their are two kits (standard and premium) but you can also order a la carte. I tried the standard kit and was very impressed! Making a presentable roll is definitely a challenge that takes some practice and patience, but worth the extra effort. And even if you never get the picture perfect maki, it'll still taste really good." β€”Rebecca O'Connell

    Get it from MakiMaki for $110+ (Shop Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal available).

    14. Some comfy and stunning 100% mulberry silk scrunchies that are hand-made with cotton hair ties to support thick, natural hair.

    various silk scrunchies
    RaieAtelier / Etsy

    The seller will even work with you on custom colors and scrunchie combos if you want!

    RaieAtelier is a BIPOC, woman-owned business in NYC that sells a variety of beautiful scrunchies in a variety of lovely colors.

    "I have one in each color and when I tell you these are GORGEOUS, I mean it. They're not too tight, like a ton of other scrunchies I own, and are comfortable on my wrist. I need her to make even more colors so I can dump all my old scrunchies in the trash and replace them with these ~on trend~ alternatives." β€”Allison Faccenda

    Get it from RaieAtelier on Etsy for $8.50.

    15. Some very helpful and stylish laundry hampers that are thin and collapsable, making them ideal for small apartments and dorms, but also tall and large capacity so they can still hold *a lot* of stuff.

    Two cloth laundry hampers with handles and mesh bags inside. One says "Dark" and the other "Light"
    Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    "I've had the two hampers pictured above for almost a year now. They've been through laundry hell and back...being dragged up and down a fourth-floor walkup, sitting on dirty laundromat floors, and stuffed full to bursting (I am not, ahem, great at doing my laundry in a timely fashion β€” the mesh bags inside help me stack dirty clothes even higher). These are lightweight but they *always* stay upright, whether empty or literally filled to the very top. Someday when I need to replace these, I'll be buying the exact same set." β€”Mal Mower

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99 (available in three colors).

    16. A colorful fabric cat teaser toy your feline friend won't be able to get enough of. If your cat needs more exercise and mental stimulation, just wiggle and wave this thing around to get them batting, jumping, and leaping through the air with pure joy!

    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed, Chewy

    "This is inexplicably my cat Clementine's favorite thing in the whole wide world. Whenever I think of Linus from the Peanuts, I think of his blanket, and whenever I think of Clemmy, I think of her string on a stick." β€”Chelsea Stuart

    Another promising review: "Both of my cats love this toy. If your cat likes to chase string around, they will love this. The ribbon is very long. I just drag it on the ground, and my cats pounce on it over and over again. If I wave it around, they will jump up and snatch it out of the air. It’s also very fun for me as well. I feel like an athletic ribbon twirler when I use it. I would 100% recommend this toy. Best four dollars I ever spent!" β€”Emily

    Get it from Chewy for $3.98 (available in two colors).

    17. A heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum that doesn't mess around β€” this thing can easily suck up everything from wood and nails to water and leaves. It even has a built-in drain to make emptying liquids easy peasy so leaks, DIY projects, and other messes don't have to be such a huge headache.

    A red craftsman shop vac

    "My husband and I recently bought our first home and it has been quite the learning experience. Luckily my father-in-law has a plethora of tools, such as this vacuum, that made most of our DIYs a breeze. After ripping up a carpet and removing all the staples that had been holding it down, I was amazed we were able to use this machine to clean all the debris up in one swipe." β€”Heather Braga

    Get it from Amazon for $109.99+ (available in two sizes and six styles).

    18. A soft and breathable 100% sustainable face mask with a flexible nose bridge, adjustable ties, and an expanding design for maximum coverage, making it an ideal choice for glasses wearers, double maskers, and anyone who's looking for a more comfortable and secure option for all their masking needs.

    accordion mask with tie ear straps in pink, red, green, and blue

    For the most up-to-date masking guidelines, head to the CDC's site.

    Type Of Fit: Tie-String

    Pocket For Filter: No

    Fabric Type: 100% Sustainable Cupro

    Shipping Time: Immediately

    "I love this mask! The fabric is nice and breathable, and the color is beautifully vibrant. There's a built-in nose wire for a close fit, which is a must for glasses wearers. It's hand-wash only, but I tried washing it in the machine on gentle cycle and air dried it with success. Thanks to its ties, it's easy to adjust the size β€” handy when you're doubling up on masks!" β€”Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Amazon for $10 (available in six colors).

    19. An impressive all purpose remover that'll help anyone who's tired of having to struggle to scrub their nail polish off. This stuff does the job super quickly and easily *without* drying out your nails, so you can use less effort and wind up with even better results!

    A bottle of the purple remover labeled "Genius Remover for gel, laquer, + hybrid" with Instagram Story text "The *fastest* remover!!"
    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed

    "I know β€” nail polish remover is not one of those things that feels like an exciting impulse buy. In fact, it's one of those products that everyone low-key hates but needs. But folks, let me tell you β€” I got a sample of this stuff along with some polish from Orly and did my nails last weekend. After one swipe, I said aloud, "This is the best remover I have ever used" (and that sentiment is echoed in the reviews on the product listing). I was sure I wasn't using enough, but one swipe to my nail took pretty much E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G off with zero effort! My nails were clean and ready to repaint in a minute or less, with no scrubbing. The remover itself is even a pretty purple color! The only thing I don't love about it is the frustrating pop top, but that can easily be avoided by screwing off the cap like you do with most remover bottles." β€”Katy Herman

    Get it from Orly for $5.40.

    20. A fun and versatile rock candy ring that'll add a nice lil' pop of color to any outfit.

    model's hand with pink, white, brown, and turquoise stone-like rings
    Sweet and Good Shop

    Sweet and Good is a Black woman-owned small business that offers an array of gorgeous accessories. This fits up to a ring size 8.

    "I got this ring recently as a little gift from me to me and rarely take it off! It's lightweight and feels great on, and I've really enjoyed having a go-to piece of jewelry to wear even just around the house. It's semi-statement-y, but subtle enough to go with almost any outfit. It makes me feel put together and chic, and all at a wildly good price! I'll take five more, please!" β€”Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from Sweet & Good for $13 (available in 12 colors; PayPal available).

    21. A hot and cold smart facial steamer and lifting wand to help calm and exfoliate your skin while making you feel positively pampered in the comfort of your home.

    Ali Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    "I've wanted to try these products out (thank you TikTok) for a while now and let me say they are the KEY to an at-home pamper sesh. The steamer is so amazing not only for my skin but for helping release my clogged sinuses which I get crazy migraines from (so this is a heavenly product). The steamer has a few different settings β€” a cold setting and a hot setting and I think I'm truly obsessed with the hot setting. This is perfect to do before using the wand so that your pores are open and ready to have all the impurities extracted from the skin. The wand definitely worked, I have a few white heads and pores extracted (def not as much as I anticipated) but honestly it was oddly satisfying to do. Would highly recommend this set if you're in need of some skin R&R." β€”Ali Faccenda

    Get it from Vanity Planet for $278.99.

    22. A shadow palette that contains 16 pastel and nude hues to give your eyes a little extra flower power this spring and summer. The easy-to-apply formula is blendable and long-lasting, and you get a range of matte and shimmery finishes to complement all your fave looks.

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    "I'm really not one for eyeshadow, mostly because in the past almost every formula I've tried gave me major fallout, which was just too frustrating to deal with. But I was SO pleasantly surprised when I tried this shadow and found that the product smoothed onto my lids super easily, without that chalky, dusty feeling that a lot of shadows have regardless of price point. There are tons of adorable spring and summer colors included, and I'm looking forward to being able to reach for this palette whenever I want a quick, easy pop of color! The color payoff is excellent and there's even a corresponding blush palette that I also have and adore! Consider your warm weather makeup looks complete." β€”Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from BH Cosmetics for $12.

    23. An Everyplate subscription so you can skip the grocery store and receive three to five meals per week that are a breeze to make and will save you a lot of time and effort, especially if meal prepping isn't your favorite task.

    A hand drizzling sauce with a spoon onto a rice bowl topped with meat and vegetables
    @everyplate / Via

    Every week, choose between 13 different meal options (including vegetarian recipes) to keep things fresh!

    "Planning meals and going to the grocery store is the actual bane of my existence. The fact that EveryPlate sends me everything I need at a very affordable price is such a weight lifted off my shoulders! This photo is of a real recipe I've made, and loved, and have actually recreated on my own many times since! I've been using EveryPlate pretty regularly for over two years and there has never been a recipe I (a novice chef, at best) couldn't handle." β€”Danielle Healy

    Get it from Everyplate for $4.99/serving plus $8.99 for shipping (available in servings of two or four and three, four, or five meals per week).

    24. A robot vacuum that can easily and efficiently navigate even complex spaces so there's one less thing you've gotta do around the house.


    "This vacuum syncs up to an app on your phone that'll show you a real-time map of your space. If you're only looking to clean one particular area, you can select it in the app and your vacuum will go to town! Whenever the battery level gets low it will make it's way back to the charging dock for a quick recharge and then get back to work after. You can vacuum and mop with this so depending on your chores for the day, this li'l guy can get the work done.

    I personally own this vacuum and I can tell you it works. It works in zig-zag motions to ensure a thorough clean and it picked up a large amount of dust and debris that were sitting on my kitchen floors. It also has a few different noise settings so if you want it to be on the quieter side you can select that option. This is great if you live in a small space and keeping a large vacuum just isn't in the cards with your closet space. Plus this will do the vacuuming for you (a mundane task if you ask me, lol), so you can spend more time on other things. The app is pretty user friendly and I look forward to taking this with me when I move into an apartment space!" β€”Allison Faccenda

    Get it from Amazon for $299.

    25. An extra-plush seat to keep your sweet bΓ©bΓ© super cozy and comfy while your arms take a well deserved break. It gently bounces along with their natural movements and can be customized with 20 minutes of calming music, nature sounds, and soothing vibrations to keep your little one relaxed and happy as they gaze at the adorable attached mobile.

    Amazon, Kathleen Shea-Porter / Via BuzzFeed

    "There are so many rockers and bouncers out there, but this cute and cozy Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Deluxe Bouncer from Fisher-Price did the trick for my family at a reasonable price. If you want to put something a little fancier for a group gift on your registry, I am also a big fan of the BabyBjΓΆrn bouncer, because there is nothing cuter than seeing your baby’s little legs kicking away." β€”Kathleen Shea-Port

    Another promising review: "I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH! My son (two weeks old) has had a hard time sleeping in his bassinet and swing, and he started to not sleep at all unless it was on my chest at night. A friend recommended buying this and the moment I put him in it, he went to bed within minutes! He slept all night, (well with me waking him to feed) and with using this I was able to get more sleep than any other night!" β€”Aaliyah Huson

    Get it from Amazon for $45.59+ (available in five styles).

    26. Some ultra-hydrating, vegan, and sustainable 100% squalane oil that's bioidentical to the moisture found in human skin, making it perfect for replenishing and maintaining hydration, calming irritation, and keeping skin nice and soft.

    hand holding product bottle with pump top

    The oil is paraben-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and vegan.

    "This is the stuff of dreams, people! I put it on my face at night after serum and before my night cream, and wake up with bouncy, bright skin. The first time I used it, I had overnight results. I am constantly yelling about this product to everyone who will listen; I even convinced my dermatologist to try it." β€”Rebecca O'Connell

    Get it from Biossance for $8+ (available in travel size and full size).

    27. Some innovative, clinic-grade lifting eye cream that goes above and beyond smoothing and hydrating your skin. It's full of anti-aging ingredients that'll help reduce the look of wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, and plump skin around the windows to your soul, brightening your skin in just one use!

    A reviewer with the product on their forearm holding the bottle
    Buzzfeed / Christine Forbes

    "This product contains peptides, algae, and vitamin C to improve the appearance of skin. Mind you, I don't usually reach for 'anti-aging' products because everyone's skin is technically 'aging.' However, this cream is really hydrating, and I use it in rotation once a week." β€”Christine Forbes

    Get it from Kate Somerville for $120.

    28. A pair of stylish slip on flats that'll make you feel like you're walking down the runway every time you set foot in them. Did I mention they're also pretty dang comfy?

    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed,

    "Reviewers recommend sizing up! I recently treated myself to these and forgot to do so, but they still fit well (my heel is just a teeeeeny bit over the edge in the back, but I don't mind because they stay on my foot more easily). I'm honestly obsessed β€” I can't believe how affordable they were, especially considering how high fashion they look. They just make me smile!!! The grippy soles give a nice cushion and are for some reason printed with fruit designs? Can't explain it but only adds to the happy feet feels these give me. Oh, and they're compliment magnets on Insta, too." β€”Katy Herman

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in nine sizes and three colors/styles).

    29. A super compact Bluetooth-enabled treadmill for anyone who doesn't have the floor space for a permanent treadmill. The handrail folds down so you can just slide it under your couch or bed when you're done!

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    Now you wont have to clutter up your tiny apartment *or* brave the rain and cold to get a run in.

    "I find both walking and jogging on the Treadly 2 Pro so easy and enjoyable. Having this treadmill is great, because I can exercise without having to go outside (I live in upstate NY where it's really cold outside) or move furniture around my apartment. It doesn't even matter that it 'only' goes up to a jogging speed, I *still* feel sweaty after spending time on it. My fitness routine involves a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility workouts. I use the Treadly 2 Pro about three to four times a week, mostly for jogging and occasionally for walking. Jogging on the Treadly 2 Pro definitely gets my heart rate up: I have so much fun changing up the speed and also working on a steady pace. (See me on the left in full jogging mode.) After 35 to 40 minutes is up, I feel a little tired, but in a good way. I don't enjoy power walking, but the Treadly 2 Pro changed my perspective on it: When I don't feel like doing a heavy workout, it's so nice to de-stress with brisk movement. Plus, I can watch my favorite TV shows (like Bridgerton ) while I walk, walk, and walk some more." β€”Genevieve Scarano

    For more, check out Genevieve's full Treadly 2 review.

    Get it from Treadly for $749+ (originally $849; available in Basic and Pro).

    30. A sampler of delicious mixers to take your homemade cocktails to the next level. These contain 80–90% less sugar and calories than traditional mixers like soda, juice, ginger beer, etc., and use *all real ingredients* so you can feel good about what you're using to spice up your relaxing drink after a long day.

    the sampler in a box and some colorful avec cans on a bar cart with fruit and a cocktail

    Avec is a woman-founded business specializing in making mixers, and thereby your cocktails, packed with real juice and natural botanicals. The sampler comes with three each of the flavors JalapeΓ±o and Lime, Ginger, Hibiscus and Pomegranate, Grapefruit and Pomelo, and Yuzu and Lime.

    β€œThe way my life is set up, the very day I want a good cocktail is the very day I have no ingredients to make it happen. To be honest, I’ve never been much of the bartender, and when it comes to cocktails, I need something tasty that drowns out an overpowering spirit. So anything that came ready-to-go where I only had to add my spirit of choice, was already a win for me. After tasting, I was sold. The Avec Mixers take all the guesswork out of what to put in and how much. And, you can even drink them by themselves over ice without adding any alcohol at all. My personal faves are the Grapefruit & Pomelo and Yuze & Lime. If you want a super simple solution to super tasty cocktails, this is definitely the way to go.” β€”Kit Stone

    Get it from Avec for $45 (Shop Pay and Google Pay available).

    31. And finally, a stylish, modern loveseat you'll love looking at as much as you'll love lounging around on it. It's super easy to put together, and comes packaged in boxes specifically designed to be apartment-friendly and space-conscious for anyone looking at it and thinking "how the heck am I gonna get that thing in here??"

    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed, Albany Park

    Albany Park is a couple-owned business with the goal of simplifying the furniture-buying process and changing the way people shop for sofas. Their furniture is beautiful to look at, comfortable to use, and delivered/assembled without hassle.

    "This navy loveseat is PERFECT. I ordered the Navy Blue Albany loveseat because my family likes to crowd in my parents' massive bedroom to watch movies from time to time. I wanted something else to sit on besides their bed... because yuck. I will always be a child about that and feel like it's gross, lol. Anywho, we have another accent chair in the room as well (room's way larger than my camera phone would allow me to depict, lol) which has a print so this navy design was perfect for toning down the patterns in the room and now everyone has somewhere to sit!

    The loveseat came packaged carefully in a box. It was easy and quick to put together and I was actually surprised at how comfy it is to sit on β€” and straight outta the box! We did do a bit of jumping up and down on the cushions to achieve a lil' extra plushness and I'm excited that it'll only get softer over time. I appreciated that this loveseat had the option to order gold or walnut legs. Also: IT DOES NOT LOOK CHEAP IRL β€” which is often my concern with ordering seating online. I didn't want a "what I asked for vs. what I got" situation and the Albany Park brand did not disappoint." β€”Marquaysa Battle

    Get it from Albany Park for $611.60 (originally $899; discount available using the code "BUZZFEED12"; available in five fabrics/colors and two leg styles).

    Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Check out all of BuzzFeed’s gift guides!

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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