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    35 Products With Mind-Blowing Before-And-After Photos That’ll Convince Even The Skeptics Out There

    See 'em in action before you click add to cart.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A "wrinkle release" spray if taking the time to warm up an iron in the morning is simply impossible. It's also great for those days when you don't notice the wrinkles until the last minute.

    2. A set of Schtick dermaplaning razors so you don't have to pay to remove peach fuzz. Plus, it works painlessly and precisely, leaving your face oh so smooth without the irritation marks that most threading or razors leave behind.

    3. Some Wet & Forget shower cleaner that makes it easy to keep your tub and shower nice and shiny. All you have to do is spray, let it sit, and rinse — and it'll clean and prevent scummy buildup all on its own. No scrubbing or wiping required — hooray!

    4. A hydrating intense-therapy lip balm reviewers say is faster *and* more effective than other brands. Not only will it help quickly repair your chapped lips, but it'll also help protect them from the sun, wind, and extreme temps so you can kiss bleeding and cracks goodbye!

    5. A Revlon hot air brush to simplify your routine using special vents that allow air to flow, so hair dries faster without damaging. It's much quicker and easier than using a dryer, flat iron, or curling iron, and the results will make you feel like you just came from the salon!

    6. A powerful, but gentle silicone paw cleaner here to make cleaning your pet's cute lil' feets a lot less of a hassle. Just add water, insert filthy paws, give 'em a little twist, and dab 'till dry! No scrubbing, no pain, and no more dirt, mud, sand, ice melt, and other grime getting tracked around your otherwise spotless home. Sounds like a win-win!

    7. A firming eye cream that uses vitamins and organic botanicals to rejuvenate the delicate area around your eyes — banishing dark circles, puffiness, loss of firmness, sagging skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dryness, leaving you with brighter, firmer, hydrated skin *without* irritation!

    8. Some Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes to ~miraculously~ nourish and save even the plants you thought were goners for sure.

    A review image of a wilted plant on the left, and the same plant but perky and full on the right

    9. Some washing machine cleaning tablets you just have to run through a cycle to clean your machine and get rid of all the gross stuff making your clothes smell funky even after they come out of the wash.

    10. A foot file and callus remover to make your feet feel like they were completely reborn.

    before, a reviewer's heel with deep dry cracks, and after the heal pink and smooth, next to the black and silver file

    11. Some Avarelle tea tree and calendula oil-infused pimple patches that actually help reduce acne overnight by drawing out pus trapped under the skin. You can even see all of the gunk these patches pull out, so you know they're working.

    12. A reusable Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller for anyone who wants to stop buying wasteful oil-blotting sheets. This works the same way! Just roll it over your T-zone or other greasy areas, and soak up excess oil *without* messing up your carefully applied makeup.

    13. A fume-free oven cleaner that'll tear through years and years of baked-on crud so all you have to do is wipe it clean.

    Left: A reviewer's dirty, grease-baked-on oven / right: The same oven, shiny and clean after using the cleaner

    14. A bottle of natural nail and cuticle repair oil that helps soften cuticles and strengthen nails when used daily.

    A before image of a reviewer's brittle nails and an after image of them much heaithier

    15. A Bite Away tool you'll definitely want on hand for those nights when the mosquitos are hungry and seem to like you more than anyone else. This helpful device sends out a quick pulse of localized heat that can trigger a response from your body that reduces itching, pain, and swelling — no icky topicals needed!

    reviewer with a large bite on their foot and then the same area flat 8-10 hours later

    16. A set of bedsheet suspenders so when you wake up, your fitted sheets are still in place and looking neat and tidy, instead of slipping off the corners and getting all tangled up with your blankets.

    17. A tin of high-end salon-approved, unscented Cirepil blue wax beads you can use on all parts of your body to remove short, shaved, long, soft or coarse hair in just minutes *without* the hefty price tag of getting professionally waxed. Plus, it's easy and quick to use, so you can save both time *and* money.

    A before image of a reviewer's underarm hair, then a picture of the blue wax with hair of it, and an after image of the reviewer's hairless underarms

    18. A pet urine stain–removing spray perfect for pet owners who are desperate to remove spots and smells both old and new.

    Reviewer image of a stained carpet
    Reviewer image of same carpet now clean

    Rocco & Roxie Supply Company is a family-owned small business established in 2013 that specializes in pet odor eliminators, pet toys, pet snacks, and pet accessories.

    Promising review: "I don’t know how I ever survived without this. There’s tons of 'pet stain/odor remover' products out there, but this by far is the absolute best. I cringed paying the $20 for it when others are between $5–$10, but I have NO ISSUES paying now. I foster dogs, some puppies, some older, some not housebroken, and every room in my house is carpeted except the kitchen, which means I have lots of accidents. I spray enough to saturate if it’s a lot of urine, let it soak for 10 minutes, then wipe it up with a hand towel. Then I put a larger towel on top of it if it’s in a high-traffic area until it’s completely dry. It’s taken out every stain and, more importantly, the odor is gone! I will never stop buying this product. I recommend it to everyone who has dogs!" —Shelley

    Get it from Amazon for $19.94.

    19. A tube of Essence's Lash Princess mascara that defines and separates lashes to give you the bold look you usually need ~falsies~ for. Plus, it'll last all day — even in hot weather — without clumping, flaking, fading, or wearing.

    buzzfeed editor's eyes before and after using the mascara with the done lashes looking darker and longer

    20. A jar of Aztec healing clay masks ideal for anyone who's getting tired of their face breaking out after sweating in a mask every dang day — AKA "maskne." Whether your acne is mask-induced or not, this stuff'll give your pores a deep cleanse, sucking out all the pimple-causing gunk, and leaving your skin feeling better than ever. And it's not just for your face! Use it anywhere on your body, bathe in it, use it to help treat bug bites — you'll get a lotta use out of it no matter what.

    21. A wine-stain-removing spray for those moments when putting your glass in a precarious position turns out to be a ~pour~ decision — especially when expensive furniture is involved.

    22. An amazing Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning kit to make scraping the crust and grime off of your glass, glass-ceramic or ceramic stovetop *much* less frustrating — especially if you're trying to remove gunk that's been stuck on there since before you even moved in.

    23. An under-the-sink water filtration system, because using a Brita is all well and good, but wouldn't you love to be able to fill a glass of delicious, filtered water straight from the tap? Of course you would! And if the words "under-the-sink" make your not-so-handy self shudder a little, worry not! This system is designed to be installed in under three minutes with no pluming required — phew.

    A reviewer's new filter, totally clean and white, compared to a filter after six months' of use, looking brown

    24. A tube of Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Base because you didn't spend time putting on eye makeup in the morning only for it to be all smudged, faded, and creased by the time the afternoon rolls around. This stuff'll help enhance and lock-in your eye shadow, keeping it vibrant and in place all day long!

    25. A leather cleaner designed to quickly and gently remove dirt, oil, tough stains, and other grime from leather *and* faux leather goods, so you can get your furniture, handbags, shoes, jackets, and more back to looking nice and spiffy!

    A customer review photo of their leather sofa, half cleaned with the cleaner and half not

    26. A gentle, but powerful anti-dandruff shampoo that targets dandruff-causing fungus to help reduce scalp flaking and itching so you can finally start wearing black without worrying about looking like you just trudged through a snowstorm.

    A reviewer split image showing a scalp with dandruff flakes on the left, and the same scalp free of flakes on the right

    27. A double-sided hairbrush cleaning brush because your head's not the only thing that needs excess hair, dust, and build-up brushed out! This easy-to-use tool has strong bristles that'll get your favorite hairbrush looking like it's never been used before. And once you see how dirty it was, you'll be glad you cleaned it before putting it *anywhere* near your head.

    28. A pack of all-natural bottle cleaning tablets to get rid of those stains, smells, and tastes making you wonder if it's time for a new thermos. *SPOILER ALERT* It's probably not! But it is time for these tablets to get in there and do the hard cleaning for you — no scrubbing or extra effort required on your part!

    Reviewer before, during, and after images of a thermos using the tablets

    29. Some cruelty-free, anti-aging TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum that'll help brighten skin and improve dark spots and wrinkles — all without using synthetic colors, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, or GMOs.

    Before and after image of reviewer with more refreshed skin after use

    30. A deep-conditioning hair mask so you can stop despairing and start repairing your dry and damaged locks! It'll boost the strength, shine, and silkiness of your hair while decreasing breakage and restoring the essential hydration thanks to its powerful, antioxidant-rich formula.

    31. A grout cleaner with an included brush to make quick and easy work of getting your bathroom tiles looking brand spanking new!

    a before showing dark grout on white tile and an after of the grout restored to white

    32. A life-saving sunburn soother you'll be glad you brought on vacation after spending a little too long soaking up the sun. The hydrating combo of aloe and coconut oil will quickly absorb into your skin and instantly get to work, providing you some much-needed, gentle relief. A lot of reviewers even say it helps prevent peeling and itching!

    A reviewer image of a burnt back and an "after" image of their back without any redness

    33. A razor bump treatment so you can say toodaloo to those painful, itchy bumps and ingrown hairs that just LOVE to turn up after a shave. It works great as an aftershave (no stinging!) to prevent irritation, but you can also use it to treat bumps that have already claimed their spot on your chinny-chin-chin.

    34. An amazing drill brush kit to make your surfaces look brand-new — without any scrubbing on your part! Just attach the brush head to your drill, turn it on, and watch all of that grime disappear so fast and easily, you'll think it's magic.