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    25 Things From Old Navy That Reviewers Truly Love

    Meet your new fall faves.

    1. A basic tee destined to be the foundation of your fall layers.

    2. A pullover hoodie so comfortable, you'll barely be able to part with it when laundry day rolls around.

    Model wearing the hoodie with blue jeans

    3. A six-pack of super cute ankle socks guaranteed to make you smile every time you see them.

    A set of six pairs of socks featuring a variety of colors and cute critters

    4. A cozy, long sweater tunic in case any of your leggings need a new BFF.

    Model wearing the sweater in yellow under a blue jean jacket

    5. An actually comfy jean jacket beloved by people who usually find denim to be stiff and uncomfortable.

    Model wearing the jacket over a white shirt

    6. Some black jeans that seriously go with anything and NEVER FADE. Say hello to your new go-to pair!

    Model wearing the jeans with a long-sleeved shirt tucked in and off-white sneakers

    7. A classic zip-up hoodie you won't want to let anyone borrow because they will NEVER give it back once they feel how cozy it is.

    8. A plaid blazer to take your outfit to a whole new level.

    Model wearing the blazer over a white shirt tucked into blue jeans

    9. A plaid shirt that you can leave unbuttoned over a graphic tee for a quintessential casual fall look OR button up for something a little dressier.

    10. Some joggers for anyone looking for the perfect pants that are comfy enough to wear around the house AND stylish enough to wear out.

    Model wearing the joggers in money maker green with a grey sweatshirt and black sneakers

    11. A pair of super skinny jeans that reviewers simply cannot get over.

    Model wearing the jeans with a yellow top tucked in, boots, and a beanie

    12. Some stylish pajama pants so you can still feel fashionable while lounging around the house.

    Model wearing the pants in lost at sea navy with bare feet

    13. A pair of underwear for anyone who is business on the outside, but ~pizza~ party on the inside!

    Model wearing the pizza underwear

    14. Some crew socks that come in a variety of fun patterns and colors.

    15. A three-pack of adorable scrunchies because you can never have too many, and these ones are SO SOFT.

    A three-pack of scrunchies in a variety of colors and patterns

    16. A super soft basic tee that you'll want to wear with everything.

    Model wearing the tee in dusty birch color with green pants

    17. A versatile cardigan designed to warm up your little one while making their outfit ADORABLE.

    Model wearing the cardigan over a white shirt and pink pants

    18. A pair of faux-leather sneakers beloved by reviewers for their versatility and comfort!

    The shoe in cognac brown

    19. Some leggings reviewers say have quickly become their go-to workout pants.

    Model wears the leggings with black athletic shoes

    20. Some pop culture graphic tees that make great conversation starters and let you show off your faves! Do you love the Grateful Dead, Janet Jackson, The Ramones, Stranger Things, Biggie Smalls, The Rolling Stones, Keanu Reeves, E.T., Pink Floyd, MTV, Beverly Hills 90210, or NASA? Then there's something here for you!

    21. A simple, but stylish faux-leather belt to help tie your outfit together.

    The belt in cognac brown

    22. Some faux-suede double-strap sneakers for babies that prove you are never too young to become a sneakerhead.

    A closeup of the shoes

    23. A versatile top you can easily dress up or down. It also makes for a great layer!

    24. A utility jacket that looks and feels great, especially when thrown over a sweater during bonfire weather!

    Model wearing the jacket in crumb it on down light brown color over a striped shirt tucked into light blue jeans

    25. A five-pack of face masks you won't mind wearing all day long.

    Five face masks in various colors and styles

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