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43 Useful Kitchen Gadgets To Put On Your Wish List

I'll have one of everything please.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A Ninja Foodi that makes it super easy to pressure cook, steam, slow cook, sauté, air fry, bake, roast, broil, and more — all in one device.,

Not only can it cook food up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, it can basically turn any dish into crispy, air-fried goodness. For example, you can use the pressure cook setting to whip up casseroles, stews, chilis, and desserts and then give it a crispy or bubbly layer of your favorite topping using the air fry setting. You can also throw in frozen foods (like chicken wings or mozzarella sticks) directly without having to thaw them out first. Of course, if you're not in the mood for fried food, you can always use it as a regular pressure cooker or slow cooker!

Promising review: "This thing has changed the way we cook. It is amazing. You can cook practically anything in it. I find it great for cooking side dishes while your main dish is in the oven (e.g. making roasted potatoes while you have a meat dish cooking at low temp in the oven). You can rapidly air fry french fries, tots, toasted ravioli, crab rangoon, etc. This thing is incredible. Over 19K reviews and it gets five stars. What are you waiting for?" —MachMyDay

Get it from Amazon for $119.99+ (available in two sizes).

2. An automatic pan stirrer so you can stop avoiding those recipes that call for lengthy continuous stirring. It even has a built-in timer, so you can let it take over at the stove while you bask in the glory of your newfound free time.

The three-pronged stirrer in a pan
Uncommon Goods

Promising review: "Honestly I laughed at myself for buying this. I stopped laughing the first time I used it! What a help! It freed me up to do other things while it stirred the sauce that needed constant attention. Bought another one! Not laughing now!" —Luvdvm

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $25.

3. An old-fashioned popcorn maker if you want the full cinema experience from the comfort of your home.,

Btw, some reviewers say Great Northern popcorn works best with this machine!

Promising review: "Easy to put together easy to use and it's just the right size for our end table in the living room. Came quickly and I got it as a Christmas gift for my husband. He LOVES it and now we are planning movie nights for the grandkids because he bragged to them and they want to use it. Great product for a few people. My husband says it's just like having a movie theater in your own home." —JessicaC

Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in three colors).

4. A jar-opening gadget you can attach under your cabinets to give ya a helping hand with those jars that just do *not* want to open. Now, there's nothing standing in between you and your pickles, which is the way it should be!

Hand using the gadget to open a mason jar

Promising review: "I have tried a million different tools and gadgets for help in opening jars of all sizes, and each one had its own issues! Finally, someone has invented the perfect jar opener that is simple and requires no space in your kitchen drawers or counters." —cat lover

Get it from Amazon for $18.95.

5. An ice cube tray with a lid so you won't splash water all over the place every time you need to refill it. PLUS, it helps keep your ice cubes from getting that bleh taste that — idk about you — but for some reason that really grosses me out. *shudders*

Model putting tray in the freezer

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE ice cubes in my drinks, and it's so annoying to have ice cube problems. I really researched ice cube trays and read a lot of reviews until I found these trays. It's so nice not to have to worry about spilling water just trying to get them in there. Also, they come out of the tray so easily! No more fighting to get the cubes out. These just kind of pop out when you press down on one side." —Kalisa

Get it from Amazon for $10.95.

6. A dual breakfast sandwich maker that can cook two sandwiches in FIVE MINUTES. Plus, all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

Two sandwiches cooking in the maker surrounded by bread, bagels, eggs, ham, and more.

Promising review: "Winner! This is such a great gadget, and I don't normally like gadgets; I usually prefer the old ways of doing things, but this tool allows me to get my kids fed and out of the house in the morning so much faster and with less mess and clean up! I was worried about how easy this would be to clean, but the inserts come out so easily and are dishwasher-safe, so it's a breeze. I don't see this thing leaving my counter ever." —jo

Get it from Amazon for $42.99.

7. A sous vide precision cooker so you can make *chef's kiss* perfectly cooked meats, veggies, desserts, and much much more EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Reviewer image of using the precision cooker

Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This method ensures maximum tenderness and moisture retention — without worry of overcooking.

Promising review: "This! This is a game-changer! I am so happy with this purchase. I love it so much. It is impossible to screw up any protein. I set my Sous Vide for 28 degrees. Guess what? It will never go higher. You literally cannot overcook anything with this. Would I buy it again? Hell yes! I have waited four years for the price to drop. Would I recommend it? Oh man, I sure would! Unbelievable chuck steaks and my prime rib was rave-worthy! Whenever I use my digital thermometer to check the water temp, it's always spot on! I love it and I am never going back to my old way of cooking. Even hard-boiled eggs are easy as can be after being sous vided." —ibladyc

Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

8. A Vitamix Explorian blender that'll crush borderline anything (including the competition). I'm talking rice to flour in seconds. Watch your raw almonds become a smooth, spreadable paste right before your eyes. It can even turn cold ingredients into STEAMING HOT SOUP using only the friction of its blades. Is this...magic??

The blender on a counter next to some cherries

For some inexpensive (but still totally awesome) blenders, head on over to "11 Affordable Blenders To Mix Up Your Morning Routine."

Promising review: "I'm single so spending a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare a meal for one person isn't that fun. This product has helped me to simplify how I prepare foods. Specifically, I can prepare nutritional meals in minutes using whole foods. I can quickly create a smoothie chock full of vegetables or fruits to perfection to start my day in a healthy way. I love the fact I can create fresh hot single serving soups for lunch or dinner. No freezing of the excess or having to consume the same soup day in day out (variety is the spice of life). Since purchasing, I've found myself eating more healthy and not using my microwave. Of course, if you need larger quantities, it certainly can handle that too. LOVE IT! It's been a game changer for me!" —Roni

Get it from Vitamix for $289.95 (originally $349.95; available in three colors).

9. A simply perfect tortilla press kit that'll help you forget about all the years you weren't making homemade tortillas. This beautiful, high-quality press is super easy to use. Plus, it's made in Mexico out of old Singer sewing machines and will look stunning on your counter.

Bright red tortilla maker with balls of dough beside flat, finished pieces
Verve Culture

Verve Culture is a woman-owned small business based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was founded by a mother and daughter, and they curate products that are "made in the country of origin using traditional practices."

Promising review: "This tortilla press is SO cute and lets you make delicious tortillas super easily. I love the pop of red on my counter and guests always give me compliments when I take it out for Taco Tuesday!" —Carly

Get it from Verve Culture for $48 (PayPal available).

10. A classic pie bird that 1) keeps your pie filling from boiling over and getting your oven all messy, 2) distributes moisture to avoid the bottom getting soggy, and 3) makes sure the top crust cooks evenly without splitting — all while looking very adorable.

The pie bird sticking out of the middle of a cooked pie

This pie bird is safe for the freezer, microwave, oven, broiler, and dishwasher!

Promising review: "Amazing what difference this bird can make to your pie! I definitely made the best apple pie I've ever made with this little device. For the first time ever, my pie did not spill out juices onto the pan below or into the stove, and the crust was flaky and crisper than it has ever been. I really cannot speak highly enough of how well this pie bird worked. If you make pies, you need one of these!" —Happylakedreamer

Get it from Amazon for $15.95+ (available in six colors).

11. A vacuum sealer that's indispensable if you want to keep things fresh for a long, long time. It's great if you love cooking or buying in bulk, and it'll be your sous vide's new BFF.


Promising review: "I received the Geryon sealer yesterday and put it to work today sealing some chicken cutlets. It worked like a charm. I like the fact that you can use bag rolls instead of relying on precut bags. This way you can customize the size you need and eliminate some waste. It's easy to break down larger packages of meat into smaller portions for two and pop them into the freezer instead of wrestling with foil and zip lock bags." —LLuau

Get it from Amazon for $50.99.

12. A versatile waffle maker in case your homemade brunches are missing some of that wow factor.

Model making a waffle using the maker

Promising review: "Great waffle maker and a good value. We make everything in this: hashbrowns, mochi, waffles, green onion pancakes — you name it. We love it!" —J. Law

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

13. A two-stage electric knife-sharpener to bring even the dullest blades back to life. Why buy new knives when you have this thing?

Hands running a knife through the small sharpener

Read our full review of the KitchenIQ knife sharpener!

Promising review: "Wow, this little gadget is pretty amazing! I have some old (expensive) nonserrated knives that are supposed to never need sharpening but unfortunately, lost their sharp edge long ago. I saw this gadget and decided to try it. I set the bottom of this gadget on the edge of the counter and ran one of the knives through the side labeled 'Coarse' about 10 times, then ran it through the side labeled 'Fine' another 8-10 times. Bingo! The knife was transformed back to its former high-dollar cutlery glory. I could hardly believe how effectively it had sharpened the knife, which I had been ready to throw away a week before. I've been happily sharpening all our knives and trying to add up in my head how much money I've saved by NOT having to buy another set of expensive knives. I don't know where else you can spend $6 and get this return for the money. Great score!" —Schelly L. Wagoner

Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in four colors).

14. A digital food thermometer so you can stop hemming and hawing over whether or not your chicken is cooked enough and quit losing precious juice from your steaks every time you cut them open to check on the middle. Just stick this lil' guy in and get an instant temperature reading!

The red thermometer with its stainless steel reading needle inserted into a roasted turkey

Promising review: "This digital meat thermometer is the best I've ever had. I own others, but they are either too bulky to fit in the drawer or too hard to read. This one is small and lightweight; it's easy to pull out the probe and very easy to read the temperature. I purchased several as stocking stuffers for Christmas. They make a gift that will be appreciated for its size and ease of use, but most importantly, it will be a gift that gets used instead of put away in the closet." —Yardleydoc

Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three colors).

15. An egg cooker that can cook six hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs in under 10 minutes while you do...literally anything else! It also includes an omelet tray in case you were skeptical that it could handle all of your eggy needs.

The egg cooker in aqua, featuring a transparent dome-shaped lid and a large power button in the front

🎶 When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large. And now that I'm grown, I eat five dozen eggs so I'm roughly the size of a barge!🎶

As you may know, we love this egg cooker. Check out our glowing review!

Promising review: "Best quarantine purchase yet! This little guy is so cute and handy! I just tested three eggs in case they didn’t turn out, and they were perfect!! I was all prepared to be blasted out of my house by the buzzer at the end (according to other reviews), but it wasn’t bad at all. It literally plays a little song. So cute!" —Austin Klimek

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in eight colors).

16. A pretty impressive cold-brew maker so you can stop overpaying for chilled bean juice.

The cold-brew maker sitting next to a cup of cold brew

Just add coarse-ground coffee into the mesh filter, pour water into the pitcher, screw the lid on (with the filter attached and submerged in the water), let it brew for 12–24 hours, and serve. You can pour it straight over ice cubes, or cut it with water or milk. Read our review of the Tayeka cold brew maker!

Promising review: "If you LOVE iced coffee (I drink it year-round regardless of the weather), then you NEED this cold brewer. I work for Starbucks, and I love their cold brew. I was skeptical to make it at home, but I love mine more than theirs. It’s especially nice since Starbucks only brews one kind of beans for cold brew, but at home, you can brew your favorite kind. Absolutely love this, and it’s worth more than it costs. A must-buy for yourself or a wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life!" —j.blaine

Get it from Amazon for $24.98+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

17. An electric kettle that'll look super cute on the counter while letting you boil water without involving the stove.

The kettle sitting on a counter
Crate & Barrel

I own and love this kettle — read my review for more deets (#5)! You can also check out our roundup of some other awesome kettles

Here's an excerpt: "Two years and three apartments later, I still have zero regrets about shelling out $$$ for this kettle. It takes zero maintenance — if I get it dirty, all I need to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth, and it’s good as new. Even after being jostled around in the trunk during several cross-country trips, it hasn’t dented, rusted, or chipped. The design is so charming that I just leave it out on my dining table and people always compliment it. It has just one button that you push to turn it on, and I honestly enjoy the simplicity — because it’s really all I need. I use it on a daily basis, and it still functions like the day I got it." —Yi Yang

Get it from Amazon for $89+ (available in five colors).

18. A compact juice-extractor that makes it easy to turn any fruit around the house into a delicious beverage that you'd probably pay wayyyy too much for at a juice bar.

The juice extractor on a counter surrounded by cups of different juice as well as apples and tomatoes
Hamilton Beach

Promising review: "I wanted a reasonably priced juicer to make sure I actually LIKED juicing first. I decided to go with this one based on its reviews, and I really don't plan on upgrading any time soon! This juicer does a great job, and it's so easy to clean. I love that it comes with a brush to get the pulp out of the mesh part, too. For anyone who wants to start juicing without breaking the bank, definitely try this one out. PROS: Easy to clean, not too bulky on the counter, comes apart easily, juices well. CONS: Loud. (But what do you expect when you're extracting the juice out of fruits and veggies?)" —Kate Bugusky

Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in two colors).

19. A quiet and easy-to-use manual coffee grinder so you can make a cup of joe as early in the morning as you want without waking up your roommates.

The grinder surrounded by coffee beans and an example of some that it has ground.

It has an adjustable grind selector with 18 (!!!) click settings to ensure you have precise control over the coarseness of your beans.

Promising review: "My old coffee grinder of 15 years finally kicked the bucket and after much research into what would make me a delicious cup of coffee in my French press, I decided on getting the JavaPresse manual grinder. Not only is it super quiet (my roommates are usually asleep while I am making coffee in the morning), but it is very easy and fast to use. It took me a few batches to get the grind right, but my coffee tastes much better now than with my old electric blade grinder." —Fitzmcgee

Get it from Amazon for $39.98.

20. Or, an electric conical burr grinder to get consistent, perfectly even grounds every. single. time. If you want to improve your coffee game, this thing is worth the splurge.

Crate & Barrel

This powerful machine can turn a large batch of whole beans into grounds within minutes!

Promising review: "I hesitated to buy this and I only wish I had purchased it as soon as I thought I wanted it. This burr grinder really upped my coffee game. There's truly no cup of coffee as good as the freshly ground one you make yourself. The settings are clear and the grinder is super easy to use. I am making coffee in my Chemex and with the Baratza, and I am caffeinated and happy!" —Curried

Get it from Crate & Barrel for $169.95 (available in two colors).

21. A cordless electric wine opener so you can skip the struggle and get straight to the drinking wine part. It also comes with a handy foil cutter to ensure that there is nothing left standing between you and your vino.

reviewer photo of wine opener, charging on base, on bar cart

Promising review: "The first thing I noticed was the look of quality. I’ve bought three electric wine openers. Two were gifts. They all worked well, but they couldn’t touch this one for power and stylish appearance. If you’re serious about your wine, this is the one!" —Frederick Ferguson

Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

22. A multi-function chopping board that has a smooth side for normal cutting, and a side with specially designed spikes to grip meat, making it much easier to slice. It also features an angled cutting surface designed to catch any dripping juices or crumbs that go a-tumblin'.

Model cuts meat on the cutting board, using the spikes to keep it in place

Promising review: "I bought this cutting board with the hopes of being able to cut veggies (specifically watery tomatoes) and meats (drippy pork loin comes to mind) without spilling juices all over the countertop. This board is everything I've been looking for — and does it better than I expected. The dense plastic won't dull my knives, and it is sure to last for years. Each side's edges are covered with a thick silicone rubber to prevent slipping. Overall, this is a fantastic cutting board which we use regularly and has even replaced my favorite wood board simply because of its functionality." —Wesley Orr

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three colors).

23. An immersion blender that does A LOT without taking up a bunch of counter space. Plus, it's super easy to clean!

The blender in the process of blending some strawberries
Sur La Table

Along with the stainless-steel stick blender, you’ll get a whisk attachment, a three-cup chopper bowl with stainless-steel blades, and a 42-ounce jug with a dual-purpose storage lid and anti-slip mat.

Promising review: "This immersion blender is excellent. It has a comfortable grip with a trigger button and isn't too heavy to hold for longer periods. Cleanup is easy and the attachments make it useful for many tasks. I made madeleines last night and instead of having to whisk by hand for five minutes, I used my Breville (with the whisk attachment) and the eggs frothed beautifully. Great performance, great price, and lots of extras. I leave it out on the counter so it is easy to access." —MandyMoo

Get it from Sur La Table for $119.95 (originally $179.95).

24. A handcrafted mortar and pestle for making pastes, crushing spices, and expanding your flavor options so you can take your home cooking to a whole new level.

The mortar and pestle
The Artisan Variety

The Artisan Variety is a POC-owned small business based in San Fransisco, California, and run by Aahlada Chennupati. Check out all of their gorgeous home goods!

Get it from The Artisan Variety for $75.

25. A very ~cool~ gadget that'll turn any hot or cold non-carbonated drink into an iced one in mere minutes without watering it down. Try it out with wine or steaming hot coffee and thank me later.

Model pouring coffee out of the gadget

Fill the device with water and pop it into the freezer for 12 hours before using. It has a 12.5 oz. capacity and is dishwasher-safe!

Promising review: "My son loves cold coffee but doesn’t like the process or taste of trying to cool it the traditional way. Instead, he would go buy a cold coffee, so when I saw this, I got it for him as a gift. He called me the other day just to tell me how much he loves this chiller. He says it works perfectly to give him instantly cold coffee. All he has to do is pour his fresh brewed coffee into the chiller, and it is immediately turned into ready-to-drink cold coffee. He told me I really scored with this gift." —Monica

Get it from Amazon $24.49+ (available in three colors).

26. An adjustable thickness cheese slicer to take your charcuterie boards to the next level.

Model cutting cheese with the slicer

This slicer comes with an extra wire in case the first one wears out!

Promising review: "Cheese is considered a major food group in our house, so replacing our broken slicer was an absolute necessity. This slicer is an absolute dream. It's very sturdy (without being too heavy) and it cuts extra sharp cheddar as if it were room temperature butter! Don't waste your time and money on a cheap slicer — this one will probably last for years." —Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $11.50+ (available in two colors).

27. A pair of bear claws that make it so much easier to shred meats. Hate getting your fingers covered in greasy rotisserie chicken? Use these instead!


Promising review: "Just yesterday, I was using these claws to turn a roast I was browning, and I declared my undying love for them. Then I remembered I haven't yet written a review for them. They seriously have changed my life as far as cooking meat. Flipping a chicken or a goose or a duck, turning a roast, transferring a roast from the rack onto the board for cutting, holding the meat steady while cutting--the claws do it all. They are like salad hands for your meat. Buy them and see your life change, too!" —Anonymous

Get them from Amazon for $18.95.

28. A wine aerator to allow your wine to breathe instantly, giving it a more complex flavor and smoother finish — without the wait.

Model pouring red wine through the aerator and into a glass
Sur La Table

It's top-rack dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: "Great aerator for the price! My husband and I did a taste test (wine with and without using the aerator) and it really does make a big difference in the flavor. A must for any wine drinker!" —Kelleen I

Get it from Sur La Table for $45.

29. A KitchenAid stand mixer that reviewers swear by over and over again because it is simply ~batter~ than the rest.

Pear-colored stand mixer

The 5-quart stainless-steel bowl can mix dough for nine dozen cookies or four loaves of bread in a single batch! The mixer comes with a coated flat beater, a coated dough hook, a six-wire whip, and a pouring shield.

Promising review: "Hands down this is the best blender on the market. It has multiple tools which enable you to do many tasks in the kitchen. The mixing capability is superior to all other mixers, especially the old hand-held models. This mixes everything so well that now it's hard to make a mistake when blending things because it does such a great job. It's quiet, and you can set it and go attend to other tasks while it works away." —Tie Dye John

Get it from Amazon for $429.95+ (available in various colors).

30. A frozen yogurt and ice cream maker so you can make all of your genius flavor combinations come true!

The device on a counter
Crate & Barrel

The best part is you get to decide what ingredients are used. For example, you can substitute sugar for maple syrup!

Promising review: "What a wonderful machine! I highly recommend this to everyone. I cannot believe how easy it is to make beautiful, silky ice cream that tastes better than any I've ever bought. We made our money back in two weeks...if that. Buy it, you won't regret it." —GreekPsyche

Get it from Amazon for $59+ (available in six colors) or Crate & Barrel for $69.95 (available in two colors).

31. An Instant Pot, that can be...whatever you want it to be! It's a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a sauté pan, a yogurt maker, a food warmer, A BIRD, A PLANE (OK I made those last two up, but it really does everything else, and it does it all ASTOUNDINGLY well).

The Instant Pot on a counter

This handy kitchen gadget has seven functions: rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer. Read our full review of the Instant Pot!

Promising review: "This is quite possibly the coolest, most versatile kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned. I love it so much that I’ve purchased two more for friends and relatives. What can it do? I think the real question is 'What can’t it do?' I truly believe you could replace every cooking appliance (including your oven and stove top) and do EVERYTHING in the Instant Pot. I purchased two sizes for my own use: the 3-quart (which is my almost-every-day workhorse for two-person dishes) and the 8-quart (which I bring out to handle my dinner party dishes). Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous. In the realm of kitchen appliances, there is no better investment than the Instant Pot. Highly recommended!!!" —Stereoman

Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in three sizes).

32. A microwave pasta maker that lets you make perfect al dente pasta...IN THE MICROWAVE. Just insert noodles and water, stick it in the microwave, and you'll have delicious pasta in minutes. No mess or sticking!

Fasta Pasta

You can read more on this microwave pasta cooker here.

Promising review: "I absolutely love it! No waiting for a pot of boiling water; no watching the pot to be sure nothing boils over on the stovetop. Just follow the simple directions and microwave/cook the pasta. While that 10 or 12 minutes passes, get other stuff ready. Also, no colander needed as lid serves as drain for cooked pasta! The two-piece set is also very easy to clean. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!" —REAL PERSON

Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99.

33. A Kochblume spill stopper to avoid a mess if your pot boils over. It traps excess foam and liquid so they don't spill all over your stove. No more hovering anxiously in the kitchen while waiting for your water to boil (and say goodbye to having a huge mess to clean up all because you BRIEFLY turned your head).

The spill stopper in red on top of a pot on a stove with water boiling inside, illustrating that it will not boil over

Promising review: "Wow wow wow, I have no words to describe how great this product is. I'm a mom with a large family who cooks and bakes all the time, and there is never a time that something doesn't spill over even when standing and watching the pot. With this, life has just gotten easy. I think I'm throwing out all my pot covers after using this."—Rackel

Get it from Amazon for $20 (available in three colors).

34. A splurge-worthy Breville espresso machine with a grinder that's personally my favorite thing *ever*.

Brittany Gibson / BuzzFeed

IMHO, the Breville Barista Express is phenomenal. I was a barista for a few years and I was used to working with a top-notch machine, and this is pretty darn close to being just as good. As someone who drinks lattes daily, I've saved SO much money by investing in this. I use these espresso beans from a small upstate New York business called SPoT Coffee and get delectably rich and smooth shots of espresso every time. —Brittany

You can also take a look at some of our favorite (and more affordable) espresso machines here.

Get it from Amazon for $699.95 (available in two colors).

35. A pair of stainless steel herb scissors so you can finally retire from the days of unevenly chopped scallions, cilantro, and parsley.,

Promising review: "I don’t know why I have waited so long to get a pair of these scissors. They are fantastic. Makes using fresh herbs so easy! It takes a few minutes to cut up any herb you need to use. It used to take me many minutes to cut up herbs with a pair of kitchen shears. I used to dread when a recipe called for a fresh herb chopped. Now it’s so easy with these scissors that I enjoy making recipes with fresh herbs. They clean up nicely and they provide you with a tool that helps you remove any excess herbs that may be stuck in the blades." —susan darrow

Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in two colors).

36. An OXO Good Grips corn peeler to effortlessly get *all* the way down to the cob so you won't ever miss any kernels (and you won't need to bother using a knife to cut them off).,

OXO Good Grips also offers some handy asparagus and citrus peelers!

Promising review: "I have previously only used a knife to remove corn from the cob and I always felt like I left too much on. With this corn prep peeler, it was extremely easy to get all the corn. The head is curved so it aligns with the cob and the downward motion had very little resistance making removal effortless." —Kelly Morriss

Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

37. A garlic chopper that'll save your life if you love garlic but hate getting the smell all over your hands. Just zoom this little guy over your countertop like you're playing with a Hot Wheels, et voila! Chopped to perfection.

reviewer holding chopper filled with chopped garlic

Promising review: "After going through five garlic mincers in four years, ranging from $5 and upwards of $20.... this a lifesaver.. It arrived less then a week ago and I have already ready used it three times... works perfectly... easy to clean... obviously I haven't owned it for very long but so far it is by far my favorite way to mince garlic... everyone is getting one in their stockings at Christmas." —D. Wright

Get it from Amazon for $12.34.

38. An orange squeezer that will completely upgrade your breakfast routine, because fresh squeezed orange juice is one of life's simplest pleasures and why deprive yourself of it any longer?,

Promising review: "I have no idea why I waited so long to buy this! I have been juicing the limes from my tree, and the lemons and pomegranates from my generous neighbors using a hand juicer. I finally decided to purchase a citrus press and could not be happier with this product. It is a very solid juicer with well made, sturdy parts. The bottom parts of the press detach and clean easily, and the top part is easy to wipe down. I did need to hold the press at the top with my left hand while i pressed the handle with my right, but for me this is a non issue. I can now juice in a quarter of the time with minimal cleanup. This is the best!" —D. S.

Get it from Amazon for $84.99+ (available in 10 colors).

39. An electric milk steamer so you can enjoy the pleasures of the foamiest coffee or hot chocolate right from the comfort of your own kitchen. Barista status: obtained.


Promising review: "I have waited several months to write this review. This device is fantastic! Easy to clean and consistent. The froth holds up and can be made out of almond, skim or whole milk. The advantage is the amount of milk you can froth at one time. From just under the top of the black frothing attachment (perfect amount for a latte) to enough for several. Highly recommend." –Leah Starr Hamilton

Get it from Amazon for $54.96.

40. A handy zip slicer guaranteed to cut your prep time in the kitchen in half, all while cutting your favorite tiny product in half.

Just place your produce in the tube, then use the attachable blade to slice through all of the cherry tomatoes, grapes, etc. at once. We also gave this nifty gadget a shoutout in a roundup of cool TikTok products.

Promising review: "I thought I'd use this product infrequently, for just slicing tomatoes for salads and pizza. It works so well I've found additional uses. I squeezed gently on the cylinder after filling it with olives for pizza so it would work on the smaller items; I took the once sliced olives and re-loaded them for another slice and it worked perfectly. It's much simpler than slicing tomatoes and olives by hand. The blade is sharp and the slicer was easy to use. A great, affordable item to have in the kitchen." —Faith W.

Get it from Amazon for $25.92.

41. A SodaStream, so you can make your own seltzer without having to buy a bulk supply of spicy water every time you hit the grocery store., Amazon

Promising review: "This is probably my favorite purchase this Christmas. Easy to use, doesn’t need electricity (cordless), the design is beautiful and the water tastes amazing. We are great consumers of sparkling water, so this product has changed our life and helped our budget. We use it every day. It takes as long to make the water as it takes to find a can of sparkling water, open it and serve it. It is really amazing." –Marisabel Leon

Get it from Amazon for $79+ (available in four colors or in a bundle with handy tools, bottles, and flavors).

42. A magnetic stove shelf, which is an ideal space-saving solution for anyone with a tiny kitchen and/or minimal storage options. You'll be able store seasonings and spices, oils, and even little gadgets on this shelf (and *not* on your little to no counter space!).

The stainless shelf on top of the back of a stove range holding oil, salt and pepper shakers, other spices, and a mortar and pestle

Promising review: "This is amazing and I have no idea I didn’t buy one of these years ago!!! My new stove wouldn’t get close enough to the wall to allow me to rest anything on top without it falling behind. This was absolutely PERFECT. I am very happy that the magnets provided were able to be moved. This allowed me to place them perfectly for maximum hold because my top was slightly curved." —JStill

Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in four colors and three sizes).

43. A faucet splash catcher to absorb all of the leaks, spills, and - you guessed it - splashes from your sink. It's also machine washable, so you can toss it in with a load of towels and every now and then to prevent it from getting all mildewy after working hard. 

Closeup photo of sink drip guard in navy blue
Red drip catcher placed around kitchen sink's faucet
Two Lilacs Studio/Etsy

 Hustle Sew Shop is a small Etsy shop based in Saint Helens, Oregon.

Promising review: "LOVE these splash catchers! They save me from having to chase the puddles that form around the base of our faucet before they start creeping over the counter. So reasonably priced, made well with neatly finished edges, and packaged with gift-ready care." —Alina

Get it from Hustle Sew Shop on Etsy for $13.50+ (available in four sizes and 10 colors).

Let's hit the kitchen!


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