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    28 Light Pieces Of Bedding Perfect For Spring Temps

    Not too hot, not too cold — these are just right.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lightweight, flannel throw blanket that's ultra breathable so you can get through spring without overheating. Plus, the pom-pom fringe is super cute and it comes in a variety of gorgeous colors that'll make your home feel refreshed this season.

    reviewer image of a customer and their dog under the mustard yellow LOMAO Flannel Blanket with Pompom Fringe

    2. A set of bamboo bed sheets specifically designed to be 1) moisture-wicking so you don't wake up in a puddle of sweat *and* and 2) thermoregulating to help you stay cool when it's hot but warm when it's chilly. Bamboo sheets are cool to the touch, and often up to 5 degrees cooler than cotton sheets — similar to silk!

    the sheets on the bed and pillows in grey

    3. A supremely soft plush fleece blanket that's an Amazon top-seller for a reason! Lots of reviewers are calling this the best blanket they've ever had and saying it's perfect for spring and summer weather.

    The blanket on a bed

    4. A lightweight, handwoven recycled cotton throw that comes in a variety of springy colors to zhuzh up your home this season.

    Several tasseled blankets hung up on a coat rack

    5. An ultra-soft, lightweight comforter set to make you fall in love with sleep all over again.

    The comforter set on a bed

    6. 100% organic cotton sheets made with a percale weave for cool comfort and peak softness that'll make your bed feel like the most luxurious place in the house.

    The sheets looking slept in on a bed

    7. A borderline magical Muslin Comfort blanket that's ultra breathable and temperature regulating so you can snuggle up without waking up at 3 a.m. in a pool of your own sweat. Plus, it's oversized, so you and your blanket-hogging partner (or dog) can stop fighting each other for coverage every dang night.

    white muslin blanket on a made-up bed

    8. A silky soft, lightweight knitted blanket that's thin enough to snuggle up under even when the spring sunshine is pouring in through your windows.

    the green blanket

    9. A set of Slumber Cloud's Stratus cooling sheets made with *NASA-approved* temperature-regulating technology and cotton fibers to absorb and store excess heat when you're too hot and release heat when you're too chilly. These had me at "NASA-approved" tbh.

    a model in bed on arctic blue sheets reading a magazine and cuddling with their dog

    10. A floral woven cotton throw blanket to add some cute springy vibes to your sofa or bed.

    11. A stylish, all-season Buffy down alternative comforter that's fluffy, breathable, and lightweight as well as hypoallergenic and eco-friendly!

    the buffy cloud down alternative comforter on a bed

    12. A gorgeous and breathable botanical bed in a bag set to ensure that your space truly ~blossoms~ this spring.

    Vintage botanical bedding with white base color

    13. Gentle, 100% percale cotton sheets with a 270 Egyptian long staple cotton thread count to help keep you cool when you wanna be under the sheets but don't wanna spend all night sweatin'.

    Close up of the sheets on a bed with people in it

    14. A Yoruba-inspired, 100% cotton sheet set designed to celebrate the giving nature of plants that sustain our world — making it the perfect thing to add to your bedroom this spring.

    the aja sheet set on a bed

    15. A True Temp sheet set that uses *exclusive technology* to minimize humidity and continuously adapt to keep the temp of your bed ideal for sleeping. Now, I'm no ~bedsheet technology~ specialist or anything, but the reviews look pretty promising!

    a stack of the sheets to showcase the six available colors

    16. A set of Comfort Space's Coolmax sheets made with cooling microfiber to help you sleep without ~April showers-level~ night sweats.

    17. A lightweight sunflower blanket to make your home feel like a cute lil' garden.

    The blanket with a sunflower pattern draped over a chair

    18. A faux cashmere throw that looks super cute with its fringed edges and herringbone pattern. It manages to be both lightweight and incredibly warm, so you can use it year round and enjoy the way it adds a touch of style to any room!

    19. A temp-regulating Buffy Breeze comforter made with naturally breathable and cool-to-the-touch eucalyptus that doesn't trap heat like polyester or down, so you'll stay cool as a cucumber all night long.

    The comforter on a bed

    20. A very highly-rated microfiber sheet set that'll be your saving grace if you need to be under a sheet to fall asleep, but can't stand waking up feeling like a sweat monster.

    the sheets in blue

    21. A pack of natural linen sheets you'll wish could double as clothes so you could wear them all spring long.

    The sheets on an unmade bed

    22. A plant-based, cooling weighted blanket perfect for springtime when other weighted options may be a little too warm. This one is hand-knitted with soft, natural eucalyptus and is designed for ultra breathability to help you sleep through the night.

    Model snuggled under the blanket with a book on the couch

    23. A stunning duvet that'll make your bedroom feel like a fresh spring day even when it's gloomy outside.

    The duvet on a bed

    24. A two-sided blanket that has a breathable side inspired by jersey fabric and a fuzzy side for when you need fleece-level warmth, which makes this perfect for fluctuating spring temps!

    The blanket next to a cup of tea

    25. Brushed microfiber bed sheets that'll help you get through the night without buckets of sweat evacuating your poor lil' pores.

    a bed showcasing white sheets with thin blue vertical stripes down them and matching pillowcases

    26. A breathable, moisture absorbing *waffle weave* blanket to make sure you don't get too ~toasty~ on warmer spring nights.

    Closeup of the waffle weave texture of the blanket

    27. A cooling blanket ideal for hot sleepers who just wanna be able to snuggle up under the covers without feeling like they stepped into a sauna.

    Model sleeping on a bed under the blanket with graphics showing how it releases body heat and is breathable to keep you cool when sleeping

    28. And finally, a blanket that uses special cooling fibers to absorb body heat so you don't wake up feeling all sticky and sweaty, making it ideal for spring and fall!

    Two models snuggled under the blanket on a couch

    Happy spring!!

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