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    41 Home Improvement Products To Make You Feel Like You’re Living In A Brand-New Space...Without The Hassle Of Moving

    You don't have to be super handy to give your home some simple upgrades that can make all the difference.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Some fake wood contact paper that's sure to improve any surface you use it on.

    2. A set of thick velvet slip covers that simply slip over sofa cushions so you can feel like you have a whole new couch without breaking the bank or having to go down a complicated DIY route.

    Reviewer before/after of their couch with the pink velvet slip added. The after pic shows couches that look brand new and completely different.

    3. Some classy-looking peel-and-stick tile to dress up your walls and make your home feel fancier than it actually is.

    The tiles installed on a wall

    4. A set of solid brass, textured cabinet drawer pulls and knobs that look and feel way more luxurious than what was on the cabinets when you moved in.

    three knurled solid brass pulls and three knurled solid brass knobs on a black surface

    5. Some trendy Edison bulbs to replace stale white lights with something a little warmer that'll give your space a charming vintage feel.

    6. Some Command hooks that'll make organizing and decorating way easier. No tools needed! They're strong enough to hold a wide variety of items, and you can easily move or remove them whenever you want without leaving behind any holes, sticky residue, or other marks that your landlord would just LOVE to charge you for.

    7. A brick dyeing kit for anyone who wants to zhuzh up their exposed brick walls with a little more color and variety.

    before: tan brick fireplace stained with soot, after: bricks painted in grey, white, and brown

    8. Some easy-to-install medallions to upgrade your recessed lighting into something with a little more character.

    The medallion installed over a recessed light

    9. A sleek (but ventilated!) cable box cleverly designed to hide those ugly piles of tangled cords cluttering up your floor space.

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    10. Some wood polish and conditioner with beeswax and orange oil that'll repair your scratched and dinged-up furniture and floors like a magic lil' eraser.

    11. A bottle of wallpaper stripping spray so you can strike the previous tenant's decor choices from the record and never speak of them again.

    12. Some cabinet paint so you can stop complaining about how they don't go with anything else in your otherwise flawlessly styled kitchen.

    13. A grout paint pen you can use just like a regular marker to easily cover up the years and years of dirt and grime that are keeping your bathroom from ever looking truly clean.

    14. A prismatic window film – it's easy to stick on any glass surface for an extra layer of privacy *and* some gorgeous rainbow reflections that'll make your space feel a little more magical.

    15. Some pre-made wall panels so you can impress everyone by telling them you installed professional molding yourself, when in reality, you did no such thing.

    reviewer's wall with panels installed and painted white to add depth to wall

    16. A rain showerhead to transform your normal ol' shower into the ultimate spa resort experience.

    17. A five-light pendant to step up your lighting game with some rustic, industrial charm.

    The light hanging above a dining room table

    18. A hidden bookshelf to turn your prized book collection into a bookworm's dream display so you can admire them daily.

    19. A surface cover to fool everyone into thinking your counters and tables are made from gorgeous, expensive marble.

    20. A jar of front door paint that comes in a variety of bold *and* subtle colors to ensure that your door meets your exact style preferences.

    21. A cool replacement handrail to give your stairwell a minimalist vibe that'll make your home feel more on-trend.

    black rectangle handrail

    22. Some color-changing, dimmable lightbulbs you can control from your phone to add some extra atmosphere...whenever you want!

    23. Or some color-changing, self-adhesive LED light strips that make it easy to change the vibe of the room with your mood. You can switch the color and dim the lights via remote control. Plus, the strips are easy to cut and link together to get the size just right for your space.

    24. Some furniture leg replacements to help the outliers in your collection fit your aesthetic a little more.

    close up of brass metal legs on a teal dresser

    25. A set of cute carriage-style magnets to add some charm to your plain ol' garage door.

    26. Some Dalmatian dot removable wallpaper to dress up any walls that are just so ~doggone~ plain otherwise. One reviewer even used it as contact paper to cover their bedside table!

    The wallpaper in a home office

    27. Some chalkboard paint that just might make your kitchen feel like a cute little restaurant. Now, you can dress up your walls with funny messages, cute doodles, and more, knowing you can just wipe it clean and start fresh anytime!

    A kitchen wall painted with the chalkboard paint, with the words "The Kitchen's CLOSED on Sunday" written in chalk

    28. Some interlocking Teak tiles that'll trick your feet into thinking you've permanently moved into a spa resort.

    29. A floating ledge perfect for making your space feel like a cool little record shop where everything's free!

    Two ledges displaying a variety of records above a record player

    30. Some removable wall decals that come in a bunch of stylish colors and will make any wall instantly look way fancier.

    Two different sized and different colored decals on a wall

    31. A DIY paint kit that costs much less than replacing countertops altogether.

    32. A surprisingly easy-to-use conversion kit to transform recess lighting into charming pendant lighting that'll add a little je ne sais quoi to your space.

    A display showing recess lighting that has been converted to pendant style lighting with red light shades

    33. Some peel-and-stick wallpaper to make boring walls feel more homey — then simply remove when you're looking for a change!

    The all-white, faux-brick print paper

    34. Some spray paint that'll turn any piece of furniture into something uniquely yours.

    35. A set of cast-iron switch plates that'll turn what is quite possibly the most boring home accessory into something much more pleasing to look at.

    five shabby chic switch plates

    36. Some cool blue paint to cover up the original wall color you've been tolerating since you moved in. Or if blue isn't your vibe, check out some other color options here!

    37. An LED light strip for mirrors so you can feel like a Hollywood star every time you're doing your makeup routine.

    Vanity with a three-section mirror, each with a ring of lights around the outside, illuminating it

    38. Some stencils that'll turn surface into a stunning work of art!

    A wood coffee table with the stenciled white paisley pattern on top

    39. A set of five honeycomb-style hexagon shelves that'll give your walls a little more pizzazz! You can hang them individually or combine them to create a geometric pattern that's all your own! They're great for displaying decor, housing your plants, or offering an extra spot to store clutter.

    the shelves holding flowers and a figurine

    40. Some LED string lights perfect for turning a dim and unexciting space into a sparkling dream world. These ones allow you to choose between eight modes so you can set them to twinkle, fade, remain steady, and more depending on your mood!