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46 Helpful Products That Deserve A Place In Your Cart *And* Your Heart

A TikTok-famous clock, amazing stain remover, cold brew coffee maker, soothing face mask, and other things that might just make you ~swoon~.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A shampoo scalp brush that'll give you a relaxing lil' massage every time you wash your hair while deep cleaning and exfoliating your scalp. Some reviewers even claim it helps with psoriasis, dandruff, and scalp tenderness!

BuzzFeed editor holding pink scalp massager with silicone bristles
editor showing other side where there's a gripper for fingers
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Here's what BuzzFeed Editor Emma Lord has to say about it:

"I recently started using one of these and WOWZA, it really helps you get extra mileage out of your shampoo. I have a whole lot of hair on my head so sometimes it's a struggle to feel like I've soaped up my whole scalp thorough, but this was a very effective way to spread out the suds and really get them to the roots. I was worried it might tangle in my hair, but it was totally fine on that front, too. I've noticed that my hair has been a little less greasy at the roots since I started using it. And I'm echoing a ton of reviewers here when I say it just feels reeeeeally, really nice."

Promising review: "I’ve suffered from dry skin and a dry scalp ever since I turned 30. The only thing that helps me is exfoliating. I was initially concerned that the product would be too rough and damage my sensitive scalp or too soft and ineffective. However, this brush is perfect for me. It does not tangle my long hair, it is easy to use and just firm enough to get the job done. My scalp no longer itches and the icky buildup is gone. I can’t believe something so affordable has made such a difference in the health of my scalp. I’ve used expensive shampoos and conditioners to no end with barely a difference. I wish I discovered this product much sooner!" —AH

Get it from Amazon for $5.93+ (available in three colors).

2. An enzyme-based laundry stain remover because it just might bring your fave top back to life after the stain you thought would be the end of it.

Promising review: "For whatever reason, I am ALWAYS spilling things on my shirts and I cook every night (sometimes I remember the apron, sometimes I don't). My clothes are a mess by the end of the day. I'm not proud of it, but there it is. I have tried EVERYTHING there is to remove stains and this is the absolute BEST thing out there. (There is simply not a major stain remover that I have not tried.) The only thing close is a long pre-soak (I mean like six hours) in Oxyclean. With Puracy, you get the best result by doing it well in advance, but for me that is another plus because I would far rather spray them when I put them in the hamper than do it all at once just before I do the laundry. It seems to get everything out and I've never had any trouble with damaged fabric. I don't really review very much, but this is seriously outstanding." —NYC Buyer

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three sizes and packs of two).

3. A set of affordable and reviewer-loved (under $35 and *over* 145,000 5-star reviews!) waterproof wireless Bluetooth earbuds that'll instantly pair with your devices so you can stop fussing with wires getting tangled up in your mask or dealing with dropouts and latency from lesser Bluetooth products. Plus, the comfy silicone earpieces are designed for extra stability so they don't fall out of your ears even if you're running and jumping!

These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 14 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for 4+ hours with each full charge). The earbuds are also so waterproof, you can use them in the shower, and have a built-in mic so you can chat on the phone. 

Promising review: "The earbuds worked seamlessly and well out of the box. I use them while hiking the hills with my dogs and when working at my desk – I can still hear outside noises when needed for safety, but can listen to music without disturbing others. The earbuds are comfortable even during exercise, and they fit securely. Using the earbuds as a headset with my cellphone is easy as well. I do have to experiment with how they handle the Google assistant. The audio quality is at least stereo hi-fi, and the earbuds paired easily with both my phone and laptop. Wireless charging and having a large backup power source for the phone are terrific features." –Jawpar

Get it from Amazon $32.99+ (available in four colors).

4. A painless mint-flavored Venus teeth-whitening pen — it'll give you quick results with just thirty seconds (!) of daily use. Even *years* of stains from things like coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more are no match for this thing.

before and after of reviewer's yellow teeth, then cleaner whiter teeth after use

Promising review: "I really liked this product because it gave me significant results in just a few days. I have tried other whitening products but I definitely think this one is my favorite because its not only easy to use but also works very well. There is also no weird aftertaste, and all I do is keep my mouth open wide for around 30 seconds. The whitening capabilities were also great, and I know this because my teeth were stained before but now they are not. Lastly these pens were very easy to use because all you have to do is twist the dial at the bottom of the pen clockwise, and product comes out. So overall I would rate this pen a 10/10 and I am definitely planning on buying more in the future." —Roy Joseph

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $16.90.

5. Some Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes to ~miraculously~ nourish and save even the plants you thought were goners for sure.


Each spike can be used for 30–60 days, depending on the season. The reviewer photos on the right are all of the same plant — the top one shows how this magical stuff helped the wilted lil' guy start to recover just 10 days, and the bottom one shows that he's completely come back to life three weeks later!

Promising review: "I always kill my plants but I decided to try again. I just bought five houseplants, and three of them were marked down because they were looking pretty puny. Since I tend to kill them anyway, I figured I would give them a try and save some money. I put one of these spikes in each plant and they all looked so much healthier and happier after just a couple days. I also added one spike to the only houseplant that I've had for years without killing (I was beginning to think it was artificial) the leaves looked healthier almost immediately. I'm very happy with this product and it was a great price." —victoria

Get 24 spikes from Amazon for $2.88.

6. A jar of the Pink Stuff paste, which has reached cult-favorite status for being great at removing stains, rust, discoloration, and other stubborn marks from metal, ceramic tiles, saucepans, barbecues, and much more without leaving behind any scratches!

Before and after photos of a discolored wall cleaned by The Pink Stuff
Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "Say what?! It works??! YOU GUYS!!! My daughter decided the world is her canvas. Her medium: crayons. Almost every door and wall in my rented home is covered. I've tried everything, and my arms are super buff from scrubbing, all for nothing. I saw the Pink Stuff on a Pinterest post and thought I would check it out here on Amazon. I thought, 'well, it looks like it'll work, and if not, it's not expensive and it can't damage my walls anymore than they already are.' I am NOT disappointed! I used a damp microfiber cloth, scooped it up, and wiped it on the walls. I kid you not when I say it just wiped off!! My husband's mouth fell open and I happily did my entire hall 🤣. Seriously, get it." —Sarah B.

Get it from Amazon for $6.95.

7. A Schick Silk Touch-Up Tool so you don't have to pay to remove peach fuzz. Plus, it works painlessly and precisely, leaving your face oh so smooth without the irritation marks that most threading or razors leave behind.,

Promising review: "I use these to remove my peach fuzz on my face and shape my eyebrows easily. I did not expect them to work as well as they did. My face feels super smooth and soft, and skincare products are more effective now. I was scared to shape my eyebrows with it, but it came with a small attachment that makes the blade smaller so you don't accidentally shave off half your eyebrow LOL! I love them, 10/10." —Abigail

Get a three-pack from Amazon for $4.99.

8. A set of bed bands to keep your fitted sheets from slipping off of the corners of your bed and getting tangled up with your sheets every single night.

Promising review: "I have a pillow-top and pillow-bottom queen-sized bed that is a little too small for king sheets and with queen sheets I have battled to keep the sheets from popping off. I have tried everything! I was about to try to customize some king sheets because it was so frustrating. Then I saw this product advertised on Facebook in one of those posts about the amazing products that people love. So I figured it was worth a try. It works. I was shocked. My sheets have not popped off once. I ordered this in February and it is May now — and they have not popped off once! They used to pop off EVERY...SINGLE...NIGHT. To say this is life changing is not an exaggeration. Such a relief to be able to sleep through the night without ending up in rumpled sheets." —TinkerbellAPixie

Get a set of four from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in three colors and two sizes).

9. A rechargeable, flameless electric lighter so you can stop running out of lighter fluid and doing all kinds of acrobatics to get your ancient gas station lighter to give you just one more flame.

A rose gold lighter with an electric current
BuzzFeed editor lighting a candle
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Check out what BuzzFeed Editor Emma Lord has to say about it:

"People also swear by this for camping! It comes in other pretty colors, but I am especially partial to this one because I bought it for my parents (their kitchen is entirely pink and one of my favorite places on Earth), and this was SO EASY to use — not to mention super safe! I'm a big weenie about fire (lol, self-preservation) so I've always stuck to extended arm gas lighters, but this is much better for the environment (plus cuter), so I feel a lot better about using it."

Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in four colors).

10. A cold brew coffee maker so you can stop overpaying for your fave daily beverage. Just add coffee to the brewer and water to the coffee maker, shake it up, then put it in the fridge overnight and that's it! This awesome device features an airtight lid and stainless-steel filter to keep coffee fresh for up to two weeks! 

reviewer demonstrating how to load the coffee maker and shake it
The pitcher full of cold brew next to a cup of iced coffee

Promising review: "I have been drinking caffeinated beverages every day for half my life. Usually brewing hot then cooling it down with ice was quite a process to do every morning. Then I came across this cold brew pitcher and thought I'd give it a try. It's great, easy to use and clean, very convenient, lasts for a couple weeks, I love it! Making a pitcher of coffee take less time than a normal brewer and makes enough for at least one cup a day for about a week, depending on how much coffee concentrate is used. I haven't used my normal coffee or espresso machine since I got this cold brew system. The coffee seems to taste better as well, not a huge difference but it's somewhat noticeable." —Jeremy Birnbaum

Check out one BuzzFeeder's full review of the Tayeka cold brew coffee maker for more info!

Get it from Amazon for $22.20+ (available in three colors).

11. A pair of open-toed sandals some reviewers claim are even comfier than Birkenstocks (and much more affordable too)!

Reviewer wearing light beige strappy buckled sandals with cork-like soles
Reviewer holding the shoe to show the contours on the sole

Promising review: "Relief! I have high arches and have developed something like plantar fasciitis now that I'm in my mid-40s. Didn't want to spend the money on the comparable Birkenstocks, even though I highly trust that brand. So glad I tried these first! Can't believe the price. And when I can't stand being barefoot or any other shoes, these are my go to. Wonderful!" —DB

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in women's sizes 5–13, including wide sizes, as well as 15 colors).

12. A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets, because who wants to spend time loading up the dishwasher only for it to present you with dishes that are STILL dirty?? No thank you. Just pop these tabs in and let them do the job for you!

These tablets are designed to penetrate, dissolve, and remove odor-causing residue that accumulates inside your dishwasher over time, as well as remove lime and mineral buildup. Using Affresh tablets once a month can prolong the life of your dishwasher and make it more effective at doing its job: cleaning your dishes.

Promising review: "Works extremely well. We haven't done any cleaning on our dishwasher in five years, and the sliding dish trays were tough to pull out or push in, there was detergent build up all over the inside, and there was a milky film on all our cups. I bought Affresh, ran the dishwasher with two tablets while it was empty, and the difference was astounding. There was still some buildup and I figured it would require another cycle, so I popped another two tablets in, ran the machine a second time, and now it looks and sounds brand-new. No more film on the glasses, no more dirty dishes from clogged sprayers, no more odors, or buildup around the door seals. I'm going to be buying Affresh from now on, and hopefully it will extend the life of my dishwasher." —Martoune

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $5.99.

13. A tube of Essence's Lash Princess mascara that defines and separates lashes to give you the bold look you usually need ~falsies~ for. Plus, it'll last all day — even in hot weather — without clumping, flaking, fading, or wearing.

buzzfeed editor's eyes before and after using the mascara with the done lashes looking darker and longer
Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

"As someone who isn't a big fan of false lashes (the glue irritates my eyes and I'm terrible at applying them) this budget-friendly holy grail does the trick for both lengthening and volumizing my lashes. After you've given it a minute to dry, it lasts all day long and doesn't smudge or fade. It seriously gives the effect of false lashes, without the discomfort." —Kayla Boyd, BuzzFeed Editor

Promising review: "After using Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte for the past year, I got tired of breaking the bank over mascara. My sister suggested Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love. It provides dramatic length and great volume. I can honestly say I can’t stop looking at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day because of how awesome they look. Also, it is very long wearing. I go from an eight-hour workday right to the gym and sweat like crazy...and this stuff doesn’t budge! I love it!!" —Carrie E Miller

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

For more info and review pics, check out Kayla's full review of the Essence Lash Princess Mascara! You can also check out her review of the mascara on TikTok!

14. A trending rotating digital alarm clock / device charger you've probably seen on TikTok because everyone is obsessed with it. And with good reason! It's cool mirrored screen features an extra-large LED display that makes it easy to catch a quick glance of the time even from a distance *and* it will auto-dim during your sleep time (although it's manually dimmable too)!  Plus, it has two charging ports so you can charge the clock *and* your other devices simultaneously. And finally, it's got a big ol' snooze button so you can quickly and easily silence the numerous alarms you set before the one that actually means it's time to wake up.

the alarm clock on a reviewer's nightstand
the alarm clock in rose gold

You can check out the TikTok featuring the mirrored digital alarm clock to see it in action!

Promising review: "Love love love this clock...sleek and definitely a statement piece. Alarm is subtle it will definitely wake you up however it will not scare the B-Jesus out of you. Love the extra ports on the side to charge other things with it." —Meika B.

Get it from Amazon for $18.59+ (available in six colors).

15. Some Avarelle tea tree and calendula oil-infused pimple patches that actually help reduce acne overnight by drawing out pus trapped under the skin. You can even see all of the gunk these patches pull out, so you know they're working.,

Promising review: "These did exactly what they said they would. I had a rather large-area acne breakout under my chin. Overnight it nearly disappeared! I will say these are best on spots with a whitehead as they work by drawing the yucky stuff out. I will definitely be getting these again." —Heather E Tapp

Get 40 round patches from Amazon for $8.49 (also available in XL square patches).

16. A vinyl plastic vaccine card sleeve with a resealable top so you can keep this important doc safe and dry at all times — especially when you're taking it to Krispy Kreme for your free donut they're offering to vaccinated folks!! Plus, it has a hole so you can attach it to a lanyard.

Model holding vaccine sleeve with resealable top

Promising review: "Perfect for safeguarding the CDC COVID-19 Vaccine card. Just HATE that the CDC didn’t produce wallet-sized cards to begin with.The plastic and the zip lock are sturdy and can be attached to a lanyard. It’s definitely sized correctly for the CDC card. I pass these out to family and friends when they get their dose of vaccine. It’s necessary to protect the low quality cards with your vaccine batch number stickers." —B.

Get a set of three from Amazon for $6.98 (also available in five-, ten-, and 50-packs).

17. A pet urine stain-removing spray perfect for pet owners who are desperate to remove spots and smells both old and new. Simply spray and let the enzymes gobble up all the gross stuff you don't feel like spending forever scrubbing away at. Then just blot and let air dry, and you can cross it off your to-do list!

Reviewer image of a stained carpet
Reviewer image of same carpet now clean

Rocco & Roxie Supply Company is a family-owned small business established in 2013 that specializes in pet odor eliminators, pet toys, pet snacks, and pet accessories.

Promising review: "I don’t know how I ever survived without this. There’re tons of 'pet stain/odor remover' products out there, but this by far is the absolute best. I cringed paying the $20 for it when others are between $5–$10, but I have NO ISSUES paying now. I foster dogs, some puppies, some older, some not housebroken, and every room in my house is carpeted except the kitchen, which means I have lots of accidents. I spray enough to saturate if it’s a lot of urine, let it soak for 10 minutes, then wipe it up with a hand towel. Then I put a larger towel on top of it if it’s in a high-traffic area until it’s completely dry. It’s taken out every stain and, more importantly, the odor is gone! I will never stop buying this product. I recommend it to everyone who has dogs!" —Shelley

Get it from Amazon for $19.93.

18. A bottle of Drop It that naturally removes wine sulfates and tannins (aka HEADACHE INGREDIENTS) in just 20 seconds *without* altering the flavor. Forget wasteful single-use wands that have to sit in your glass and require three minutes of stirring. Drop It is a quick, portable, cost-effective, and discreet solution that's been verified as the *only* product that removes these compounds in red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine. Plus, one lil' bottle can be used for up to 55 glasses of vino, *and* it's made with an all-natural, KETO-friendly formula that doesn't contain any gluten, soy, dairy, or GMOs!

BuzzFeed editor putting drops into glass of red wine
The drop it bottle in editor's hand
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Drop It recommends 1-2 drops for each glass of white wine, 2-3 for a glass of red, and 7-9 if you're treating the whole bottle at once. Once it's in the glass, swirl lightly for 20 seconds, and you should be good to go!

Promising review: "I became really sensitive to wine in my thirties and through a lot of trial and painful error, I thought I might have to give up on wine altogether. Then I found out about the preservatives being a possible cause and decided to give this product a shot. So glad I did!! I'm still pretty sensitive to reds but this helps tremendously so that I can have a glass with dinner without a headache immediately settling in. Whites cause me no problem what so ever! I love that it takes so little product to make a difference to a whole bottle. Just a few drops, a few minutes and we are good to go." —CastawayIrons

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

19. A pair of comfy Bluetooth headphones because trying to sleep with regular earbuds in is all fun and games until you roll over on your side. With these, you can stream audio via Bluetooth, block out external sound, and sleep much more comfortably than with tiny pieces of plastic pressing into your ears and tumbling out every time you change positions.

Model wearing wraparound grey fabric headband headphones
Model wearing them to sleep  on their side

People also use these to give their ears a break if they listen to music during the day or even as exercise headphones for indoor yoga or running in the cold!

Promising review: "Promising review: "These are great! I've struggled with insomnia for the past couple years. I wish I'd found these sooner. They are extremely comfortable. When I fall asleep, I rarely sleep for more than an hour straight. These allow me to comfortably play a podcast or meditation to get myself back to sleep. I'm only two nights in on using these and I know I don't want to be without them. Even in a dark room, I use them to cover my eyes. They do move a little on my head while sleeping but not so much that it really bothers me. I always sleep with a fan on and these keep my little postpartum hairs from flying around and tickling my face all night. The battery life is great. I probably played them for a total of five hours during the night and woke up them still having 70% battery remaining. I probably won't use these for a workout because I don't have to wash them all the time, but for insomnia or anyone who just likes to fall asleep listening to something, these are amazing." —Jesse Brown

Get it from Amazon for $19.97 (available in seven colors).

20. L’Oréal’s 8 Second Wonder Water — it'll give your hair the moisture, shine, and silkiness it's missing, with instant results visible after the first use. Use it on wet hair after shampoo for healthier-looking locks and a weightless feel that takes a mere *eight seconds* to achieve!

The bottle and a picture of a review with 3c type hair

Promising review: "I don’t usually do reviews on products, but for this one I absolutely have to. I have 3c-type hair and struggle with a lot a breakage, unmanageability, and moisture. When my mom mentioned this product to me I didn’t take her seriously because of the simple fact that we have completely different hair textures. I never would have thought this brand would work on my hair. I have always used ethnic hair products and stayed away from brands such as this one because of the alcohol consumption. I have never in my 22 years felt my hair like this! I feel like I have a completely different head of hair. This product is so amazing and I will FOREVER be using this product in my hair regimen." —Theressa Hailey

Get it from Amazon for $8.97.

21. Some Wet & Forget shower cleaner that makes it easy to keep your tub and shower nice and shiny. All you have to do is spray, let it sit, and rinse — and it'll clean and prevent scummy buildup all on its own. No scrubbing or wiping required — hooray!

Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I had a horrible gray ring in the bottom of my shower that was impossible to remove. I had tried the Dawn dish soap method (with a lot of scrubbing) and had even used toilet bowl cleaner to try to remove the soap scum. My next step was to tear out and replace the shower pan and tile. I figured this was my last chance. I ordered the Wet & Forget spray and really coated the shower walls and floor pan and walked away. I CANNOT begin to tell you how happy I was to rinse down the walls sometime later and watch all that crud roll right down the drain!! This is the best product I have ever used in my life!! Works great and no toxic fumes!!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $16.89.

22. A pair of unbelievaby comfy pull-on Levi's jeans to help make the transition from lounge pants to denim much less painful than anticipated.

A reviewer in medium wash denim skinny jeans
Reviewer showing back of jeans with pockets

Promising review: "A must-have in my wardrobe! As soon as I opened the package, I tried on these pants. They fit PERFECT! I really like them and so glad I took a chance and ordered both a blue and a black pair right away. I am going to go back and see if I can get more colors!!" —Cat 16

Get it from Amazon for $20+ (available in women's sizes 2-28, three inseams, two fit types and eight colors).

23. A box of face masks that'll help clean out your pores and make 'em look smaller while sending the lines on your face packing!

Reviewer before and after showing the mask made their skin look tighter and reduced the appearance of some wrinkles

Promising review: "I have never written a review before but I am compelled to do so now. Let’s start with what my 41-year-old face looked like. I had bumps, tiny bumps all over my skin, especially my forehead. My skin NEVER felt smooth even with the prescriptions I was give to help with these tiny bumps. Rosacea = bad bad bad. So bad that it was actually causing my cheeks to have what appeared to be thickening skin. Wrinkles, some that were quite deep. My pores were friggin' huge and getting bigger day by day it seemed like. I know that it says to use this product every three days. I chose to go with every single day for the first box of eight. The results were so amazing I decided on everyday for the second box. Even more amazing results. EVERY SINGLE ISSUE LISTED ABOVE NO LONGER EXISTS!!!! I moisturize deeply after rinsing and my face looks absolutely amazing. My face did not even look like this at 30. I am hooked and I will be buying no less than three packs every single payday so I can stock up on this stuff in case they ever decide to quit selling it. If I had 10 stars available to rate I would use them and more!" —Amazon Customer

Get a box of eight masks from Amazon for $30.92.

24. A heavy-duty oven scrub designed to make oven disasters a lot *less* disastrous. It's made with gritty pumice stone so you can easily scrape out those burnt-on bits on the sides, racks, and even on the door's glass panel.

Cleaning Studio / Etsy

Cleaning Studio is a small business based in Fairfield, Connecticut, that specializes in natural cleaning products.

Promising review: "This product is amazing! It works fast with pretty minimal elbow grease. The stainless-steel sponge that comes with it makes it easier. And it smells great!" —Melissa C.

Get it from Cleaning Studio on Etsy for $17.99+ (available in a plastic or glass jar).

25. A gorgeous Always Pan from Our Place that's not just fashionable — it's designed to replace eight pieces of cookware so preparing a variety of dishes can be a lot less complicated. It's nonstick, comes in a variety of lovely colors, and is fully up to the task when it comes to braising, searing, steaming, straining, sautéing, frying, boiling, and serving. Plus, it even has a helpful built-in spoon rest!

the spice colored always pan on top of a kitchen counter surrounded by amber cups and peach dishes
a model stands over the the spice colored always pan, sautéing mushrooms and onions on a stove
Our Place

Here's what BuzzFeed Shopping writer Taylor Steele has to say about the Always Pan:

"As someone who neither enjoys cooking nor is particularly good at it, the Always Pan has made being in the kitchen feel like less of a chore. Having one pan that can do everything means I don't have to second-guess every cooking decision I make. I can boil and prepare pasta in it. And I can roast Brussels sprouts. And I can make the perfect fried egg. And I can steam dumplings. The best part is that everything slides so seamlessly out of the pan and onto the plate, which also makes clean up super fast and easy. Both the amateur (read: reluctant) cook and the more seasoned chef will enjoy creating fan favorites and new recipes in the Always Pan!"

Also, BuzzFeeders LOVE this pan. Here's our full review of the Always Pan, in which seven members of our team weigh in everything they love about it, from the nonstick coating to the versatility to the ~aesthetic~.

Get it from Our Place for $115 (available in eight colors).

26. A trending Bio-Oil that uses vitamins A and E, chamomile, and lavender to soothe cracked and dry skin, fade new *and* old scars, and moisturize without clogging up your pores. Reviewers who have been washing their hands a lot and ending up with painful dry skin say this really helps!, Amazon

Promising review: "FWIW re: scars, this stuff really works. I had thyroid surgery a few years ago and Bio-Oil took me from looking like I'd stumbled out of the Red Wedding to virtually no detectable scar within a few months. All I did was apply it once in the morning and once at night." —Emma Lord, BuzzFeed Shopping Editor

"I bought this for my scars but because of the current COVID-19 crisis I have been washing my hands so much that they are painfully dry. Hand cream hasn't helped enough so I decided to use the Bio-Oil on them and even after the first application they felt SO much better! I'm glad I bought the big bottle!" —L. Strand

Get it from Amazon for $8.92 (available in four sizes and one bundle).

27. A foot file and callus remover to make your feet feel like they were completely reborn.

before, a reviewer's heel with deep dry cracks, and after the heal pink and smooth, next to the black and silver file

Promising review: "I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it!!! In less than five minutes all of the dry, dead skin came off. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t need expensive paraffin treatments or foot soaks. I can’t believe I’ve struggled with dry heels for so long! Can’t express how amazing it feels to have smooth heels. Easy to use and quick!" —Teacher Mom

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

28. A creamy deep conditioner designed for anyone with 3a–4c hair looking for something that'll moisturize, add shine and smoothness, and leave curls feeling soft as a cloud!

Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

Bread Beauty Supply is a Black woman-owned business that was founded by Maeva Heim in 2020.

Promising review: "LOVE this product! My hair is very dry and frizzy but this product made my hair so much more manageable and soft. I will definitely be getting more once I’m out!" —Nivedhitha

Get it from Sephora or Bread Beauty Supply for $28.

29. A set of vividly colored fine-point planner and journal pens for anyone who loves to color code notes and tasks or even just doodle in the margins. Plus, they're specifically designed not to bleed through thin pages!

Fine point pens in 18 different colors

Promising review: "Love, love these markers. I've been using these for three years and they are still going. Some of my friends have seen me using them and asked how they could get some! Love the fine lines they make — would use them as everyday pens if I wasn't afraid they'd run out." —Tracie

Get a set of 18 from Amazon for $7.99.

30. Some Athena Club natural deodorant — it actually keeps you smelling good all day long so you can finally end your love/hate relationship with those brands you know are packed full of gross ingredients, but still rely on simply because they get the job done.

The white tube of deodorant
BuzzFeed / Katy Herman

BuzzFeed writer Katy Herman swears by this stuff! Here's why:

"Two things I used to believe: 1) That putting on deodorant would never be something I looked forward to and 2) natural deodorants just didn't work as well and I was stuck with my regular drugstore brand (rhymes with Schmecret) instead of the effective aluminum- and cruelty-free formula that was my white whale. But now, slap me in Cabin 6 and call me Annabeth Chase, because I'm a dutiful daughter of Athena (Club). The first thing I noticed when I got my sample of this magic stuff in the mail was the sleek and pretty packaging that feels all Insta-worthy on my countertop. Then, the smell — I really don't like perfume-y, overpowering scents, but this was so mild and beautiful and natural-smelling (I picked scent No. 2, a rose, sage, vanilla, lime and cedarwood blend). But most importantly, it heckin' WORKED.

I will confess, and I know no one here will judge me, that I have skipped some shower days in quarantine with my family, and this empowered me to skip another. I'm not going anywhere and my parents love me unconditionally, okay??? But I also feel totally fresh with this stuff on. My pits stay noticeably dry and smelling A-OK pretty much all day, even if they were pretty stinky to begin with (is this TMI??). And it achieves all that with really just a swipe — no need to apply a ton. Between the pretty packaging, the scent, and the effectiveness, I actually look forward to putting on this plant-based, cruelty-free goodness in the morning (and therefore am less likely to forget). Try it out and have your pits thank me later!" 

Get it from Athena Club for $12 (available in three scents).

31. universal dust cleaner that'll get to those nearly impossible-to-reach nooks and crannies in your keyboard, car vents, printer, and other appliances. It's weirdly fun to use, has a pleasant lemony smell, and is nonstick so you won't have any gooey residue left behind!

Model using yellow gel to clean a laptop keyboard
Model using yellow gel to clean an A/C unit in a car

Promising review: "Love love love this product! I bought it to use to clean my radio and dash in my car and I use it on every surface in my car! I have even used it on the seats to pick up lint and crumbs! I've even used it on my yoga pants to get fuzzies off! It’s sticky and picks things up great but doesn’t stick to your hands or surface and it doesn’t leave a weird residue! It molds back to the shape of the cup after you put it back in there! I plan on buying a few more of these for myself and for gifts." —ev_st777

Get it from Amazon for $6.77+ (available in two colors).

32. A triple-layered vacuum-insulated S'well stainless-steel water bottle that keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 — all without annoying condensation dripping all over your bag and hands. Plus they come in a whole bunch of stylish patterns and colors so you can choose the one that matches your own personal aesthetic.

The S'well bottle in Geode Rose

Promising review: "Best thermos ever! I've been trying different brands many years and finally found S'well few years ago. It became my everyday companion since. I was really impressed how many hours it could keep temperature cold or hot. I highly recommend!" —Sofie

Get it from S'well for $25+ (available in three sizes and a variety of colors and patterns; the bottles can also be personalized).

33. And a pack of all-natural bottle-cleaning tablets to get rid of those stains, smells, and tastes lingering in your thermos — no scrubbing or extra effort required on your part!

Reviewer before, during, and after images of a thermos using the tablets

These are biodegradable and odor free.

Promising review: "I seriously can't believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting Hydro Flask coffee mug — I tried everything. A bottle brush, different kinds of soap, vinegar, EVERYTHING, and there was still a seemingly impenetrable layer of black sludge inside. I let a tablet sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY, without even scrubbing. They look brand new. What a magical product. No weird smell or taste afterward, either. I liked it so much I used it on another Hydro Flask I use primarily to hold my Bloody Mary mix in the fridge. I couldn't put anything else in it because it would always taste like spicy tomato juice. Bottle Bright to the rescue! No residual smell or taste anymore. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING." —Amazon Customer

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $8.

34. An easy-to-use jewelry-cleaning pen that'll make your jewels sparkle and shine like the day they were born.

Reviewer before and after image of a dulled ring made shiny again

Promising review: "If I could give this 10 stars I would! I'm a fanatic when it comes to keeping my jewelry clean, especially my wedding set. I tried this product on my diamonds, Swarovski crystals, and Brighton jewelry, and the results are nothing less than amazing! This restored one of my Swarovski rings that I had not worn in years due to the cloudy color to a sparkling brilliance just like the first day I bought it! I cannot recommend this product enough! I just ordered additional wands so I don't run out! Home run, Amazon!" —Kristina B.

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

Check out one BuzzFeeder's full review of the Diamond Dazzle Stik to learn more about why we love it.

35. A hands-free leash to make walks, jogs, and errands even more convenient. The strong bungee cord absorbs jerks and lunges, and it even includes a zip-up pouch you can use to store treats, your phone, or other supplies.,

Promising review: "Y'all, this is literally the best leash ever! My dog is part husky, so thinks he's in the Iditarod when we run, and I thought no way would this work. It's shorter than most leashes, which is what I prefer for control purposes. After he realized he wasn't bungee jumping from my waist, it was the best he's ever walked, let alone run! The pouch fit my phone, and I can finally run hands free! I'm 5'4" and he's about 50 pounds for reference, but he usually pulls harder than most Labs and Danes I know." —CZ

Get it from Amazon for $14.49+ (available in seven colors).

36. A gorgeous FP Movement onesie here to accompany you through basically every type of workout. The stretchy material moves with you through your routine without feeling too tight, and the cutout details keep things breathable so you can be less of a sweaty mess by the end of your session!

Model wearing the onesie
Free People

Promising review: "I am loving the FP Movement collection. The eyelet detail is gorgeous, the fit is comfortably compressive, it is stretchy, and it is completely opaque worn on its own. Versatile and very well made. Yoga, gym, walk, or run—just do it!" —Free People Customer

Get it from Free People for $98 (available in sizes XS–L).

37. Some hydrogen peroxide-infused toilet bombs that'll fizz around to freshen and clean your bowl. When used regularly, they'll even eliminate the need to get in there with a pumice stone!

the five white spherical toilet bombs
Juniperseed Mercantile

All you have to do? Drop one in the bowl, swish once or twice, let it fizz for about five minutes, then scrub for a minute or so with a toilet brush. Juniperseed Mercantile is a Littleton, Colorado-based small business with a passion for great skincare, simple living, and the Earth.

Get the pack of five from Juniperseed Mercantile for $10.

38. A jar of Sichuan Chili Crisp from Fly By Jing you'll wanna use on EVERYTHING. Seriously. It's hot and tingly without being overwhelmingly spicy, and its bold flavor is so delicious, you won't be able to get enough. This sauce is mind blowing on everything from noodles and eggs to pizza and even ice cream! *Plus*, it's vegan, sugar free, gluten free, and made without preservatives or artificial flavors.

Fly By Jing

Jing Gao, the founder and CEO of Fly By Jing, is a chef, entrepreneur, and a globally renowned expert on Chinese cuisine. While the flavors are inspired by her hometown of Chengdu, Jing's recipes are deeply personal and offer a unique taste you won't find anywhere else.

I got this sauce as a gift, and I have been obsessed ever since I tried it. It combines the most prized Szechuan peppercorns with fragrant dried chilies, fermented black beans, garlic, shallots and more for a numbing, umami-rich flavor that has enhanced truly everything I've tried it on — without overpowering the other flavors. I've been struggling to find the right sauce to take my home-cooked dishes to the next level, and let me tell you, this is it! Plus, the packaging is super cute and thoughtful, and mine even came with a beautiful little zine that includes a breakdown of the ingredients, some amazing recipe ideas, and more!

Get it from Fly By Jing for $12.75 (originally $15).

39. A collagen-coating hair treatment that'll magically bring your damaged hair back to life with all the body and silky softness you could possibly dream of! Even skeptical reviewers were amazed at how well it works.

Bek O'Connell / BuzzFeed, Bek O'Connell/BuzzFeed

Promising review: "My hair used to be really soft, and then I discovered hot tools and hair dye. While my hair looks good I really missed the soft texture. This works so well. There are no instructions on the box but I washed my hair with my usual shampoo, towel-dried it, worked about two quarter-sized dollops through my hair, let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinsed out. I went to bed with wet hair which usually results in my hair being kind of tangled and rough looking but I woke up and my hair was as soft and silky as it was before I started coloring it. I'm totally in love with this product, I have long, fine hair but this doesn't leave it greasy or weigh it down. I'll definitely buy again." —Ellie

Get it from Amazon for $11.40.

BuzzFeed Editor Bek O'Connell has this and loves it! Check out her full review of the Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment (#1) for more deets!

40. A fast-acting carpet spot-removing spray to remove those stains you thought you'd never be able to get rid of.

Promising review: "This stuff is AMAZING! I was a little skeptical because I have some carpet stains I’ve let sit for a while because I didn’t have any cleaner at the time of the accident. The accidents have included coffee spills and poorly cleaned cat barf stains. I ordered this because I didn’t want to spend the money on a carpet cleaning service plus you have to be out of your house too long. This stuff was INCREDIBLE. You just spray a concentrated amount and then scrub the stain away. It worked in every single stain I had and was super quick and easy. 100% recommend if you need a good spot cleaner!" —Kimberly

Get it from Amazon for $11.69.

41. A bottle of natural nail and cuticle repair oil that helps soften cuticles and strengthen nails when used daily.

A before image of a reviewer's brittle nails and an after image of them much heaithier

Promising review: "After my acrylics came off during quarantine, I wanted to make my natural nails stronger as they had had acrylics on them constantly for the better part of two years. I searched around Amazon and gave this product a try. I'm glad I did. I started using it twice a day, once in the morning and once toward the end of my workday. I'm down to once every few days now and my nails are much stronger after the past two months. I'll continue to use it until I can get back to the salon." —Alice B.

Get it from Amazon for $8.50+ (available in two sizes).

42. A double-sided hairbrush-cleaning brush because your head's not the only thing that needs excess hair, dust, and buildup brushed out! This easy-to-use tool has strong bristles that'll get your favorite hairbrush looking like it's never been used before. And once you see how dirty it was, you'll be glad you cleaned it before putting it *anywhere* near your head.

Promising review: "This is the tool I never knew I needed. It may seem like a silly thing to spend money on when you can clean your brush out by hand but this gets so much more out of the brush! It's easy and rather enjoyable. Who wants to brush their nice clean hair with a brush full of dirty, oily hair and dust. When you really think about it makes you want to throw out all your old brushes. I will be buying these as gifts for all my girlfriends." —emmaline

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

43. A Chuckit! ball launcher that'll make it easy to entertain your energetic pup without exerting too much effort on your part — especially if you've had a long day and are running on fumes, but still wanna have a good time outside with your fave fur baby.

A dog and a reviewer holding the launcher

Promising review: "My dog never understood the concept of Fetch. It didn't matter what I tried. This FINALLY has her fetching and using up all (OK, most) of the energy that a cattle dog has. We can play over and over and over without my measly arm wearing out, and she's able to sprint to her heart's content. I'm already planning to gift one to my brother's dog who also is fetch-dumb." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $4.19+ (available in three sizes and seven styles).

44. Some nonsticky rosewater and glycerin toner to help banish acne and minimize pores while hydrating your skin. It works great on all skin types and is vegan as well as paraben and cruelty-free.

A person holding the bottle of toner
Beauty Strike

Beauty Strike is a Brooklyn-based small business founded by Emani Mone Jeter, a third-generation beauty professional and licensed aesthetician. She creates natural cleansers, toners, treatments, moisturizers, and more that are recyclable.

"My skin was about as tight as Kim K's Mugler dress when I decided to switch to this toner. It's nonirritating, and I love that the spray bottle doesn't require me to touch my face." —Christine Forbes, BuzzFeed staff

Get it from Beauty Strike for $14+ (available in two sizes).

45. Watermark-removing cloths here to save the day if the people sharing your home seem to have never heard of an obscure little concept called "using a coaster."

Promising review: "This removed the most stubborn watermark on earth! My desk had three very obvious rings from where hot mugs had been left unattended, and despite trying everything that was recommended online, nothing worked to reduce their appearance. This cloth must have some miracle oil in it because it removed the rings when nothing else would, and they haven't come back. Be sure to really rub the cloth over the watermark (it may take some time, but it's worth it!), and save the plastic bag that it comes in just in case you need it again." —Trini

Get them from Amazon for $8.28.

46. And finally, a reusable Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller for anyone who wants to stop buying wasteful oil-blotting sheets. This works the same way! Just roll it over your T-zone or other greasy areas and soak up excess oil *without* messing up your carefully applied makeup.