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    37 Futuristic Products That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Living In 3021

    The future is now.

    1. A light saber umbrella so you can use the Force to fend off the rain.

    A person holding the umbrella, which has a shaft that glows like a lightsaber

    2. A rechargeable handbag light so you can easily see everything that's hiding in the deep, dark depths of your tote. Plus, it doubles as a battery pack for on-the-go charging!

    An iPhone plugged into the glowing handbag light via a charging cable. The light is roughly the size of a compact mirror

    3. An Oculus Go VR headset that'll transport you to another place with completely immersive viewing and gaming so you can shut out the world around you for a little while.

    4. An innovative Revlon hot-air brush to simplify your routine using special vents that allow air to flow, so hair dries faster without damaging. It's much quicker and easier than using a dryer, flat iron, or curling iron, and the results will make you feel like you just came from the salon!

    Reviewer who has straightened half of their tight curly hair with the hot air brush

    5. A rechargeable sonic facial cleansing brush that gives off sonic pulsations to remove up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells while providing gentle exfoliation.

    6. A seemingly magical stand that appears to use alien technology to hold your device securely in place without magnets or hooks.

    An iPhone, held in place by the slanted tablet stand with no ledge to support it

    7. A video game-inspired necklace that exudes an otherworldly glow so your friends will wonder if you're a time traveler from the future who is here to save the world.

    8. A motion-sensor trash can that'll smoothly and quietly open up with a simple wave of your hand so you can feel like a magician every time you have to throw something away.

    The stainless steel trash can placed next to a kitchen counter

    9. A reusable notebook that'll blast your handwritten notes and doodles straight to your preferred cloud service so you can save them forever. And once it's full, just throw it *in the microwave* to erase all of the pages at once so you can start fresh without constantly having to buy a new notebook!

    10. A motion-sensor toilet light because, in the future, you don't have to turn on the harsh, unforgiving light that'll wake you up completely when stopping by the bathroom in the middle of the night.

    The toilet light glowing in 16 different colors

    11. A pair of cyclops sunglasses for anyone who wants to block out harmful UV rays while looking like they're visiting from the year 3000.

    12. A tiny Bluetooth speaker that has no business sounding as incredible as it somehow does.

    A person holding the small cylindrical speaker between their fingers

    13. A robot vacuum that'll actually do an efficient job so you can take vacuuming off of your to-do list.

    A child sleeping on the floor as the robot vacuum is running

    14. A smart bottle attachment that'll be your little hydration helper by tracking when you take a sip of water and blinking to remind you when it's time to drink more to avoid the dreaded dehydration headache.

    The tear-drop shaped hydration tracker hooked onto a silicone band, which is then attached to a glass water bottle

    15. An impressively detailed, dual color moon-shaped light to add a cozy lunar glow that'll make your space feel a lil' more soothing.

    16. A space pen – it can write at any angle, even upside-down! You can use it to write under water, in extreme temperatures, or even in zero gravity, if you find yourself often needing to jot something down in less than ideal conditions. In other words, yes it's basically that pen from Seinfeld.

    The metal and rainbow-colored pen displayed on a table

    17. An antioxidant-rich magnetic mask that'll help extract impurities and will lift right off with the included magnetic wand!

    18. A Bluetooth-powered ComBadge that hooks up to your phone, has a built in mic for hands-free calls, will answer/end calls and play/pause audio when touched, and even chirps when you receive phone calls or use voice commands! Basically, a Trekkie's dream come true!

    A person dressed in a Starfleet uniform pressing the Bluetooth ComBadge which appears to produce a chirping sound

    19. Some LED cloud lights because ~the sky's the limit~ when it comes to lighting options that can totally transform your home. Each cloud has eight different light settings (fade, flash, dim, etc.), is battery operated so there are no ugly cords to try and hide, and even includes a convenient timer.

    the clouds hanging in different shades of blue

    20. Or a magnetic balance light that looks like it was brought back in a time machine.

    21. A TikTok-famous bagless, touchless stationary vacuum to make you wonder why you ever owned a regular dustpan. No more bending over and transporting your filth to the trash can — now you can just sweep directly over to this ingenious device and watch it slurp up every last crumb.

    22. A LED shower head that'll brightly display the water temperature so you can stop scalding your hand trying to find the perfect heat level every time.

    23. A makeup brush cleaner that'll do most of the work for you — and faster! It swirls your brushes in soapy water until leftover makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, and debris are gone, and then spins the brush until it's dry.

    24. A bidet because the time has come to ~bidet~ sincere farewell to fully relying on toilet paper. This attachment is easy to install (no plumber needed!), will help you cut down your TP usage, and will make you feel so much cleaner and refreshed after going #2.

    The bidet, attached to the side of a toilet

    25. A set of long-distance lamps so that every time you touch yours, theirs lights up, letting them know that you're thinking about them. It works the same way on their end too!

    A person placing their hand on the long distance lamp as it emits a blue glow. The light looks like four smooth wood pieces attached by metal rods

    26. A super cool floating bedside table so you can stop lining your bedroom floor with half-empty mugs just waiting to be knocked over. It takes up less space than a regular night stand, and easily attaches to your bed frame so you can keep your essentials within reach at all times.

    27. A flexible universal tablet stand that'll hold up your tablet so you can keep your hands free! It's designed so you can use it while sitting, lying down, or even on uneven surfaces. Plus, the legs fold for easy storage.

    the black tablet holder with four legs over a model's legs, showing how it holds the tablet easily

    28. A rapid egg cooker that can make hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs in just minutes so you don't have to!

    The egg cooker surrounded by eggs

    29. A cool magnetic chess set because playing horizontally is so 21st century.

    Model playing the magnetic chessboard attached to the wall

    30. A smart ball that syncs to unlimited interactive virtual training sessions with real trainers, tracking every movement to help you improve your soccer, basketball, or fitness skills.

    31. A smartphone sanitizer that'll simultaneously sanitize *and* charge your phone! Forget about trying to wipe down every crevice with different cleaners and anxiously wondering if they'll mess up your screen or seep into the headphone jack. Just set your phone in this case, and the UV light will zap 99.99% of the uninvited germs clinging to your phone while the USB port gets you back to fully charged.

    A phone inside of the smartphone sanitizer in periwinkle

    32. A smart Ember Mug2 that allows you to control and view the exact temperature of your drink from your phone or smartwatch. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee and constantly having to reheat your favorite hot beverage in the microwave when you keep forgetting about it, because the future is now.

    The mug full of coffee

    33. An Echo Dot you can use to *clears throat* stream music, display the time, set alarms and timers, ask Alexa any possible question you can think of, check the news and weather, control your smart home, make hands-free calls, detect smoke alarms and glass breaking while you're away, connect to multiple Echo Dots throughout your home, and more!

    The Echo Dot 4th Gen displaying the time "9:24"

    34. An illuminated doodle pillowcase cleverly made to entertain your little ones while you take a much-needed break. Use any light source (or the included light pen) to draw on the cartoon cloud or heart, and your scribble will glow for five minutes or longer before gradually fading to make room for your next creation!