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    43 Things For Anyone Whose True Love Is Food (And Drinks)

    Warning: this post may (and probably will) make you hungry.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bag of Korean honey butter chips that just might be the greatest chips of all time, imho. They're the perfect amount of sweet and buttery without being overwhelming, and they taste like no other potato chip I've ever had.

    The chips in their bag

    Promising review: "Best chips ever. Amazingly delicious chips! The best I can compare them to is something like kettle popcorn. Sweet and savory at the same time. Definitely worth trying once, but be'll want them more often. Haha." —Askingforafriend

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $11.48.

    2. A bottle of Everything but the Bagel seasoning to elevate anything you sprinkle it on! Use it to upgrade your avo toast, eggs, pizza, popcorn, salads, and much much more.,

    As someone who would probably lick the seasoning directly off of an everything bagel if it were socially acceptable, let me tell you from personal experience that this blend is no joke! It legitimately tastes exactly like you hope it would, and I've yet to spinkle it on anything that hasn't been improved by its presence.

    Promising review: "I literally put this on everything. It’s awesome! I bought it because I already love Trader Joe’s, so that was a no-brainer. I was making homemade keto bagels and wanted everything bagels, and this was perfect. I will definitely buy more when I run out." —Edward Maroney

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    3. Some extra toasty Cheez-Its that are HIGHLY superior to the plain ol' original flavor. Seriously, don't sleep on these.

    The Cheez-Its in their box

    Tbh, I wasn't a huge fan of Cheez-Its until someone suggested I try the extra toasty version, and I'm not ashamed to say that they've since earned a top spot in my snack rotation. The corners are a little darker, the crunch is a little crispier, and the flavor is unquestionably toastier, which left me wondering why anyone would prefer anything less. And best of all, this isn't some skimpily packed specialty snack. One box is loaded with enough tasty treats to satisfy you for a long while, even if you find yourself reaching for it more often than you expected to, which, fair warning, is extremely likely.

    Get it from Walmart for $2.88.

    4. Some super rich chocolate walnut cookies from Levain Bakery that might just be the most luxurious-tasting cookies I've ever had.

    The cookie broken in half so the inside is visible
    Levain Bakery

    Levain Bakery recommends that you put these in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes, and I will second this suggestion. They'll taste freshly baked as if they were made in your own kitchen, full of a generous amount of delicious gooey chocolate balanced with tasty walnut pieces, all inside an incredibly soft, super thick cookie that'll spoil you for all future desserts.

    Get a pack of four from Levain Bakery for $27.

    5. A variety pack of Truff sauces — featuring the Original, Hotter, and White Truff hot sauces — ready to throw a party for your tastebuds and work their way into way more meals and snacks than you'd expect!

    Truff, Jonathan Mazzei / BuzzFeed

    This stuff is excellent and really grows on you! The first time I tried it, I wasn't entirely sure how I felt, but by the end of the first week, I found myself reaching for it with almost every meal. While all three options have a lot of similarities, they each have their own distinct personality. At first, they were all a little creamier and almost...tomato-y (?) tasting than I expected. Then, I realized there was NO dairy or tomato present at all, but a thickness and slight sweetness almost reminiscent of red bell peppers. The truffle flavor is present but subtle, and the sauce has a solid kick without being overwhelmingly hot. As far as the differences between the three, the White Truff sauce is a hint sweeter than the other two, the Original has a slightly earthier flavor than the others, and the extra spiciness of the Hotter Truff sauce spreads through the mouth quicker and is definitely hotter than the rest. Verdict: They're all really good! So far, these sauces have shined brightest when added to a nice tomato sauce, drizzled over a slice of pizza, scooped up by crispy french fries, and, believe it or not, even added to a salad dressing, but that's still barely scratching the surface! Plus it comes in a very classy looking box that's great for gifts.

    Get it from Amazon or Truff for $69.99, or try just the Original for $17.98, the White Truff sauce for $34.99, and Hotter Truff sauce for $17.98.

    6. A trio of delicious jams that are ~jam~ packed with flavor. This set includes raspberry redcurrant geranium jam, cherry rosehip hibiscus jam, and lavender blackberry rhubarb jam, and all I've got to say is — YUM.

    The three jars of jams
    V Smiley Preserves

    V Smiley Preserves is a Queer-owned small business based in Vermont that puts 25% of their proceeds toward the Trans Justice Funding Project. Here's what the founder has to say about how their jam is made! "[My partner] Amy and I moved back to Vermont (to the farm where I grew up and where my mom still lives/works) to begin the slow process of 'farm transferral' with V Smiley Preserves as the recipient of the land’s productivity. Amy grows ingredients for V Smiley Preserves (berries, rose geranium, tomatoes, peppers) and together we harvest the fruit that my mother has planted on the farm over her nearly 50 years of caring for the 150-acre farm (mostly berries, rhubarb and apples)."

    Get it from V Smiley Preserves for $21+ (available in two sizes).

    7. A bag of chile- and hibiscus powder-dusted mango that's a little bit sweet, a little bit salty, and a little bit spicy to equal a flavor you won't be able to get enough of.

    NatureBox, Jonathan Mazzei

    I vowed that I was gonna savor these, but after tasting them, all self control went out the window. I've tried a variety of dried chili mango snacks, and these rank high among the best I've had! The combination of hibiscus and chili powder makes for a very tasty seasoning that perfectly compliments the excellent mango flavor without overpowering it. For me, they have the perfect balance of spicy, salty, and sweet that makes you just wanna keep eating them until they're gone. Fortunately, the bags contain a good amount, and include a nice mix of fairly giant pieces as well as more bite-sized ones that just go down so easily. This stuff is truly nature's candy, and I'd still be eating some right now if I didn't just demolish a second bag of them, whoops.

    Get a pack from Naturebox for $11.99 (or $8.99 if you're a member).

    8. A 12-pack of Topo Chico — one of the bubbliest sparkling waters out there — that'll do a little dance all over your tastebuds and make you wanna swear off still water for good (although you probably shouldn't do that).

    12 bottles of Topo Chico

    Every apartment I've ever lived in has basically been lined with empty Topo bottles.

    Promising review: "ABSOLUTE BEST SPARKLING WATER AROUND!! Out of all sparking waters I have tried, Topo Chico is the absolute best. The amount of carbonation is twice the amount of any other. That's what makes these so refreshing. As soon as the bubbles hit your tongue, you will understand why this is such a great sparkling water. It's very light on the mineral flavor and is so easy to drink. The BEST way to enjoy these is ice cold. Straight out of an ice chest is my preferred method, but if your refrigerator is nice and cold, that should work too. The other thing that's great about these is that even when they have been sitting a while because you decided to drink it slower, they remain carbonated. I highly recommend these if you enjoy sparking water. Nothing beats Topo Chico on a hot summer day!!" —FastHackem

    Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $8.99.

    9. Some incredibly tasty garlic-flavored roasted peanuts that are fantastic on their own but also pair nicely with a cold beer. I tried these for the first time recently, and am pretty much obsessed.

    The peanuts in their packaging
    Just Asian Food

    "How do they get these to taste so garlicky without removing the shells??" That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I tasted these, the second thought being "I will never stop eating these peanuts." Some are more garlicky than others, and each peanut almost has its own flavor, but the inconsistency is kinda.. what I like about them? They feel and taste a little more naturally prepared than other mass-produced flavored peanuts, but then again I know nothing about the preparation process so that could just be my perception! I also kinda forgot about the simple joy of removing peanut shells until I got these. Sometimes it's fun to have a little activity to do while snacking, and these generally come off super easily. I really can't say enough about the incredible depth of flavor these have. They are one of my new favorite snacks.

    Get it from Just Asian Food for $3.99.

    10. A bag of Snyders gluten-free plain pretzel sticks that — hear me out — are even better than non-gluten free pretzels. I eat plenty of gluten-rich foods, but if I'm in the mood for plain pretzels, these are my new go-to, due to their impressive, vastly superior crunch. Don't knock 'em 'till you try 'em!


    Promising review: "Better than regular pretzels! I prefer these over regular" —ShoppingatTargetinLA

    Get it from Target for $3.49.

    11. A variety pack of vegan, gluten-free cookie dough from DEUX that makes mouth-watering cookies you'll feel good about eating, knowing they're enhanced with immunity vitamins and protein. Plus, you can eat it straight out of the jar!

    DEUX, Instagram: @jacquifrey

    You don't have to sculpt the batter to look like a turkey...but I highly recommend it! I got this variety pack around Thanksgiving, and my girlfriend, who specializes in custom cake and cookie sculptures, knew instantly that she wanted to make some of them into turkeys. Heads up that the Immunity x Chocolate Chip flavor was the best for sculpting and molding, if that's your thing. It stayed relatively the same size and shape in the oven, while the others expanded quite a bit. They were all equally delicious though. The flavor was rich without being overly sweet, and all of them taste great even straight out of the jar. They were super quick and easy to make, only taking seven or eight minutes in the oven. I found that the flavor didn't change all that much after baking, but that was fine by me since they're so good to begin with!

    Get the variety pack from DEUX for $45 (includes one jar of Immunity x Chocolate Chip, one jar of Collagen x Brownie Batter, and one jar of Protein x Peanut Butter).

    12. Some dark chocolate peanut butter cups that are the perfect mini dessert when you're cravin' something quick and mouth-wateringly good.


    The dark chocolate exterior is fantastic, but what I really love is how full of delicious peanut butter these are. There's no skimping happening here! Every bite is a perfect balance of silky smooth chocolate and rich peanut butter that'll make you wish you could pack up your things and live inside one of them...or is that just me?

    Promising review: "My taste buds are changing and one of my favorite candies used to be Reese's pb cups. I love chocolate and pb anything. I can't stand those anymore as the chocolate tastes like wax to me. I wanted to do a happy dance when I first tried these! They're savory, sweet, smooth, creamy and very satisfying. The dark chocolate isn't bitter, and pairs perfectly with the peanut butter. They're even more delicious chilled in the fridge or freezer." —Caligirl

    Get it from Target for $6.69.

    13. Some furikake rice seasoning to elevate your rice dishes or really...anything you wanna sprinkle it on! This stuff is jam packed with umami-rich seaweed and roasted sesame seeds, and it goes great on avo toast, veggies, fish, sushi rolls, and almost anything else you can think of., Amazon

    These also come in a variety of other excellent flavors. They're all great, but I'm personally a huge fan of the sweet sake bonito flavor, which is my favorite to pour over a simple bowl of white rice to add a little sweet and salty umami plus some added texture.

    Promising review: "This stuff is delish!!! I drizzle sesame oil on top of salmon and then coat with this before baking — best decision of my LIFE" —Nickee

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in five flavors).

    14. Some blissfully crunchy vegan beet puffs that just go down so easily and are made with delicious plant-based ingredients. You don't even have to be vegan or a beet-lover to enjoy these! The beet flavor is subtle, but that doesn't mean these are lacking in flavor. Quite the opposite, in fact!

    The beet puffs in their packaging
    Plum Market

    If I don't watch myself, I can accidentally knock out a whole bag of these in one sitting. The beet flavor is mildly present without being overpowering, and the mix of nutritional yeast and sea salt gives them a slightly cheesy flavor that makes you want more even if you're totally stuffed. Then there's the crunch. I've yet to have a puff with a more satisfying crunch then these. Sometimes I even suck on them just to bask in all of the flavor before chomping down. What are you waiting for? Just try them already, and you'll see what I mean!

    Get it from Plum Market for $3.39.

    15. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription to take your tastebuds on a world tour via the finest coffee from around the globe — all delivered directly to your doorstep!

    A cup of coffee surrounded by pouches of different types of coffee
    @atlascoffeeclub / Via

    Choose between a half bag of coffee (about 15 cups), a single bag of coffee (about 30 cups), or a double bag of coffee (about 60 cups) for every two weeks or every four weeks. Choose from a light to medium roast (fruit, berry, citrus, chocolate), medium to dark roast (chocolate, bold, rich, full-body), or all roast types, and either in whole-bean or ground form. You'll also receive flavor notes, a postcard, and brewing tips!

    Get it from Atlas Coffee Club starting at $9.

    16. A two-pack of high-quality olive oils that includes one for everyday cooking and baking, and a *select* one for dipping and drizzling over dishes so all of your fancy olive oil dreams can come true.

    Oleamea, BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer

    "I recently tried this olive oil duo from Oleamea, a small, woman-owned Turkish olive oil brand, and it is MIGHTY delicious. Without doing a Williams Sonoma oil oil sample taste test, it can be hard to find a super flavorful olive oil when you're just at the grocery store, and when it comes to drizzling and dipping, flavor matters. The everyday oil is very delicious (certainly way better than the usual stuff I have around the house) and would be great for dipping and serving on its own, but the select is the star of the show, very rich and flavorful without being super pungent or peppery. Oleamea says it has "aromatic notes of fresh cut grass and hints of green banana to perfectly balance the distinct peppery bitterness" — tbh I can't identify any of that but all I know is it is FANCY and TASTY and 10/10 will continue to drizzle.

    My go-to afternoon snack of grocery store hummus, toasted pita, and veggies is now majorly upgraded with a sprinkle of za'atar seasoning mix and a hefty drizzle of the select oil. Am I enjoying a mezze plate at a restaurant happy hour or eating while hovering over my laptop? Guess we'll never know. I can't *wait* for the summer weather to stock up on some farmer's market tomatoes for an at-home caprese salad drizzled with this. And next time I pick up a pint of Good vanilla ice cream, I'm going to get real fancy and pour a bit of the select oil on top, plus a little Maldon flaky salt." —Maitland Quitmeyer, BuzzFeed Staff

    Get the two pack from Oleamea or from Amazon for $20.99 (bottles can also be bought individually on both sites).

    17. A jar of Sichuan Chili Crisp from Fly By Jing you'll wanna use on EVERYTHING. Seriously. It's hot and tingly without being overwhelmingly spicy, and its bold flavor is so delicious, you won't be able to get enough. This sauce is mind blowing on everything from noodles and eggs, to pizza and even ice cream! *Plus*, it's vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and made without preservatives or artificial flavors.

    Fly By Jing

    Jing Gao, the founder and CEO of Fly By Jing, is a chef, entrepreneur, and a globally-renowned expert on Chinese cuisine. While the flavors are inspired by her hometown of Chengdu, Jing's recipes are deeply personal and offer a unique taste you won't find anywhere else.

    I got this sauce as a gift, and I have been obsessed ever since I tried it. It combines the most prized Sichuan peppercorns with fragrant dried chilies, fermented black beans, garlic, shallots and more for a numbing, umami-rich flavor that has enhanced truly everything I've tried it on — without overpowering the other flavors. I've been struggling to find the right sauce to take my home-cooked dishes to the next level, and let me tell you, this is it! Plus, the packaging is super cute and thoughtful, and mine even came with a beautiful little zine that includes a breakdown of the ingredients, some amazing recipe ideas, and more!

    Get it from Fly By Jing for $15.

    18. A pouch of antioxidant-rich turmeric spice herbal tea full of spicy turmeric and cinnamon with ginger undertones to ignite your taste buds, warm your insides, and help boost your immune system.

    bag of tea
    Blk and Bold

    The pouch makes about 43 cups! Blk and Bold is a Black-owned business that pledges 5% of profits 5% of its profits to youth programming, workforce development, and ending youth homelessness.

    Get it from Blk and Bold for $12 or a two-pack from Amazon for $25.

    19. A subscription to Home Chef that's here to take the stress out of meal time without sacrificing flavor! Just pick and customize your meals for the week, and pre-portioned ingredients will be delivered right to your door with easy-to-follow step by step recipes! Plus, they offer everything from five-minute to 30+ minute meals to accommodate your ever-fluctuating schedule.

    A topdown view of a meatball, potato, and pea dish
    @realhomechef / Via

    What you'll get: A box filled with portioned and labeled ingredients from a rotating selection of meals (that you choose!) catering to carb-conscious, calorie-conscious, and vegetarian diets. Cancel or pause at any time, so you only ever get as many meals as you need!

    Get it from Home Chef for $6.99+/serving.

    20. A bar of bold and fiery chilli peanut praliné dark chocolate inspired by the maker's favorite satay sauce that's sure to add a sweet and savory kick to your snack repertoire. There's a reason this was the International Chocolate Awards bronze winner in 2019!

    FOSSA Chocolate

    It's also dairy-free, soy-free, wheat-free, gluten free, and vegan.

    Get it from FOSSA Chocolate for $12.

    21. Some nonalcoholic gin and tequila for anyone who wants a mocktail that actually tastes remarkably like the real thing.

    The gin and tequila alternatives in their bottles next to a glass
    BuzzFeed / Rachel Dunkel

    "I stopped drinking a few years ago, but I've really missed fixing a lil' cocktail at the end of the day. With Ritual and Monday, cocktail hour is back, baby! Ritual's tequila has the spicy-smoky factor that makes mezcal so excellent and Monday's gin is forwardly aromatic with the spirit's signature juniper flavor front and center. Having a mocktail that doesn't just taste like juice? Heaven." —Rachel Dunkel, BuzzFeed Staff

    Get the Ritual zero proof tequila alternative from Amazon for $26.99 and the Monday zero alcohol gin for $39.99.

    22. A can of whole San Marzano tomatoes that'll upgrade your pasta sauce to Italian-approved levels and make it super easy to achieve a sublime marinara.

    The can of tomatoes

    My dad was born in Italy, and always keeps a can of San Marzano tomatoes on hand for pasta and pizza sauces. He recommends either breaking them up by hand or throwing them in the blender briefly (not too long if you still want your sauce a lil' chunky), then tossing them in a pan with olive oil, garlic, and basil for about a half hour, stirring occasionally. The result is a simple, but full flavored sauce that outdoes any other jarred or canned marinara I've ever had, and is certainly a more authentic-tasting pairing for your favorite noods. Add some fresh chilis or flakes if you want a little heat, and season to taste!

    Get it from Eataly for $3.90.

    23. And some underrated strozzapreti noodles that are the perfect shape to capture your precious sauce and ensure that every bite is the perfect balance of nood and tangy tomatoes.

    The dried noodles in their packaging

    Bucatini noodles are also great for this due to their hollow center, and they're so beloved that they actually experienced an unexpected 2020 shortage, leaving pasta lovers in temporary despair!

    Get it from Eataly for $4.50.

    24. Some crunchy gluten-free granola mix with India-inspired chai spices, almonds, pistachios, cashews, and coconut to make breakfast time even more flavorful!

    Flatbush Granola

    Flatbush Granola is a Black and woman-owned small business based in Brooklyn, NY whose founder became obsessed with granola after not liking it all that much as a kid. All it took was a few experiences with amazing gourmet and homemade granola to change that, and the blends they offer are all personal and made from the heart!

    Get it from Flatbush Granola for $10.

    25. A four-pack of tasty roasted chestnuts that make a great snack on their own but can also be added to meals and desserts if you want a little extra roasty, nutty flavor.

    The chestnuts in their packaging

    When I was younger, my parents had an old fireplace in their living room, and every year, my dad would chop wood in the backyard, and come home from the Italian market with fresh chestnuts to roast over the open flame. He and my mom would scald their fingers peeling the shells, but they always said the incredible flavor was worth the effort. And they weren't wrong. Years later, they've moved on from that home and no longer have access to a wood-burning fireplace, but the chestnut cravings haven't let up. They decided to cave and try these pre-peeled, pre-roasted chestnuts in a bag and were pleasantly surprised at how flavorful they were, especially if they popped them into the toaster oven for a few to make them taste like they were freshly roasted! Sure, nothing beats ♬chestnuts roasting on an open fire♬ but these come pretty darn close — without the sore fingers!

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $15.

    26. A bag of Colombian dark roast coffee with notes of dark chocolate, blackberry, and date in case you wanna start your day with something truly delicious.

    The bag of coffee
    Red Bay Coffee

    This is a great small, Black-owned business from San Francisco! Their goal is not only to make high-quality, sustainable coffee, but also promote "diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability." They also prioritize hiring people of color, the formerly incarcerated, women, and people with disabilities.

    Promising review: "I'm a big fan of darker roast coffees and l.o.v.e. East Fourteenth. That blackberry note is AMAZING — tiny bit of cacao/rich chocolate on the finish. Worth breaking my one-cup-a-day rule for. Red Bay is awesome — beautifully fresh roasted, and shipped quickly." —Shelby De Mello

    Get it from Red Bay Coffee for $19.

    27. A box of bonbons full of a vast array of incredible flavors like yuzu, black sesame and passion mango, macadamia rice puff, and lots of others. You can even request specific flavors to be added or removed from your box, and this small biz will do their best to accommodate!

    The colorful bonbons in a variety of flavors
    Stick With Me

    Stick With Me is an Asian- and woman-owned small business located in New York City that focuses on handmade confections made from fresh and natural ingredients.

    Get it from Stick With Me for $25.

    28. Some Japanese Chili & Lime Bitters to add an explosion of flavor to your cocktails and Bloody Marys. You can even make unique marinades, dressings, and more using these concentrated extracts.

    The bitters being mixed into a cocktail
    Webstaurant Store

    "I love love looooove unique flavors in drinks, and recently got into spicier bitters and syrups after a friend made her own jalapeño tequila and shared it with me. These Japanese Chili & Lime Bitters are so unique in that they have a little bit of heat and a little bit of pucker to them, so your tastebuds are like, HELLO, WOW, WE ARE EXPERIENCING A TINY HAPPY ROLLERCOASTER every time you take a sip. I like to pair it with something sweet, like candied peanut avocado sushi or, of course, cake." —Emma Lord, BuzzFeed Staff

    Get it from Webstaurant Store for $15.42.

    29. Some organic, gluten-free pizza bites made with quality ingredients so you can indulge in some tasty junk food without the guilt! This new frozen food brand is from the same entrepreneurs who brought us Hu Kitchen, so they’ve already proven their ability to make delicious snacks without over-processed ingredients — and this first offering doesn’t disappoint!

    Snow Days, Jonathan Mazzei

    First of all, let me start by saying my pizza standards are HIGH from growing up in an Italian family who is serious about their ‘za, and right off the bat, these tasted more like the kind of pizza I love than any other pizza pockets I’ve ever had. They’re made with 100% organic ingredients, and you won’t find any scary, hard-to-pronounce chemicals here. But that doesn’t make them taste any less indulgent! The grain-free dough is super flavorful, and gets perfectly crispy on the outside while remaining nice and soft on the inside. And the inside?? It’s truly delicious! The tomato sauce is seasoned perfectly and packs a really nice tangy and garlicky oregano punch without being overly salty like some other frozen foods tend to be. And the CHEESE. Grass-fed mozzarella? Yes plz! The list of ingredients is packed with nutritious veggies, but don’t tell your kids that, and they’ll never know! These pizza pockets are bursting with flavor and will def be my go-to from now on when I’m looking for an easy, tasty snack. 
Making them couldn’t have been simpler, and putting these in the oven for about eight to nine minutes worked out perfectly for me. I’m definitely guilty of sometimes relying on frozen food more often than I should, but eating these makes me feel way less badly about that habit than other overly-processed options, and I look forward to seeing (and devouring) whichever frozen food Snow Days decides to tackle next!

    Get it from Snow Days for $34.99.

    30. And a Hu Kitchen almond butter and puffed quinoa dark chocolate bar that's made with high quality ingredients, cutting out the bad stuff and packing it full of the good stuff, with the flavor to prove it!

    Hu Kitchen

    This chocolate bar is made *without* palm oil, refined sugar, caned sugar, sugar alcohols, dairy, gluten, emulsifiers, and soy lecithin.

    I just love Hu Kitchen's chocolate bars! This one in particular is silky smooth, with a lovely little crunch from the popped quinoa that's super satisfying!

    Promising review: "Rich and Delish! One of my faves.., this chocolate bar is packed with almond butter inside. With every crunch of rich dark chocolate and puffed quinoa you get to enjoy a creamy bite of almond butter. Delightful!" —Susie E.

    Get a pack of four from Hu Kitchen for $29.

    31. An authentic Japanese barbecue sauce that's good on basically everything! It's made from delicious, clean ingredients, without any additives, preservatives, or flavoring, and is inspired by the sauce the founder's grandmother used to make!

    The sauce next to a dish of food

    Bachan's is an Asian and Japanese-owned small business founded by Justin Gill, who dreamed of turning his family's sauce into a business ever since he was a kid. Resisting advice to cut costs and water down this prized sauce that earned rave reviews from everyone who tried it, Gill prioritized maintaining its integrity and only using clean ingredients. Their sauce is proudly cold-filled, vegan, small-batch, non-GMO, BPA-free, and preservative-free, while remaining true to the recipe his family used to make over the holidays, inspired by their grandmother Judy Yokoyama.

    Get it from Bachan's for $13.99.

    32. A bag of Blue Diamond almonds that come in a variety of truly incredible flavors that'll put regular ol' almonds to shame.


    My personal faves are the salt 'n' vinegar (mouth puckering-ly tangy in the best way), wasabi and soy sauce (the dream team — with just enough wasabi kick to clear up your sinuses), and the dark chocolate oven roasted flavor I tried for the first time recently that really surprised me with how good it is, even though I already loved this brand. The crunchy almonds have a lovely roasty flavor, and they are dusted with just enough dark chocolate to keep them from being overly sweet while making your mouth cry out for more when you sadly finish the bag.

    Get them from Amazon for $8.80+ (available in eight flavors)

    33. Some plant-based Harvest Snaps green pea snack crisps made from whole veggies that are chock full of flavor with a crunch that doesn't mess around!

    The crisps in lightly salted flavor, a few sitting next to their packaging

    My personal faves are the lightly salted (simply delightful), tomato basil (a really unique tasting, deeply flavored, herby option), and wasabi ranch (even though ranch isn't usually my jam — it's subtle here and is mostly wasabi flavored), but I've heard the others are great too! These snacks are baked, not fried, and contain no artificial colors of flavors.

    Get a pack of 24 of the lightly salted flavor on Amazon for $26.98 and check out the rest of the available flavors here.

    34. A Tokyo Treat box full of delicious snacks straight from Japan so you can send your tastebuds on a well-deserved vacay!

    A Tokyo Treat box filled with snacks and other treats
    Tokyo Treat

    Tokyo Treat is a small business that offers delicious snack boxes from Japan! A premium plan comes with 17 full-size items including: one Japanese drink, one party pack, one Anime snack, five popular Japanese snacks, three Dagash (popular candies)i, one DIY Japanese candy kit, and one Japanese candy guide book while a classic plan comes with 12 full-size items including four popular Japanese snacks, two Dagashi (popular candies), one DIY Japanese candy kit, and one Japanese candy guide book.

    Get a premium plan from Tokyo Treat starting at $31.50 and a classic plan starting at $22.50.

    35. A bar of brown butter dark chocolate that will melt in your mouth and delight your taste buds with its creamy and smooth texture, rich 70% cacao dark chocolate flavor, and slightly salty butteriness that'll make you feel like you're experiencing the height of chocolate luxury.


    I crave this bar all the time now. I'm a sucker for slightly salty chocolate, and the addition of brown butter flavor solidifies this as one of my favorites.

    Promising review: "Fantastic. Smooth. You can really taste the browned butter; and the dash of salt makes it very moreish. I'm extremely impressed that they kept it 70% even with the added butter, and with the care it takes to brown butter consistently and the high quality of this bar overall." —Danica Stone

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    36. Some pickled celery perfect for adding to sandwiches but also great for snacking on or as a side all on their own!

    The pickled celery
    Pickle Guys

    If you haven't been to the Pickle Guys store in NYC, I highly recommend it! You'll be greeted by vats full of an array of perfectly pickled veggies to sample and purchase, and one of my favorites is their pickled celery! It's tangy, crunchy, and full of unexpected flavor that is amazing added to salads and sandwiches, but I also love to just snack on them every time I crack open the fridge.

    Get them from the Pickle Guys for $16+ (available in three sizes), and check out all the other pickled stuff you can get from them here.

    37. Some Calbee potato chips you won't be able to stop eating. The seaweed and salt flavor is a delicious mix of sweet and salty umami, while the hot and spicy flavor packs enough heat to keep you reaching for more without overwhelming its rich flavor.

    Umami Cart

    Get the seaweed and salt flavor from Umami Cart for $1.99 and the hot and spicy flavor for $1.99.

    38. Some famous homemade cherry pie using only the finest Montmorency cherries that northern Michigan has to offer. These rank so high among cherry pie connoisseurs that it's worth getting one shipped to you or a loved one.

    Grand Traverse Pie Company

    These pies are the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and their made-from-scratch pie crust is flavorful with a lovely texture that compliments the generously stuffed, cherry-filled interior without overpowering it. If I'm in the mood for a cherry pie (and let's be honest, I'm always in the mood for cherry pie), there's nowhere I'd rather turn to than Grand Traverse Pie Company!

    Get the cherry crumb pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company for $34.99 and check out the other available flavors here.

    39. A golden curry sauce mix that makes it easy to create a pretty darn good Japanese curry at home without getting involved in concocting a roux from scratch. Just add some fresh veggies and rice to treat yourself to a warming, savory meal — perfect for chilly nights.

    The curry in its packaging

    Promising review: "This curry helps me look like a great chef. If I knew it was this easy to make great tasting curry, I would have started making it years ago. I have used this curry to make many different dishes, and everyone has been successful. It look like a giant bar of chocolate, and you break it up until small pieces, and just mix it into the cooked meat or veggies and you're done. No fuss, no muss." —maxi

    Get it from Amazon for $1.98.

    40. A bag of Dave's coffee toffee full of almonds, dark chocolate, coffee beans, and sweet an' salty toffee that'll make you wanna lick the bottom of the bag.

    Dave's Sweet Tooth

    I love the crunchy texture and taste of these tasty treats. They're stuffed with everything I love, and the artisan coffee beans mixed with the chocolate toffee flavor is a combo made in heaven. Highly recommend!

    Get it from Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee for $6.99.

    41. A pack of delicious pre-prepared seasoned beans for those nights when you need one more side dish to fill out a meal, but don't have the time or ingredients to start from scratch. Just throw these in the microwave for 60 seconds, and BAM — your dinner just got an upgrade in the flavor department.


    The variety pack comes with two packs of Cuban Black Beans, Mexican Cowboy Beans, and Trini Chickpea Curry.

    Promising review: "Who writes a review about beans? Somebody who loves beans but had given up on them, until now. This is a great product. Canned beans from my local supermarket are always a disappointment so I stopped getting them. I don't have time to cook beans myself but A Dozen Cousins beans are fresh and taste terrific. I am trying to eat healthier and these are a great way to do that." —Amazon Customer

    A Dozen Cousins is a Black-owned small business based in San Francisco, California.

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $24.99.

    42. An Edible Arrangements gift basket that's just as delicious as it is beautiful!

    Edible Arrangements

    Get the Simply Edible™ Bouquet from Edible Arrangements for $29.99+ (available in three sizes), the Classic Indulgence box for $29.99+ (available in two sizes) or shop all gift baskets here!

    Shipping is $9.99 for delivery from an Edible Arrangements store, or varies for UPS delivery

    43. And finally, some amazing hot sauces from Hot N Saucy that mix flavors like garlic, beet, and sweet potato with just the right amount of heat to make you feel like you've entered hot sauce heaven.

    garlic n peperoncini, beet n fresno, and sweet potato n habanero hot sauces
    Hot N Saucy

    This Black woman-owned business is in NYC!

    Get the hot sauce flavor pack from Hot N Saucy for $30 and check out all of their products and individual sauces at Hot N Saucy.

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