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I Gained 10 Lbs Of Muscles In 30 Days And This Is How I Did It

Here is what I went through...

Here's the video, or you can read below!

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WEEK 0: Me At 133lbs 5'7"

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I was always skinny and people would point out that I was skinny... a lot. So I decided to commit 30 days to gain as much weight as possible. I made sure to set a goal to be accountable...

I Googled For A Hard But Reachable Goal

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So after extensive research (first link on google), I decided to choose 10 pounds as my goal to gain in 30 days. I was pretty excited and confident that I can achieve that goal since I only had to Eat, Workout and Sleep. Easy (right...?)

Workout? Yea I do that sometimes, no biggie...

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WEEK 1 & 2: Hah! Not That Easy...

I quickly learned that actually working out was not that easy... I would accidentally end up getting a massage instead of lifting weights. But in my defense, the gym's layout was quite confusing...

Me Working Out at Equinox

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However, I did okay since I gained 2 lbs during Week 1. Not too shabby, gotta give myself a pat on the back.

My Weight During That Week

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The workout was hard, but the diet was even harder. I forced myself to eat about 3500 calories a day so I was constantly full. I never felt hungry again... in a bad way. I was eating 5 meals a day: Breakfast, Snack1, Lunch, Snack2 and Dinner. I say "Snack" but they were actually almost full meals. Also I would try to consume 4-6 scoops of protein per day, depending on if I'm working out.

Food Intake on a Typical Day

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WEEK 3: I Wanted To Quit

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That week was definitely the hardest, I felt like I was getting weaker and I couldn't finish my sets. The food was also getting harder to swallow, I actually felt sick every time I ate.

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Some days I would get to the gym, completely demotivated, and would just stare at myself in the mirror wondering if I should continue.

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I have no idea how many pounds of chicken breast I ate, but I can tell you that my groceries costed around $130 a week just to keep up with my calorie intake.

WEEK 4 & 5: I Took A Chill Pill And It Paid Off

I didn't want to quit, but I also didn't want to continue down that path. So I decided to relax my constraints and let myself eat some junk food and did only the workouts I enjoyed (Pects and Biceps Every Day, No Leg Day).

Me Enjoying Pasta, Carbs is Life

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Of course by "junk food" I meant a bit more carbs and not only eating chicken breasts as my protein. I had Tofu, Salmon, Pork AND I actually seasoned them. For some reason, before Week 4, I was eating everything plain, and I thought I would be healthier that way.

I Only Did My Favorite Workouts

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I just stuck with the workouts I like which actually make me workout more because it was more enjoyable. Probably not a good idea if you want a well rounded build, but I needed some motivation.

Always End Your Workouts With 3 Sets of Selfies

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I also started taking a lot selfies. I started to appreciate the gains I've made and rewarded myself by some self appreciation (treat yo self). I thought my body was looking better than ever.

Last Day: The Final Weigh In

I was quite nervous for my final weigh in because I stopped weighing myself after a while. Week 3 really depressed me and I wanted to avoid looking at the number every day and disappointing myself.

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Surprisingly I gained 13 POUNDS! I was really happy with the results and that I reached my goal.

133 lbs to 146 lbs!

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I didn't realize how much bigger I got until I put my before and after picture side by side. I couldn't believe how skinny I was back then.

Before and After

JOMA / Via

Numbers Numbers Numbers... (I gained more fat)

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In the end, my neck, chest and waist got bigger by a few inches. However, I did gain a bit more fat, I went from 17% body fat to 18%, which isn't that bad.

Final Words

I'm glad I was able to reach my goal, but if I had to do it again, I wouldn't. But seriously, I don't think gaining that much weight in a month was the healthy thing to do. I would recommend taking it slowly because just like everything else, it's not a sprint it's a marathon, especially if you're training for a marathon. Being consistent is way more important than spending a whole day at the gym and burning out.

I was definitely happy that I reached my goal, because it taught me a lot about myself. I realize that as long as you know what you're sacrificing for your goal, you can definitely achieve it. But not all goals are worth the sacrifice, and there were many times that I didn't reach a goal, but in hindsight, it wasn't worth the sacrifice. As I was doing this experiment, I replaced many good meals and good times with friends with plain food and lifting weights with strangers looking angry all the time. I don't think I would sacrifice that again.

This is definitely not the end of my journey to live a healthier lifestyle. There are still many items on my bucket list like running a marathon, getting hella ripppedd, do a backflip and the list goes on.