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Australia's Hamish & Andy Are In A Full Blown Twitter Feud With 50 Cent

It's the feud of the century, and it's getting heated. Over the weekend, Australian comedians Hamish Blake and Andrew Lee entered a feud with American rapper, 50 Cent. It's bound to get heated, and this is how it's gone down.

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Then the reply...

Listen @50cent I don't want this to turn into a feud over who has more body building trophies because:a) I respect youb) I will crush you

— Hamish Blake (@hamishblake) October 5, 2013

Then Andy escalated things...

Piss off @50cent. I trained @hamishblake as best as I could and we actually won our weight division you big moron (with the utmost respect).

— Andy Lee (@andy_lee) October 5, 2013

Confusion followed...

Yo @50cent are we feuding or not? My accountant needs to know so I can tax deduct certain items (bulletproof vests, safe house snacks, etc)

— Hamish Blake (@hamishblake) October 6, 2013

More chat was thrown...

Hey @50cent just so you know, the Venn diagram of "me" and "backing down in rap feuds" NEVER intersects.

— Hamish Blake (@hamishblake) October 6, 2013

And parents took sides...

Hamish's mum on air re @50cent fued: "you're not a very good fighter". Losing parental support in a feud is a real blow. #HappyHour3pm

— Hamish & Andy (@hamishandandy) October 7, 2013

With Hamish losing out on that front...

My mum just basically sided with @50cent in the feud. Great. This means my only shot of winning is getting @110cent (fiddy's ma) on my side.

— Hamish Blake (@hamishblake) October 7, 2013

Yep, it's a feud.

@hamishblake Seems @50cent hasn't replied which can only mean we're feuding. How many guns d'you currently own? I think I own zero. Not sure

— Andy Lee (@andy_lee) October 6, 2013

Now we wait with baited breath...

The boys are still waiting for a reply from their now arch-enemy 50 Cent.

With 50 having not yet said anything, one can only assume he's getting ready for some serious escalation.

Stay tuned folks...

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