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Yom Kippur Feels, Hour By Hour

We can't eat, why do we say "Yom"?

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It's that time of the year again. Us Jews have to put away our favorite thing in the, for 24 hours. We're not supposed to use our phones or computers (except maybe to help the three hour service go a little faster). But we all know the feeling of watching the clock, hour by hour...waiting for Break Fast to come.

9:00 AM - Wake up and everything feels fine

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10:00 AM - You pick up a book to help pass the time

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10:06 AM - You remember that books suck and you miss your phone

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11:00 AM - You thought going to Temple would distract you, but...

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Noon - Roughly 17 hours in and you're questioning if you'll make it out alive

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1:00 PM - You start questioning why you didn't have that extra bowl of Matzo Ball Soup last night

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2:00 PM - You took your third nap today

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3:00 PM - You're getting anxious as you watch the clock

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4:00 PM - You're officially going insane at this point

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5:00 PM - You're so hungry, your stomach might eat itself

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6:00 PM - You made it!

And you're going to eat like you've never seen food before

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