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Glerix Talks About Moving On To A New Music Career

We got to talk with Glerix about his plans moving towards the Canadian music industry, wanted to become a pop artist and his future music releases.

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1. Why did you decided to move towards the Canadian music industry? Since you're about to establish a name in States?

I decided to move towards the Canadian music scene, since I already established my name before when I left Vancouver in year 2014. I also knew a lot of people in the music and business industry who can help me out. When I move to States, I have to start back to scratch since I only have a talent manager who is based in Vancouver BC. My talent manager is having a hard time getting me some shows here every month since no one really knows me here and I don't really know anyone here. I believe this will help me push myself towards the music industry then I can always work my way up towards the music industry in states.

2. We heard you wanted to be a pop artist rather than being as a dj and as a music producer. What made you decide to be a pop artist?

[Laughs] Actually, I am still a dj and a producer but at the same time I wanted to make you know pop music sometimes. Something that can go on a radio one day like mainstream music. Right now, I don't really want to focus on one genre. There will be a day sometimes that I feel like making a tropical house then the following few weeks I wanted to make progressive house. You know it really depends on my mood and I don't really make music that is on trend. I like making music that I really like.

3. Before we talk about your future releases, we want to ask if you consider yourself as an indie artist or a big artist?

That's a really good question. In fact, I would consider myself as an indie artist. I've always been an indie artist starting from the start up to this day. I mean people will look at my record labels and say hey glerix you're on some of the major record labels, but you know I am the artist who stays in indie industry unless I find my way out by making one song that can totally change my life. And that's really tough you know sometimes you have melody that's in your head and it always ends up under the category of non mainstream. I heard they have formula for it, but I am still learning on how to change my music level. We'll see how it goes.

4. Last question, what would be your future plans and future releases?

Right now, I am focusing on the Trio DJ band that I am in which is called The Radiant Code. I believe we have one more single music track to release until we go back on hiatus mode again. Then I am planning to exclusively release some of my old music back to iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and to any platform that way my fans can always look it up and share it with their friends and loved ones. Then after that I will focus more building my name and my brand then back to music producing but this time I want to experiment on my music. I always wanted my music to be fresh and always new.

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