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The Top 10 Famous Gingers of Your Childhood

We take a look at the unforgettable redheads you grew up with. Have a trip down memory lane at the gingers that will always have a place in our hearts.

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1.Chuckie Finster

This trembling tot is someone that we all recognise from the TV show Rugrats. His reluctance to take part in adventures with Tommy and the twins was cute in a way. Oh and we STILL love THAT t-shirt.

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Not such a friendly Chucky, but another face you will remember. This scary doll is still terrifying all these years later and he would still kill you in your sleep if he had a chance. But then again, he also wears cool clothes!


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The world’s most annoying brother from Clarissa Explains it All. Ferguson was the geeky brother we all disliked and despite wearing a cool bowtie he wasn’t as cool as Sam who climbed up a ladder each episode.

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Roger Klotz

Doug’s sworn arch enemy and school bully Roger is a face we won’t forget. Yes, he looks like a very ill Macklemore but when it comes to school bullies, we won’t ever forget what he put Doug and Skeeter through.

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Paul Scholes

We are still yet to see a footballer that was so colour-coded to his teams football strip as Paul was. It was easy for football commentators to identify this ginger maestro running around Old Trafford in the 90’s.

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Geri Halliwell

Ah, a popular choice with teenage lads in the 90’s. Ginger Spice wasn’t shy with her clothing selection and flirtatious persona. Do we even have to remind you of THAT dress at the Brit awards? Probably one of the most memorable dresses of the last century.

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Some would say the mermaid was also actually quite attractive. This 16 year old mermaid princess starred in the 1989 classic The Little Mermaid and has since been a hit on Broadway and around the world. Not bad for someone who is half-fish I suppose?

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Mick Hucknall

The Simply Red singer that is known as ladies man. We are not sure how that happened but we are going with it. This former sex addict claims that he was sleeping with up to three ladies a day in the 80’s. That’s pretty darn impressive, even if we say so ourselves!

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Ron Weasley

No list about redheads we grew up with would be complete without Ron! This pure-blood wizard was rumoured to have been killed off in the series. We are glad he stayed with us, we grew up with that ginger nut and he is one of us!

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Avid Merrion

The Leigh Francis character before Keith Lemon. Avid was the star of Bo’ Selecta! who was always half naked and wearing a neck brace. Something we didn’t even question and just went with! This celebrity stalker from Transylvania will surprisingly still be remembered for being funny rather than creepy.

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