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10 Reasons Why We Love Gingers

Gingers might not always be the first choice for partners out there for most people, but the reality is that their fiery hair and personalities make them a great catch. In fact here are 10 reasons to show you why your next catch should be that ginger you once ignored.

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7. Gingers are the Rarest Breed of Human on the Planet

0.5 per cent of the world's population is ginger. So you will practically have a rare specimen on your arm, some might even say you have a trophy to show off. Be proud to showcase your ginger gift to the world.

9. Gingers know how to have fun

They are jokers. Gingers have been mocked since childbirth, so they can take a joke! They probably have a fair few ginger jokes to share too. After all, they have heard them all….several times.

10. Ginger Babies are so Cute!

You would have cute redhead babies! They are so much cuter than 'regular' babies and you will help grow the ginger population. A fine gift to the world.

I think that we can now agree that gingers rule? Next time you are at the beach, look for the lonely people in the shade avoiding the sun like the plague. This is virtually your own personal goldmine!

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