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    10 Reasons Why Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars

    The battle between those who prefer Star Wars or Star trek has been raging on for over 30 years now. For those who believe that Star Wars is the best, check out these 10 reasons that may change your mind!

    1. There is far more Star Trek than Star Wars

    With Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space 9, Enterprise and 12 films that’s over 22 days of material! Star Wars has six films and two television series. While both franchises have a massive amount of extended content in the form of novels, comics and games, Star Trek beats Star Wars hands down in the sheer amount of televised content out there.

    2. Science

    Science is one of the major differences between Star Trek and Star Wars. Creator Gene Roddenberry did as much research as he could pertaining to science trends and where he felt science was going in the future. This research can be seen in almost every episode and a lot of it came to pass what with smart phones becoming our equivalent of communicators.

    3. Every Episode had a Message

    One of the many things Star Trek was clever in doing was to use it episodes to convey a message and explore serious social issues of the time. Star Trek has discussed many issues such as racism, death, AIDS, homosexuality sentience and a whole lot more.

    4. Personal Struggles

    Alongside broaching the serious subjects in the world, Star Trek also tackled the personal struggles we all, as humans have on a daily basis. With everything from Spock’s interesting relationship with humans to Khan Noonien Singh dealing with his own demons.

    5. There's Something for Everyone

    With the sheer amount of Star Trek content out there, there's definitely going to be something out there for everyone, whether it's social issues, compelling storylines like Voyager's journey home or epic space battles like Deep Space 9's war with the Dominion, there is definitely something that you or any of your friends will thoroughly enjoy.

    Star Trek's fans continued the show in other forms after it's cancellation. Some amazing examples of this are Star Trek New Voyages or their very own Star Trek Dating site.

    6. Time Travel!

    One thing Star trek has that Star Wars doesn’t is time travel! Time travel is a really cool plot device used in numerous episodes and films to do amazing things like saving the whales in Star trek IV: The Voyage Home. Meeting Mark Twain in the episode “Time’s Arrow” in The Next Generation. Even with the new films that came out recently, time travel was used to create an alternate timeline for Star Trek to explore with its new iterations.

    7. More Non-Humans!

    Star Trek has featured many non-humans as main characters over the years, from Worf, T’Pol, Seven of Nine, Data, Spock and many more. Each of these characters have had a rich and meaningful character and backstory that has resulted in fantastic non-human characters we all know and love. With the exception of Chewbacca, C3PO, R2D2 and Yoda we never really know much about the non-human characters in Star Wars.

    8. Teleporters!

    Allstar / Allstar/Cinetext/PARAMOUNT

    Teleporting is one piece of technology in Star Trek that you just can’t find in Star Wars. Travelling into deep space in awesome space ships is definitely very cool and the ships in both Star Trek and Star Wars are fantastic in their own ways, the ability to be simply teleported to and from a planet or another ship is such a cool way to travel!

    9. Star Trek came first

    Because Star Trek has about a decade lead on Star Wars since their respective release dates, Star Trek has always been ahead of the game in some respects. Because Star Trek is primarily an episodic series instead of a film series, there’s a lot more chances to not only make great episodes, but make up for bad ones. Whereas Star Wars is a six film saga (currently), so any bad “episodes” are a lot more of a big deal.

    10. No Jar Jar

    Need I say more?