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    How Diverse is BuzzFeed in 2015?

    As part of our annual look at diversity at BuzzFeed, I shared this data with our employees.

    Diversity is an ongoing priority at BuzzFeed. We care about diversity for moral reasons, but we also know a diverse staff is a competitive advantage that allows us to recruit from the broadest possible pool of talent and have team members with a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

    The progress we've made so far has only been possible because of the many passionate employees who care about diversity, and it is important that everyone who works at BuzzFeed has a voice and can drive positive change that makes us a better company. I encourage you to email me or other leaders in the company with your thoughts on diversity or any other important topic where we have an opportunity to do important work. We also have a company-wide survey coming early next month that will give all of you the opportunity to share feedback about things we might be missing in this and other areas.

    And here are the diversity numbers! We have provided this information before, looking at our diversity across specific teams. Today I'm sharing the latest data from BuzzFeed in an effort to track our progress and hold ourselves accountable to each other and the public. Transparency of diversity numbers is becoming more common among tech companies, an encouraging trend, and we are happy to be among the companies publicly disclosing these numbers.

    * Across BuzzFeed overall, we are less white than we were this time last year.

    * Globally, we have more women managers than men: 52% of BuzzFeed managers are female, 48% male.

    * Asian-Americans make up about 12% of the employees working on both editorial and branded content for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.

    * As a company, we are more female than we were a year ago — we now have more women than men working at BuzzFeed.