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    • jona14

      Business tracks so many of our computer moves and we seem to just shrug our shoulders about it.Itake it at face value that right now the government isn’t interested in our personal details. More concerning isagovernment 30-40 years from now, orahacker who decides to use info against us, or…probably many scenarios. This is already making me think twice about howIuse the internet…Lindsay Graham might have no reason to worry about his emails, butIdon’t necessarily want everyone to know details about me whichIconsider private or embarrassing. The premise that we need to give up freedoms to maintain our freedom is what happens when we let fear guide us. We give up our freedom and drive ourselves into debt in order to save us from what?Afew people blown up by some radical? Meanwhile we lose hundreds every day to our own radicals and/or mentally ill via guns and can’t seem to do anything helpful, only argue about “freedom”. It reminds me ofasermonIheard 20 years ago…with cancer and climate change and car accidents and all the other perils we face, what are we afraid of? Sharks. So yes, I’d rather have more privacy and more freedom and increase the “risk” thataterrorist might do something bad, because they’re already winning by making us change who we are.

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