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12 Things That Suck About A Day At The Office

Hey, there’s only the rest of your life until you retire, right? It’s almost as long-lasting as a Jolly Rancher hard candy.

1. When you get assigned an impossible task that’s literally a paradox:

2. Watching that one office romance slowly unfold:

3. How the work day keeps on going after lunch:

4. Being simultaneously disgusted by and envious of office politics:

5. When your boss gives impossibly vague directions:

6. How you’re always working AND always poor:

7. Trying to get work done with never-ending, pointless meetings:

8. Pretending to work when you have absolutely nothing to do:

9. Knowing there’s no escaping mind­-numbing small talk:

10. The relentless barrage of misery that is your commute:

11. At least you can afford to go out with friends now:

12. Trying to avoid spoilers when all anybody talks about is the latest episode:

All images courtesy of Jolly Rancher.

Work sucks. Work sucks more with Jolly Rancher hard candy. Whatever life throws at you #KeepOnSucking.

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