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11 Things That Definitely Don't Suck About Being Single

Fact: Not only do long-term relationships suck, but they are also the root of all evil.

1. You've got that gorgeous bed all to yourself.

Sleep in the center, stretch out, and thank the universe that no one is pulling the sheets off of you.

2. Ladies: Let the hair grow free.

20th Century Fox / Via

Armpits too, gurl.

3. Your schedule, your rules. / Via

Feel like chilling with your donkey friend on the couch? DO IT.

4. And you don't have to pretend to like people you couldn't care less about.

Bravo! / Via

You no longer have to force a smile around your significant other's friends. Let that face be free!

5. Making out with randos is one of life's greatest joys.


6. You can be as indecisive about dinner as you want.

Company Pictures / Via

You can feel free to overthink minuscule decisions like dinner and which shoes to wear because there is NO ONE BREATHING DOWN YOUR NECK.


CBS / Via

Valentine's Day is for suckers: over-commercialized and forcibly romantic. WHAT IS WORSE? Nothing.

8. Meeting the parents is actually excruciating.

Warner Brothers / Via

The only thing worse than making small talk with people you hate is marrying into their horrific family.

9. Having dinner for one actually feels amazing.

Quat'sous Films / Via

Bring a book, sit at the bar, and watch as everyone realizes you are a badass and that they are not worthy. Also you will get hit on.

10. No one will ever dare suggest that you shower WITH THEM.


"The only person invited into MY shower is my loufa, my adjustable massaging showerhead, and a perfectly curated shower playlist."

11. Loving yourself is legit the most important thing ever.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Nothing feels better.

Relationships suck. #KeepOnSucking on Jolly Rancher!

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