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10 Moments That Suck The Most

Sometimes life just sucks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #KeepOnSucking with Jolly Rancher!

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1. When it's finally Friday, but you realize it's actually just Thursday.

2. When you try to throw shade but can't think of a good line in time.

3. When you get hit in the face by someone's selfie stick.

4. When someone unfriends you for no reason!

5. Having to move.

6. Loving cats but being allergic.

7. Daylight saving in the winter months.

8. When your subway is way too crowded.

9. When push notifications interrupt your flow.

10. And finally Mondays, the day when nothing goes right.

Images courtesy of Jolly Rancher.

When life sucks, #KeepOnSucking on Jolly Rancher!

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