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12 Little Things That Totally Suck

When life sucks, grab some Jolly Rancher candy and #KeepOnSucking!

1. When someone gets in the elevator at the last minute and ruins your solo ride to the top.

2. When you leave the grocery store with everything except the only thing you needed.

3. When you get a text from bae but your phone dies before you can read it.

4. When you’re stalking someone’s page and like their photo by mistake.

5. When you're at the store and finally decide to hop in the faster line, but it immediately slows down.

6. When you snag a ticket to a super-popular movie, but the only seats left are in the FRONT ROW.

7. When you find out that guy who’s flirting with you is actually taken.

8. When you stay up all night cramming for the exam, and your professor decides to make it open book.

9. When the people who sat down after you get their food first.

10. When you tell someone you’re sure you’ve met them before and then realize you’ve only actually just stalked them on social media.

11. When you get exactly what you wanted for Christmas but have to share it with your sibling.

12. When you actually finish writing that paper on time but then realize your printer is out of ink.

When your phone's battery is about to give out...