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11 Reasons Valentine's Day Seriously Sucks

Like...a lot!

1. V-Day cards are corny AF.

2. Restaurants drive up their prices for fancy 💘 meals.

3. And literally everything is an exercise in expectations vs. reality.

4. You may get cornered into saying "I love you" even if you don't mean it.

5. What if bae isn't impressed by your efforts??

6. You may get the ultimate Valentine's Day #clapback.

7. But if you're single, everything around you can make you feel bad about it.

Red and pink #vibes can send your single ass into deep despair.

8. And glimpsing gross PDA may send you over the edge.

9. You could take yourself out for dinner, but everyone would just pity your apparent singlehood.

10. And if you've JUST started seeing someone, it's probably too soon to make a big deal out of the holiday.

11. You're better off just sitting it out completely.

Valentine's sucks, but just #KeepOnSucking on Jolly Rancher!

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