36 Reasons Why Dragon*Con Is One Big Awesomely Geeky Party

Dragon*Con is best con. Held every year in Atlanta during Labor Day weekend, Dragon*Con is one of the largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the world.

1. The Avengers assembled with Stan Lee

2. Who also gave out free hugs.

3. There was a welcoming party.

4. And they had cookies.

5. This won over even the grouchiest of attendees.

6. Henchmen could be readily found.

7. Which made Rita very happy.

8. The Dread Pirate Roberts dropped by.

9. And Disco Stig partied all night long.

10. Gizmo Duck!!!

11. The Deadpools came out in number and you know they like to partaaay.

12. The Purple Parrots made a surprise appearance.

13. There was even a guy who knew how to put that @&#&$ monkey together.

14. Mark Meer, the voice of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect games, cosplayed as Commander Shepard.

15. And Rana, the face model for Samara, cosplayed as Samara. How cool is that?!

16. Casey Jones traded workout notes with…

17. …the Spartans from 300.

18. The droids you’re looking for were there.

19. But this guy still couldn’t find them.

20. Vader mingled with the guests.

22. Aliens and Predators got along peacefully.

23. And of course there were zombies.

24. Lots of zombies.

25. But it’s okay, Beaker was on the job.

26. Elevator rides were always interesting.

27. Bronies were welcome.

28. Friends, friends, everywhere!

29. Ruby Rhod rocked out with…

30. …a true party animal.

31. The convention was even graced by a generous god.

32. It’s a great place to bring the kids.

33. Especially meddling kids.

Daphne/Velma cosplays by Cupcake Cosplay.

34. Truly a family event.

35. And of course all the epic cosplays.

Dovahkiin cosplay by Volpin Props.

The epic…

Bunny Riven cosplay by idleambition.


Lineage 2 Dark Elf cosplay by Yaya Han.


Diablo 3 Wizard cosplay by Monika Lee.

36. Oh, and this.

All photos and one gif by Joseph Lin.

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