12 Reasons Why Benedict Cumberbatch Should Be The 12th Doctor

Has anything ever made more perfect sense than this?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is Benedict Cumberbatch, AKA Sherlock.

You may have seen him in the latest Star Trek movie.

He is also the perfect candidate to play the 12th Doctor.

If you’re not already convinced, here’s twelve reasons why.

1. He’s not afraid to show the Daleks who’s boss.

2. He’s already pals with number eleven.

3. He winks in the face of intergalactic danger.

4. Technology loves him so he’ll be BFFs with the TARDIS in no time.

5. He’s got an impeccable sense of time, a must for a Time Lord.

6. He knows where his priorities are.

7. He brings a new demographic to the franchise.

8. He gives sound medical advice. The perfect Doctor.

10. And he would be the first ginger Doctor!

Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images

Thus bringing an end to this wretched curse.

11. Basically he’s the chosen one.

12. Oh, and there’s also this.


Alice X. Zhang / Via alicexz.tumblr.com

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