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Sound Smart: Talking Points For 4 Different Current Events This Week

So that you have something to say at the party.

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Steven Sotloff Beheaded


A video was released showing the beheading death of kidnapped aid worker Steven Sotloff.

Terrorist organization ISIS claims responsibility for the brutal act in response to U.S. air strikes on Iraq.

This is the second video taped beheading by ISIS which gained momentum in Syria earlier this year before entering Iraq this June.

ISIS is focused on creating a religious state in the territories it occupies and is ruthless in executing "infidels" who do not comply (watch out).

Ebola Outbreak Declared "Out of Control"


Ebola, which has been spreading like wildfire across African nations Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, has been declared "completely out of control" by the National Institute of Health.

The outbreak seemed to be partially under control but new cases are beginning to increase once again.

The U.N. estimates it will cost about $600 million to stop the outbreak.

All in all, it's a crappy situation.

Joan Rivers Dies at 81


We just got over a batch of three celebrity deaths (they say they come in threes) and now we're on to another one. Joan Rivers, 81, died on September 4 after experiencing cardiac arrest during surgery days earlier.

Rivers was a respected comedian in a landscape typically dominated by males.

Her funeral will be held on September 7 in Manhattan.

The world just got a bit less funny. Lets keep all remaining comedians alive if possible.

Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Begin


There is hope that a ceasefire may be negotiated to end fighting in Ukraine, where there has been significant unrest between nationalist and pro-Russian rebel groups, as well as between Ukraine and Russia itself.

The international community has been imposing economic sanctions on Russia to try to end the conflict, with a tighter round of sanctions set to take effect if a ceasefire is not negotiated.

The conflict has been ongoing for almost half a year, with many casualties.

Not a good time to visit Ukraine.

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